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“Why have America's most notorious criminals -- from the 'Son of Sam', David Berkowitz, to the Manson Family's main hitman Charles 'Tex' Watson (and more) -- been talking with Tom Horn & Donna Howell?"

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Case Study1: Child Of Satan Child Of God

On August 9, 1969, just after eight o’clock in the morning, Winifred Chapman, personal maid to Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, began the day as any other. Heading through the gate at the edge of the elaborate celebrity home at 10050 Cielo Drive, she noticed a fallen telephone wire and, with uneasiness, made a mental note to check to see if the phones in the kitchen were operating properly before beginning her duties. She paid no mind, however, nor felt any alarm, upon observing the unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway, as it wasn’t unusual for Tate to have guests. Making her way inside, Chapman stopped briefly at the corner of the garage to turn off the switch to the outside light; someone had evidently left it on the previous evening. Once in the kitchen, Chapman lifted the receiver to the extension phone, and her anxiety increased upon finding that the line was dead. Looking to alert the others present of her discovery, she walked into the next room. There was no preparing her for what she would see there.

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Defender Publishing Scoops Fox TV & NBC. Charles Manson Book ‘The Family’ To Become Movie, And NBC To Produce Drama Series, But Neither Have Highly Guarded “Secrets” Promised In Upcoming Work By Thomas Horn & Donna Howell
Roxwell Films has optioned rights to produce Ed Sanders’ 1971 book The Family, which described the arc of Charles Manson’s life leading to the notorious 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders. Roxwell’s Jeremy Rosen and Kevin Shulman are producing and already are into development of the pic, which will be adapted by Guinevere Turner and is set to start preproduction this year. Turner co-wrote with director Mary Harron the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho, which would be an apt description of the man behind one of America’s most infamous killing sprees. NBC Orders Charles Manson Drama Series Starring David Duchovny From Marty Adelstein & ITV... Jonas Akerlund, who has directed concert films for the likes of Madonna and U2, is h
elming. Michael Guerin and Dana Guerin are executive producing. “It’s exciting to explore the psychology of the young women who followed Manson,” said Turner. “What makes a 19-year-old in 1968 follow a man to the extreme of killing innocent people for him? We all know how it ends — people die and people go to jail — but how did it get to that?”

To Create Real Unredeemable Humans? Experts Say In One Decade We'll Have Eugenics On Steroids With Genetically Altered & BMI Haves And Have-Nots
Breanne Thomlison, president of BTx2 Communications foresees tools that “monitor us from birth and predict sickness and heal us faster. Genetics will be patented and evolve to have cures to current and new disease that will arise. People will be able to connect with others who share similar DNA and experience a personal connection to focus on prevention versus treatment.” The major concern raised by the report is over the potential widening of the digital divide between people with the fastest internet access and people with the slowest – or no access at all. “The divide’s existence will be magnified by the new killer apps—who has access and who does not, beneficiaries and those left out,” said Danny Gillane, cited in the report as an information science professional. “We may see a new class divergence between those able to access immersive media, online telepathy, human consciousness uploads, and remote computing while the poor will be left with the low-bandwidth experiences we typically use today,” added Rex Troumbley of the University of Hawaii.





Here's How An Ebola Quarantine Might Unfold In United States

If we don’t know what the government will do to stop high-risk people from traveling and potentially spreading Ebola, we do know what it could do if circumstances got truly dire. The government could force people to stay put. It could even force American citizens who show no signs of the disease to stay away from the public. It’s the power to quarantine, and it comes from laws authorizing dramatic, sometimes drastic action in order to avoid a true public health crisis. The power is scattered among different agencies, spanning federal, state, and local governments. The CDC, for example, has limited authority to quarantine during international and interstate travel under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act. That provision authorizes the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to "take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states." President George W. Bush designated Ebola as one of these communicable diseases in 2003 in an executive order...

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Red Cross President: Ebola Crisis Represents Real Threat Of “Global Health Catastrophe”
The outbreak, which has already infected 8,997 people and killed 4,493 in West Africa, is an “epidemic of global dimension and global threat," Maurer said. "In a globalized world it is an illusion to think that such a disease can be contained locally," he continued. "Every local collapse of a system like we see now in Liberia includes the threat of a global health catastrophe. That’s what we risk.“ His comments echo those of Anthony Banbury, chief of the U.N.'s Ebola mission, who this week warned that if the global community does not step up its efforts to stop Ebola by Dec. 1, the world will "face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we don't have a plan." “Ebola got a head start on us,” Banbury told the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday. “It is far ahead of us, it is running faster than us, and it is winning the race."

Humanity's Terrifying Impact On Earth Justifies New Anthropocene Epoch?
The greatest transitions in the geological timescale are marked by the flowering or decimation of life. With species extinction and global warming gaining speed, humanity’s impact on Earth is clear. The events marking a new geological chapter in the Earth’s history need to be epoch making – literally. So whether a new epoch – the Anthropocene – should be formally declared is a question of whether humanity’s impact on our planet rivals the great events that have shaped the Earth’s evolution. The answer is a terrifying yes. It’s a mistake to think that the geological timescale is simply about rocks. Almost all its great ruptures are marked by the flowering or decimation of life. Living creatures and their fossils are the markers of geological time. The greatest transition began 540m years ago, when complex, multicellular life evolved in response to the rise of oxygen in the atmosphere. Eighty million years later, at the start of the Carboniferous, the first land plants bloomed.

Lockheed Martin Pursues Compact Fusion Reactor
Lockheed Martin is making news this week with declarations about putting the Atomic Age on Restart and advancing in the realm of energy. "We are on the fast track to developing compact nuclear fusion reactors to serve the world's ever-growing energy needs." The company's Skunk Works has provided new details to the public about its work in compact fusion. "At Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, we're making advancements in the development of fusion energy, the ultimate form of renewable power. Our scientists and engineers are looking at the biggest natural fusion reactor for inspiration – the sun. By containing the power of the sun in a small magnetic bottle, we are on the fast track to developing compact fusion reactors to serve the world's ever-growing energy needs."


Some Believe The Ark Of The Covenant Will Be Revealed And The Third Temple In Jerusalem Erected Before Zenith 2016

The High Priests would sprinkle the blood of animals on the East side of the Mercy Seat, once every year on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), for the forgiveness of sins for the House of Jacob.  This was done until the Ark was hidden away at the siege of Jerusalem.  But Yeshua, the ultimate High Priest, had His human blood dripped upon the West end, reserved for the permanent salvation from sin for all mankind. Yehovah (Jesus) has given us a celestial sign, and I firmly believe that we now have the correct interpretation.  As far as what happens in the Western Hemisphere on, near, or well before July 26 2015, I do not know. A collapse, Civil War, or President Obama’s “fundamental change” could occur, but the USA will not (or be able to) intervene ever again on the behalf of Israel. Yeshua will fight for her come...

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Powder Keg On Temple Mount
The Jerusalem site holy to Islam and Judaism is a cacophonous location, where Muslim trust officials are vigilant for signs of secret Jewish prayer, and police try desperately to keep the peace. The overlapping of Jewish and Muslim holidays this year, and the increased tensions felt between the two faiths have highlighted the already volatile atmosphere in the Temple Mount complex. As a site holy to billions of people around the globe the compound is one of the thorniest sticking points in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. To an outsider, a visit to the Temple Mount complex and the Al-Aqsa Mosque seem to reveal a delicate dance between two faiths and security forces, but a closer examination reveals a powder keg ready to explode and set the entire region ablaze. With Jews attempting to enter the complex, Muslim religious officials and worshipers fighting against their presence and scores of Christian tourists, it resembles a surreal action movie in the making.

Ancient Cult Complex To Baal Discovered in Israel
A massive cult complex, dating back about 3,300 years, has been discovered at the site of Tel Burna in Israel. While archaeologists have not fully excavated the cult complex, they can tell it was quite large, as the courtyard alone was 52 by 52 feet (16 by 16 meters). Inside the complex, researchers discovered three connected cups, fragments of facemasks, massive jars that are almost as big as a person and burnt animal bones that may indicate sacrificial rituals. The archaeologists said they aren't sure who was worshipped at the complex, though Baal, the Canaanite storm god, is a possibility. "The letters of Ugarit [an ancient site in modern-day Syria] suggest that of the Canaanite pantheon, Baal, the Canaanite storm god, would have been the most likely candidate," Itzhaq Shai, a professor at Ariel University who is directing a research project at Tel Burna, told Live Science in an email.

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Yellowstone Rising: USGS Reports Deformations And 71 Earthquakes Around The Supervolcano
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has provided September’s monthly update on the Yellowstone volcano and 71 earthquakes were registered in the area of Yellowstone National Park, which is less than half of the 207 earthquakes reported in August and only slightly less than the 99 earthquakes from July. But although Yellowstone’s caldera continues to shake, scientists say there’s nothing to worry about. In a related report by the Inquisitr, some doomsday preppers are concerned that a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption in modern times could trigger global cooling and some are already advising people to stock up on winter supplies.


Obama Fueling The ‘Number 1 Nightmare Scenario For U.S.’

Thanks to a preoccupation with the Islamic State, or ISIS, and a string of diplomatic concessions from the Obama administration, Iran is closer than ever to producing nuclear weapons and the United States and our allies have little leverage remaining to demand it change course. That’s assessment of former Clinton administration official Lawrence J. Haas, who served as spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget and as communications director for then-Vice President Al Gore. He is now a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. For the Oct. 7 edition of U.S. News & World Report, Haas authored a column entitled, “Giving Iran the Store.” In a subsequent interview, Haas said there are many foreign policy headaches for the Obama administration in the Middle East and beyond, but he said actions over the past six years, and especially the past several months, suggest preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons is far too low on the White House list of international priorities.

Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 1
Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 2
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New Report: U.S. Sharp Drop In Economic Freedom Driven By “Decline In Rule Of Law”
To a large degree, the United States has experienced a significant move away from rule of law and toward a highly regulated, politicized, and heavily policed state. Every year, Cato and Canada’s Fraser Institute publish a report titled Economic Freedom of the World (EFW), in which they rank countries across the globe based on their economic freedom. The latest report was just released and it covers 2012 data for 152 countries. The methodology for the index is based on five major areas in which the countries are ranked. These are are listed below along with a brief summary: 1) Size of Government -- The four components of Area 1 indicate the extent to which countries rely on the political process to allocate resources and goods and services. When government spending increases relative to spending by individuals, households, and businesses, government decision-making is substituted for personal choice and economic freedom is reduced...

DHS To Intensify Attacks On Freedom Loving Citizens
Within the last two weeks several tips came into the Examiner indicating pending dangers to certain groups of citizens. These tips led to a source who, speaking on condition of anonymity, alleges that just after the election a major initiative will be launched against citizens whose values are diametrically opposite to that of Barack Obama and the current Washington elitist leadership in Congress. According to the source, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will greatly intensify its attacks on freedom oriented citizens. The source indicated that the those within DHS and the rest of the Obama Administration who support a massive crackdown on the liberties of citizens are ready to make a dramatic move once the midterm elections in November are over. These particular government employees, particularly those at the top levels, believe that Christians, Tea Party participants, and those who support the Constitution and oppose Obama and his "progressive" agenda are dangerous and need to be subjected to a purge.


ISIS Could Weaponize Ebola And Make A 'Walking Dead' WMD

Fears over a zombie apocalypse have some wondering whether it’s possible for a viral hybrid between rabies and the flu virus to cause the end of the world. After all, the Pentagon has a plan for the zombie apocalypse, and even the state of Kansas is preparing for the walking dead. But could fears over a zombie attack be justified by the ISIS terrorist group? Some Christians believe the Ebola virus could evolve to the point that it becomes deadly enough to meet the standard for the Bible’s “end of times” prophecy, which predicts a quarter of the world’s population will die from diseases before the end of the world. But if the Ebola virus did become airborne, this feat would require genetic engineering since evolutionary theory seems to indicate the scenario would not happen naturally. According to Elankumaran Subbiah, a virologist at Virginia Tech, a viral rabies hybrid really could create a zombie apocalypse, but it would have to be genetically engineered since random mutations are unlikely to pull off a zombie virus.

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Ebola And Isis: Black Swans Of The Apocalypse?
The trouble with Black Swan events is that you need hindsight to identify them, by which time it's too late. Black Swan theory was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a former Wall Street trader and risk analyst-turned academic philosopher. At the heart of the theory are so-called Black Swan events - unexpected happenings that seemingly come out of nowhere, but in retrospect, could have been predicted because there were unheeded signals. They're the ultimate 'told-you-so' for Prophets of Doom. Two things have apparently sprung from the darkness to grab the world's attention: the spread of Ebola and the rise of Isis (also known as the Islamic State). Are these Black Swan events with catastrophic potential?

US Hospitals On Edge For Ebola Outbreak, Say Could Be Tricky
As Ebola scares crop up around the country, hospitals nationwide are preparing for what to do if they find themselves face-to-face with the deadly virus. Some hospitals are sending memos to staff, and others are running all-out drills to make sure staff members know everything from how to identify possible Ebola patients to how to get out of protective gear without contaminating themselves. "We're all a little bit on edge because we've never seen it before," said Dr. Ryan Stanton, an emergency room physician in Lexington, Kentucky, and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. "Stuff we've seen before, like heart attack and stroke, we recognize as soon as we walk in the door. For Ebola, it's not going to come as naturally. It's not even needle in haystack," he went on. "It's a needle in hayfield we're going to find."

Preparing For The Unthinkable? Marines Conducts Pandemic Drill The Size Of Which “Has Never Been Conducted”
According to Lt. Joseph Kotora, the public health emergency officer for Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, the Exercise Vigilant Response drill was the first of its kind at a military installation in North Carolina. “The drills are usually conducted annually or semi-annually,” said Kotora. “A drill this size has never been conducted, so this is the largest pandemic exercise to my knowledge.” Officials decided to incorporate administering inoculations during the exercise so that it would more accurately portray an outbreak situation where medical personnel would be required to screen and administer vaccinations. During the exercise, Marines from various squadrons aboard the station formed single file lines and filled out forms before getting their body temperatures taken by Navy corpsmen. From there, each Marine enters the building also known as the Point of Dispersion, or POD, where flu shots were given out.

Terrorists Will Attack US 'Very, Very Soon,' FBI Director Warns
The Khorasan Group, the Al-Qaeda-linked cell that just landed on the US intelligence radar last month, allegedly has Americans in its ranks fighting in the Middle East whom the FBI cannot prevent from re-entering the country. Last month, the world was introduced to yet another terrorist group – the Khorasan Group – a veteran group of Al-Qaeda-affiliated radicals purportedly running amok in the Middle East, which the head of the FBI says is “bent on destruction” – and most specifically in the United States. “Khorasan was working and you know, may still be working on an effort to attack the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon,” James Comey said in an interview with 60 Minutes, a CBS news program. The FBI chief, who has kept a low profile since becoming head of the internal intelligence agency last year, refused to put a time stamp on when an attack would occur.

Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 1
Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 2
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Satanic Temple Demanding A Holiday Display, Again
The holidays are nearing and once again, Florida's Satanic Temple wishes to put up a display alongside a Nativity scene inside the state's capitol building. On Wednesday, Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter warning the state department that they "may not, as it did last year, reject the Satanic Temple's display — even if the Department finds the display to be 'offensive.'" Saying a denial would violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments, the letter indicates that "banning 'offensive' speech is unconstitutional on its face, because it gives the Department unfettered discretion to suppress unpopular messages." Americans United said the state must not prohibit the temple's expression simply because "society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable.”

Ghosts Exist? 4 Theories On Fascination With Apparitions
Ghosts sightings have been making headlines recently. The Daily Star has dedicated several front pages to the supposed sighting of "black-eyed ghost children" over the past week; ITV reported that a couple said they had spotted the Grey Lady of Dudley; and the Metro reported a woman's claims that a ghost was writing letters "using her hands". It may be because Halloween is approaching, but it seems we remain fascinated by the idea of whether ghosts actually exist. The Guardian has gathered writers from the fields of psychology to religion to think about why. It may be an apocryphal story, but anthropologists often speak of it. One of those early-20th-century English anthropologist travels to Africa to expose the foolishness of what they presume to be "primitive" beliefs. "Do you believe ghosts exist?" he asks the man in the village. The man thinks, carefully. "I don't know if I believe in them," he replies, "but I am scared of them." Wise words.

Dragon Particles: Scientists Claim Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life Here On Earth
The search for extraterrestrial life seems to have achieved its goal in the discovery of a microscopic life-form called the "Dragon Particle." Scientists from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology have announced -- along with the release of a photo of the entity -- that cosmic particulate matter exists in a pristine state, unsoiled (in a manner of speaking) by Earth matter, and is constantly raining down. It is further suggested that the minute life-forms may very well be evidence that life on Earth began somewhere out there -- in outer space. The Hindu reported Oct. 11 that the tiny alien particle, which was discovered when Wainwright's team sent a balloon into the stratosphere during last year's Perseid meteor shower, apparently is abundant in Earth's stratosphere.

Professor Says Evangelicals Will Be The Most Resistant To The Coming Assimilation By Aliens

At Scientific American, Clara Moskowitz has the transcript from a recent interview with Weintraub, in which they discuss the implications of extraterrestrial life on humanity's assorted religious sensibilities. Here's Weintraub on the difficulties that could be faced by religions that see humans as the sole focus of God's attention: "The religions that see the world through that viewpoint tend to be some of the Christian evangelicals. The Eastern Orthodox Church, a branch of Catholicism, also has that view. There are some people who claim that if God had created extraterrestrials, then there clearly would be words in the Old and New testaments, which we would have already found, that would have said explicitly that God created extraterrestrials—and since those words don't exist, there can't be. Well, there's nothing in the Old and New testaments that talks about telephones either, and telephones do seem...


Charisma Mag: Gay Agenda Foreshadows Mark Of Beast
The book of Revelation, in speaking of the end of days, indicates that one of the goals of the anti-Christ in his campaign to establish his own twisted caliphate over the entire world will be to drive Christians out of business altogether. In John's vision, any Christian who does not willingly accept the mark of the beast will not be allowed to buy or to sell. He'll be fired, or won't be hired, or will be drummed out of business entirely. So what is this mark of the beast today? That's easy. It's the gay rainbow. This is the rainbow Big Gay has stolen from the Bible and from the church and turned into its own twisted symbol of perversion. Anyone who does not plaster homosexual rainbow stickers all over himself, his resume and the windows of his business will have his or her commercial interests terminated with extreme prejudice.

Did Satan Worshippers Open A Portal At “Satan’s Hollow”?
Paranormal groups claim to have found a “doorway to hell” in suburban America — and it has become a real nightmare for local homeowners. Legend has it that the storm drain, tucked in the woods behind an apartment complex in Blue Ash, Cincinnati, was once a gathering ground for Satanists who managed to open a portal into the netherworld. The folklore is so pervasive that the supposedly haunted tunnel system, also known as “Satan’s Hollow”, has become a hotspot for local teenagers and ghost enthusiasts. “It’s rough on the homeowners,” Blue Ash Police Lieutenant Steve Schueler told WCPO. “People park in their driveway and try to get into the drainage system and nobody likes that. (The owner) has had to chase off some people, for sure.” Visitors commonly claim to hear screams coming from the drain system, or see floating faces in the darkness.

NASA Boss: ‘Life Did Exist On Mars, And May Have Life Now’
The longstanding question about the existence of life on Mars may have been answered, but one source believes the official news may have been a slip of the tongue. UFO Globe uploaded a compelling video of NASA chief Charles Bolden from an October 9 interview on the Mars Mission. He confirmed that the space agency does believe life existed for a time on the red planet. But then, he hesitantly said there may be evidence of current life forms. “People always ask the question ‘Why Mars?’ Several reasons: One, Mars is very Earth-like, or least used to be Earth-like. It is a planet, a sister planet to Earth. It is the most likely planet in our solar system, um, that had life at one time… may have life now, and we feel can definitely sustain life.”

Could A Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happen?

Usually this is something that people only have to worry about in horror movies, but could a zombie apocalypse physically happen in the real world? Admittedly it is not something that should keep you awake at night, but we wondered whether it is scientifically possible for our world to become infected with a zombie virus. With this in mind we set about asking some of the world’s leading zombie experts their opinion on how likely it is to expect a zombie invasion to reach our shores. An illness also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE for short, Mad Cow Disease is a virus that attacks a cow’s nervous system, causing it to act strangely and lose control of its natural ability to do normal things, essentially becoming mentally ill. The infection causes a cow’s brain to waste away and is believed to come from contaminated food given to cows. David Youngquist, president of Dark Continents Publishing, said: “A zombie apocalypse could happen. I’m honestly surprised something like this hasn’t happened already.



Dear Home-Schooler: They Are Coming For Your Children
Home-schoolers represent the only authentically radical social movement in the United States (Occupy Wall Street was a fashion statement) and so they must be suppressed, as a malevolent committee of leftist academics and union bosses under the direction of Governor Dannel Malloy is preparing to do in Connecticut, using the Sandy Hook massacre as a pretext. The ghouls invariably rush to the podium after every school massacre, issuing their insipid press releases before the bodies have even cooled, and normally they’re after your guns. But the Malloy gang is after your children. Malloy’s committee on the Newtown shootings is recommending that Connecticut require home-schooling families to present their children to the local authorities periodically...

Why ‘Food 2.0’ Is Tech’s Next Big Start-Up Craze
If you love Krispy Kreme donuts, hot fudge sundaes, a glass of Merlot and a great movie, well we have several big takeaways today for all you wide-eyed Big Ag foodie investors to think about. If you’re ready for some hot investment tips that spell risk and volatility, plus some great new opportunities in tech start-ups, the hot agriculture arena is for you. Listen closely: Silicon Valley: “The Next Start-up Craze” is “Food 2.0” predict MIT Technology Review’s editors. “They are taking on corporate giants such as ConAgra CAG, -0.02%  , General Mills GIS, +0.08%  , and Kraft KRFT, -0.19%  that spend billions on research and technology development.” Still, you can bet a successful new food-tech start-up is likely to have one of the Big Ag firms along as a venture partner or later as buy-out sugar-daddy. Big Ag’s Monsanto...

Bioethics Push Poll To Allow Killing People For Organs
To donate vital organs, a donor must be dead. This is known as the “dead donor rule, I have been warning that utilitarian bioethicists and transplant medical professionals want to shatter the DDR to permit killing living living profoundly cognitively disabled patients for their organs. Now, we see what appears to me to be a push poll type question in a study measuring popular support for such a change in the law. A push poll seeks to obtain a desired answer by the way the question is framed. Here is the question from “Abandoning the Dead Donor Rule?” in the Journal of Medical Ethics: "Jason has been in a very bad car accident. He suffered a severe head injury and is now in the hospital. As a result of the injury, Jason is completely unconscious...

They're Just Kids. Who Cares About Their Killing Ghost That Hides Inside The GMO Machine

For decades, researchers have been publishing reports about children who died or were maimed after exposure to chlorpyrifos, either in the womb or after birth. In 2008, another Columbia University study of 265 children found that, after pregnant women were exposed to chlorpyrifos, their babies had a lower intelligence rating. In 2011, researchers at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York linked chlorpyrifos to a reduction in a child's ability to solve problems. From 1998 to 2011, the CHAMACOS (Center for Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas) studies were conducted on farm workers near Salinas, California. The studies examined associations between prenatal and postnatal exposure to low levels of organophosphate pesticides like chlorpyrifos and cognitive abilities in school-age children.


Really? Know We’re Going To Blame Paedophilia On A Genetic Disposition?
Add paedophilia to the growing list of genetically-determined attractions, preferences and predispositions. In a New York Times op-ed, a law professor from Rutgers University contends that paedophilia is not a matter of choice. Margo Kaplan writes that: “Recent research, while often limited to sex offenders — because of the stigma of pedophilia — suggests that the disorder may have neurological origins. Pedophilia could result from a failure in the brain to identify which environmental stimuli should provoke a sexual response. MRIs of sex offenders with pedophilia show fewer of the neural pathways known as white matter in their brains. Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause. Some findings also suggest that disturbances in neurodevelopment in utero or early childhood increase the risk of pedophilia.”

US Pedophilia Laws Are Too Mean To Those Who Want To Rape Children, Says NYT
The nation’s tough anti-pedophilia laws are unfair to pedophiles, according to an op-ed published by The New York Times’ editors. “One can live with pedophilia and not act on it,” says Margo Kaplan, an entrepreneurial assistant law professor at Rutgers University, and a former lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union. Tragically, the roughly 1 percent of “people who are sexually attracted to children] must hide their disorder from everyone they know — or risk losing educational and job opportunities, and face the prospect of harassment and even violence,” she wrote. Kaplan is trying to make a legal career in the regulation of expanding sexual diversity, instead of routine and lower-status practice areas, such as torts, probate, crime or copyrights. She’s focused on “legal limitations on intimate decisions, particularly the use of criminal law in areas of health and sexuality,” according to her web page.

Calling Steve Quayle! New Antikythera Archaeological Search Uncovers “Spear” So Large That The Team Is Forced To Conclude It Belonged To A Giant “Statue”
The evidence shows “this is the largest ancient shipwreck ever discovered,” says Foley. “It’s the Titanic of the ancient world.” The archaeologists also recovered a beautiful intact table jug, part of an ornate bed leg, and most impressive of all, a 2-meter-long bronze spear buried just beneath the surface of the sand. Too large and heavy to have been used as a weapon, it must have belonged to a giant statue, perhaps a warrior or the goddess Athena, says Foley. In 1901, four giant marble horses were discovered on the wreck by the sponge divers, so these could have formed part of a complex of statues involving a warrior in a chariot that was pulled by the four horses. The shipwreck dates from 70 to 60 BC and is thought to have been carrying a luxury cargo of Greek treasures from the coast of Asia Minor west to Rome. Antikythera stands in the middle of this major shipping route and the ship probably sank when a violent storm smashed it against the island’s sheer cliffs.

Mystery Surrounds Appearance Of Frightening EVIL CLOWNS Roaming The Deserted Streets Of A California Town In The Dead Of Night
It's the dead of night on a chilly October evening. You drive down a deserted street in Wasco, California — the isolation of it all sending shivers up your spine. Then you see him: a white mask, unruly bright-red hair, eyes like black pools of death staring coldly at you. His yellow jumpsuit shines with light from the only lamp nearby, the multicolored balloons he holds floating lazily above his creepy face. The murderous clown looks at you, swinging back and forth on his mechanic toy unicorn, a frightening smile frozen on his pale face. Such has been the scene in this small town between Los Angeles and San Francisco, where since October 1 local residents have reported sightings of evil clowns roaming creepily down their streets.

Tiny Bots Armed With New Force System To Probe Cells
Inexpensive microrobots capable of probing and manipulating individual cells and tissue for biological research and medical applications are closer to reality with the design of a system that senses the minute forces exerted by a robot's tiny probe. Microrobots small enough to interact with cells already exist. However, there is no easy, inexpensive way to measure the small forces applied to cells by the robots. Measuring these microforces is essential to precisely control the bots and to use them to study cells. "What is needed is a useful tool biologists can use every day and at low cost," said David Cappelleri, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University. Now researchers have designed and built a "vision-based micro force sensor end-effector," which is attached to the microrobots like a tiny proboscis.

US Government Quietly Working On A 666 Plan? Obama’s Cybersecurity Adviser Just Admitted Biometric-ID That Employs Head And Hand Scanning Will Replace Passwords "For Safety’s Sake"
The days of using a password to access a bank account or cellphone will soon be a thing of the past, President Obama’s top cybersecurity adviser said Thursday. The risk of getting hacked by criminals has grown so widespread that far more sophisticated identification technology — including biometric head and hand scanning devices — will become the norm. “You’ve started to see some of that with the emergence of the fingerprint readers,” said Mr. Daniel, adding that the technology will become increasingly mainstream as cellphone cameras, “hard” card readers and other authentication gadgets replace the annoying process for millions of Americans of punching in a password to confirm their identity. Since passwords can so easily be hacked, a variety of new technologies will provide more protection and some “will be biometric related,” he said. Features like fingerprint scanners on phones are popular because consumers believe such advancements will protect them from government intrusions on their private data.





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