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Religion Expert Exposes The Real Dangers Of Halloween

With Halloween just days away, children—and some parents, too—are eagerly anticipating donning costumes and asking for a 'treat' from neighbors as the price for not having a 'trick' played on them. Meanwhile, decorations designed to terrify—from skulls and witches to life-sized graveyards and giant insects—have turned homes across America into virtual haunted houses. It's all just harmless fun. Or, is it? Religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland says that while many see Halloween as a chance to dress up and get goodies, there is real danger involved. "Many of the common activities and themes associated with Halloween provide opportunities for harmless fun and togetherness," McFarland said. "At this time of year, churches often capitalize on the spiritual openness of people, on children's capacity for imagination and on the enthusiasm that Halloween generates. But parents need to know that beneath the costumes and make believe are spiritual realities that should be taken seriously."

What Real Witches Do After Halloween
All Hallow's Eve Is More Than Candy and Playtime For Some Members of Society. Halloween comes and goes for most of us. But for members of Wicca--one of the fastest growing religions in the world--the season of Samhain is a magic time. The Halloween Sabbat (celebration) concludes for Wiccans on November 1 with the final turn of the year-wheel. Mother Earth nods a sad farewell to the god who will be reborn at Yule (December 20), and the life cycle begins anew. This is a time to honor the Earth Mother, remember the Ancients, and revere the Horned god of the Hunt. According to the Celtic Almanac, the Wiccan year begins following Halloween. The seasonal scenario that follows is reminiscent of the earth goddess and dying-god cults of ancient civilizations. * Yule is on December 20 and celebrates the goddess giving birth to the Sun god. * The next season is Imbolc and marks the recovery of the goddess after giving birth to the god...

The “Demon Gateway” Of A Ouija Board?
This Halloween, a terrifying new movie based on an old board game called Ouija is being released. Most everyone reading this article knows what a Ouija board is, and many of you have real, scary stories about the times you played it at some point in your life. Please take this friendly word of warning, avoid seeing this movie at all costs. The things portrayed in the film are real things, the bible has a lot to say about devils and demons. “And when Saul enquired of the LORD, the LORD answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets. Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her. And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor.” 1 Samuel 28:6,7...

Secularism Grows As More U.S. Christians Turn ‘Churchless’
If you’re dismayed that one in five Americans (20 percent) are “nones” — people who claim no particular religious identity — brace yourself. How does 38 percent sound? That’s what religion researcher David Kinnaman calculates when he adds “the unchurched, the never-churched and the skeptics” to the nones. He calls his new category “churchless,” the same title Kinnaman has given his new book. By his count, roughly four in 10 people living in the continental United States are actually “post-Christian” and “essentially secular in belief and practice.” If asked, the “churchless” would likely check the “Christian” box on a survey, even though they may not have darkened the door of a church in years. Kinnaman, president of the California-based Barna Group, slides them into this new category based on 15 measures of identity, belief and practice in more than 23,000 interviews in...



Feds Secretly Shaking In Their Boots? US Government Report Contradicts Previous Public Announcements, Confirms Ebola May Become Airborne Pandemic

In a lengthy document that received nearly no media attention, a U.S. government agency has warned preliminary data shows Ebola is aerostable, meaning it can survive in the air and potentially be transmitted via airborne means. The document was released in a federal government announcement seeking research proposals from private firms for Ebola treatment and diagnosis tools, including for the rapid disinfection of an “aerosol” version of the virus. The announcement indicates that despite its public pronouncements to the contrary, the government is concerned the virus can spread through the air via vaporized bodily fluids. There has been fear a patient can potentially self-vaporize Ebola through a strong sneeze, projectile vomiting or the flushing of a toilet. The information was contained in a 33-page report released Oct. 24 by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Department of Defense’s Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Predicts Ebola Quarantine Will Become ‘National Policy’
Christie says he has no second thoughts about enacting a 21-day medical quarantine on medical workers returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa. “I think this is a policy that will become a national policy sooner rather than later,” the Republican governor said on “Fox News Sunday,” emphasizing the population density of his state and the New York metropolitan area. “The fact of the matter is that the CDC protocol, as Dr. [Anthony] Fauci admitted himself, had been a moving target,” Christie added, referring to an earlier interview on the same show with the director of the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “It was my conclusion that we needed to do this to protect the public health of the people of New Jersey,” Christie said. “[New York] Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo agreed, and now [Chicago] Mayor [Rahm] Emanuel agrees, and I think the CDC eventually will come around to our point of view on this.”

Ebola Can Survive On Surfaces For Almost TWO MONTHS
The number of confirmed Ebola cases passed the 10,000 mark over the weekend, despite efforts to curb its spread. And while the disease typically dies on surfaces within hours, research has discovered it can survive for more than seven weeks under certain conditions. During tests, the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found that the Zaire strain will live on samples stored on glass at low temperatures for as long as 50 days. The tests were initially carried out by researchers from DSTL before the current outbreak, in 2010, but the strain investigated is one of five that is still infecting people globally. The findings are also quoted in advice from the Public Agency of Health in Canada. Ebola was discovered in 1976 and is a member of the Filoviridae family.


When And Where World War
Three Could Soon Break Out

It seems these days the world is literally on fire. Conflict continues on and off in Ukraine, there are tensions throughout the Asia-Pacific, Ebola is on the rampage, ISIS continues its bloody war of attrition throughout Syria, into Iraq and on and on. Yet, could something even worse be on the horizon—a conflict with more-severe global ramifications? Before we begin this foray into the five places where World War Three could break out, I should note a few qualifiers and weasel words. First off, what’s World War Three? As illustrated by the Ukraine crisis and the Obama administration’s struggle to define what is going on in Syria/Northern Iraq, “20th-Century Industrial War” is out of fashion and has been for some time. Some of the predictions below envisage regime collapse that leads to war, while the specter of a terrorist WMD attack has the capacity to turn apocalyptic very quickly. That said, this might just be a phase: state-on-state violence will still be theoretically and practically possible as long as nation-states possess the means to expend blood and treasure.

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WW III? Gog-Magog Says U.S. To Blame For What's Coming
Is World War 3 closer than some Americans might think? Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, gave a public speech this week in which he blamed the U.S. for problems in the Ukraine as well as terrorism in the Middle East. BBC News reports this Saturday, October 25, 2014, that political activist and world chess champion Garry Kasparov recently called Putin a serious “threat,” underscoring him as the key figure interested in drawing a new map towards Ukrainian territory. In a speech that some listeners called the closest throwback to the Cold War in modern times, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is not to blame for current global issues, and that it is the US responsible for trying to selfishly “remake the world.” The possibility of a World War 3 may seem far-fetched, but the Russian leader had no hesitation earlier this month to remind people everywhere that the Eurasian country has nuclear weapons — and the power to use them effectively.

Dole Wants Romney To Fulfill White Horse Prophecy In 2016
Bob Dole says he thinks former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should run for the office again in 2016. The 91-year-old former Senate majority leader made the comment Monday during a campaign rally for Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, who's in a tight race for re-election against independent candidate Greg Orman. Romney spoke at the event in the Kansas City surburb of Overland Park. Romney was the GOP nominee in 2012, when Democratic President Barack Obama won re-election. Dole was the 1996 presidential nominee. Dole drew loud applause from the crowd of several hundred people when he introduced Romney, saying "I want him to run again."

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Rev. Graham: Obama’s Wrong, Islam ‘Is A False Religion’
Reverend Franklin Graham, son of world renowned evangelical pastor Billy Graham, said that President Barack Obama was “fundamentally mistaken” about radical Islam; questioned why peaceful Muslims do not collectively condemn jihadist terrorism; and argued that Islam “is a false religion” and that “it is impossible for a false religion to be a true religion of peace.” Rev. Franklin Graham also cited examples from a speech he recently gave outside the White House, decrying the actions of followers of a “peaceful religion” who practice “female circumcision,” hijacking, kidnapping, “honor” killings, and decapitation. Rev. Graham commended President Obama for sending some U.S. troops to fight the Islamic State but, citing Obama’s Sept. 24  speech at the United Nations where the president said “Islam teaches peace,” the reverend said, “I also believe our president is completely and fundamentally mistaken about the intolerant and violent nature of hardened Islamic followers.”


Rep. Rogers: Lone-Wolf Terror Threat ‘Huge & Getting Worse’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers argued Sunday that the threat of lone-wolf terrorists pose to national security is “huge and getting worse.” “In Britain, they’re very close to being overwashed, meaning their resources can’t keep up with the individuals that have both gone to Syria and fought and have come back,” the Michigan Republican said on CBS‘ “Face the Nation.” “We’re not that far behind,” Mr. Rogers continued. “Certainly, the Canadians are not far behind and in Australia not far behind. And the Australian case is so concerning because these people wanted to go to Syria to fight. And they were told by the ISIL leadership folks, stay in Australia, spontaneous act of terror, kidnap people, cut their heads off and videotape it. That’s what’s changed. That’s why people are so upset and nervous.” Mr. Rogers had just returned from talks with British security, defense and intelligence officials, The Hill reported.

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The Risk Of ‘Self-Radicalized’ Terrorism Is Increasing
With global jihadist forces investing in sleek online propaganda and publicity, the phenomenon of 'self-radicalized' individuindividuals is on the rise. The list of lone wolves who have engaged in violent terrorism in many nations owing to outrage at their military interventions against jihadists is long and insightful. In the US, which has been involved serially in armed combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria since 2001, the frequency of atomised attackers motivated by Islamist philosophy has risen sharply over the past few years. Since 2006, there have been at least five lone wolf missions carried out by American citizens on American soil to avenge US foreign policies in Islamic lands. The opinions of some of these terrorists who survived or left views online reveal personal frustrations mingled with anger at the perceived injustices occurring to Muslims as a result of Western military operations abroad and the US alliance with Israel.

Biggest NORAD Training Exercise Since The Cold War
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) are holding their largest training exercise since the Cold War this week in Labrador. The military base in Happy-Valley-Goose Bay is hosting the annual NORAD operation, which involves American and Canadian air force troops training together to defend the north in the face of possible threats. During the event, air force pilots will respond to simulated flying scenarios and practice reacting to different scenarios under pressure. Once airborne, they will face live flying situations that simulate threats that North America might face. This is the first time that the "Vigilant Shield" exercise has been hosted in Labrador, with over 550 troops participating at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

US General: North Korea Can Miniaturize Nuke Warheads
North Korea has the ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads, the top U.S. military commander in Korea said on Friday. On Friday General Curtis Scaparrotti, the commander of U.S. Forces Korea, briefed reporters at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. During the press conference, Scaparrotti was asked if North Korea had the capability to marry a miniaturized nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile. “Personally I think that they certainly have had the expertise in the past,” Scaparrotti said. He added, “They’ve had the right connections, and so I believe have the capability to have miniaturized a device at this point, and they have the technology to potentially actually deliver what they say they have.” He later clarified that he doesn’t believe North Korea has actually placed a nuclear warhead on a missile yet, and stressed that his assessment of Pyongyang’s capabilities was based on his personal opinion rather than on hard evidence.


Emergency Agencies Prep For Nuke Explosion In Times Square

The city’s Office of Emergency Management ran a training exercise Wednesday that simulated a response to a 10-kiloton nuclear device exploding at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue in Times Square, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported. According to the exercise, 100,000 people were instantly killed; a wave of overpressure took down buildings for a half-mile radius and did damage for up to two miles; and a radiation cloud swept over the region. The drill’s scenario also included a shutdown of subway service and interruptions to cellphone service. The city agency practiced rehearsing communications with the federal government and local law enforcement agencies in the Tri-State area.

Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 1
Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 2
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How To Survive Nuclear Armageddon
This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected severe destruction, widespread radioactive fallout downwind, and extensive disruptions of services. You can expect localized and downwind contamination from the explosion and dispersed radioactive materials. If you are near enough to see or hear any local bomb blast, assume that it includes radiological or chemical agents. You should move away from the blast area as quickly as possible. If the wind is blowing toward you from the direction of the blast, travel in a direction that is crosswise or perpendicular to the wind as you move away from the blast area. If possible cover your face with a dust mask or cloth to avoid inhaling potentially radioactive dust. Upon reaching a safe location, remove your outer clothing outside and shower as soon as possible. Refer to local news sources for additional instructions about sheltering or evacuation. The government is better prepared to direct and assist the public in a 'dirty bomb' incident, unlike an actual nuclear weapon attack...

Terror Attack In Canada Called Sign Of “Something Bigger”
The Ottawa shooter has been identified as Michael Zehef-Bibeau, reportedly a Canadian of Algerian descent whose passport had recently been seized when he was designated a "high risk traveler." He was shot down by sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers while mounting an attack inside the Canadian Parliament building. Zehef-Bibeau killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, shot down near the War Memorial in Ottawa. Zehef-Bibeau's motives have not been confirmed, but it is reasonable to assume they are connected to the war against the Islamic State. On October 7, the Canadian government authorized a six month commitment to the U.S.-led air offensive against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This move prompted a Canadian-born Muslim convert fighting with Islamic State forces to urge attacks on Canada since it is "permissible to retaliate in a like manner."

Massive Flares From Sun Aligning With Earth -- Direct Hit Would Devastate Nation's Infrastructure
According to, there’s a “95 percent chance of M-class flares, and a 55 percent chance of X-flares” over the next few days. In the case of the United States, the already vulnerable electrical grid system would be especially vulnerable to a direct hit, affecting all life-sustaining critical infrastructures that depend on the grid to function. The most immediate impact could be on communications, automatic control systems for pipelines, banking, financing, transportation, emergency services, transportation, delivery of food and water, and space systems. NASA and the National Science Foundation has stated that a direct hit from a solar flare of this magnitude would cost the U.S. alone more than $2 trillion in the first year, knocking out the massive transformers that...

Obama's Ebola Nuclear Option
Snap on those rubber gloves, zip up your hazmat suits, and tape up those galoshes. Get ready for the Ebola election! The White House is in full scurry before next month’s vote, trying to feverishly scrub the taint of Ebola from President Obama and all the Democrats standing within the electoral hot zone he has become. Things have gotten so dire that the president actually postponed a fundraiser so that he could participate in the better “optics” of a Cabinet meeting to discuss the government’s (lack of) response to the rampaging global virus. This may seem like a small thing, but remember, this is the guy who issued personal remarks about a beheading by Islamic State terrorists — then promptly hit the golf course. At every turn the past few weeks (months after the epidemic had become an acute crisis of global proportions), American voters have watched authorities within the administration spinning madly to minimize, downplay and dismiss a deadly, incurable disease already on the verge of claiming...

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Listen To Derek Gilbert Interview UFO/Exo-Vaticana Author Cris Putnam On “The Supernatural Worldview”
When even the scientific community is beginning to recognize that the supernatural realm exists, it’s surprising that most American Christians don’t believe that the Holy Spirit or Satan actually exist. And perhaps because most Christians don’t have a good explanation for unexplained phenomena, our guest contends that a neo-Gnostic spiritualism is growing among intellectuals and scientists in the West. Cris Putnam, co-author with Tom Horn of Petrus Romanus and Exo Vaticana, joined us at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit to discuss his latest book, The Supernatural Worldview. He shared evidence such as near-death experiences that build a compelling case that there is more to reality than what we can perceive with our five limited human senses.

Lockheed Martin Scientist On Deathbed Says Aliens Are REAL and In Area 51
Why would a patent holding scientist make this up on his death bed? It seems like his imminent demise should earn him the benefit of a doubt… If so, three possible outcomes are implied: 1) he is telling the truth about genuine ETs’ 2) the hypothesis in Exo-Vaticana is true; 3) a human ruse, for example: “The government (CIA) is offering to take care of Boyd Bushman’s children financially after he dies, in order to motivate him to promote a disinformation campaign to scare the Russians and Chinese (or anyone else) into thinking we have alien technology?”  i don’t mean to besmirch Mr Bushman, I am merely throwing up the logical possibilities for analysis. It is also possible that he is sincere but deceived by one of the above (supernatural spirits and/or military industrial complex) If he is a fraud, then what is his motivation?

Astronomers Say Something Not Right With Saturn’s Death Star – Is A Life-Friendly Ocean Underground In Mimas?
If it possesses an ocean, which scientists estimate would be 15 to 18 miles underground, Mimas would join an exclusive club of "ocean worlds" that includes several moons of Jupiter and two other of Saturn moons, Enceladus and Titan, NASA said. But a global ocean would be surprising, according to Tajeddine, as the surface of Mimas does not display signs of geologic activity. Chris Lintott, an astrophysics professor at the University of Oxford who was not involved with the study, told BBC News that the research suddenly makes Mimas a lot more interesting. "If the ocean is really there, we're getting to the point where it's just completely standard for icy moons to have substantial bodies of water inside - and that could have interesting implications for how many of these things could support life," he said.

What Does This Mean? UFO Seen In 15th Century Painting Is From Birthplace Of ‘Dracula’

A UFO appears to hover over a building that may be connected to the real-life Dracula in a recently uncovered painting from the town of Sighisoara, Romania. A photo of the mysterious painting that appears on the wall of a 700-year-old monastery was snapped this summer by tourist Catalina Borta, who sent it to a prominent UFO research group for evaluation. The bizarre painting shows what appears to be a church — perhaps the same one where the painting was found — seemingly engulfed in flames. Over the church, a large, floating disc hovers, sending a column of smoke billowing toward the sky above. The town of Sighisoara is believed to be where Vlad Tepes, the notorious “Vlad the Impaler,” also known as Vlad III Dracula, was born in 1431 — not long after the monastery where the painting appears was...


University Of California Launches First Abortion Classes To Educate Students On Benefits Of Murdering Babies
The University of California’s San Francisco campus has launched the nation’s first-ever online abortion class, creating both interest and outrage across the nation. “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications” is a six-week free class being offered by the university through Coursera, and is to be taught by “over twenty faculty from various institutions and multiple disciplines [who] will place abortion within the context of public health and fill in the gaps left by its exclusion from mainstream curricula in health professions.” “Each week’s lectures will incorporate the stories of women who seek abortion in order to better portray abortion significance and rationale,” the course description further outlines. “Other topics...

California: Yes, Churches Will Be Forced To Fund Abortions
First, the mayor of Houston flagrantly violated clergy's First Amendment rights, when she subpoenaed sermons, and she still refuses to rescind her mandate. And now California government officials are forcing churches and other faith-based organizations to fund abortions. What's next? Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the California Department of Managed Health Care has required that all insurance plans in the Golden State cover abortions immediately. The kicker is that California churches are no longer exempt from providing such coverage for their employees -- despite the fact that earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare cannot force its abortion-prompting contraceptives down the throats of faith-based nonprofits. That was then and this is now...

Popular Roman Catholic Notre Dame U. To Host ‘Gay In Christ’ Conference To Substantiate Religious Homosexuals
Notre Dame University, a popular Roman Catholic institution, will host a controversial conference entitled “Gay in Christ: Dimensions of Fidelity” this week for those who identify as homosexuals but who hold to Catholic teachings on sexuality and marriage. According to a report released this week by the university, the two-day event is co-sponsored by Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life and Gender Relations Center and will aim to “explore appropriate pastoral strategies for Catholic parishioners who regard themselves as non-heterosexual, but who accept Catholic Church teaching on marriage and sexuality.” The event is stated to include much of the same discussion that took place during the recent synod of Catholic bishops in Rome...

Is New Exodus Movie Biblical?

Stone told WND quotes like these are trouble for the movie. “What I think is even more telling, although subtle, is Ridley Scott saying neither Moses nor God caused the parting of the Red Sea, but it was an earthquake,” Stone said. “The story of Exodus was a battle, not between Moses and Pharaoh, but between God and Pharaoh and his (little “g”) gods. This was a spiritual battle. “But if you look at the trailer and what Ridley Scott has been saying, they’re making an epic, ‘good guy versus bad guy,’ big battle, mega blockbuster,” Stone continued. “Audiences of faith may look at it and think, ‘This is my story, but it doesn’t look anything like my story,’ and that’s going to cause Christians, Jews and Muslims to pause. The three major world religions may say, ‘That’s not my story.’ And that will be a problem...

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James Dobson: America Is Slouching Toward Gomorrah And Judgment Of God On Way
The outrageous behavior of the wicked men of Sodom and Gomorrah sealed their doom. Fire and brimstone fell from the sky on both cities and utterly destroyed them. Henceforth, men who commit homosexual acts have been called “Sodomites,” although that term has become politically offensive since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized and protected it. The story of Abraham and Lot also illustrates how entire societies can become so corrupted by evil that divine judgment eventually destroys them, or they simply fade away. It happened to the people of Greece, Rome, Pompeii and other cities and cultures where wickedness became the order of the day. One thing is certain. God is the holy Sovereign Lord of all heaven and earth, and He will not be mocked. His justice will prevail when unrestrained lust, violence, perversion, and other forms of grievous sin have run their course.

Russ Dizdar Weighs In On The Paranormal Paradigm Shift
All sources interviewed for this story, people who knew Lawson as Pazuzu, said that they were terrified of him. His completely fake narrative where he tried to paint himself as a combination of Charles Manson, Anton LeVay, and Alistair Crowley, and descriptions of animal and human sacrifice spooked some, while his teeth (reported to have been filed to sharp points with a Dremel tool) filled others with horror. According to one source Lawson’s house was filthy and adorned with “Hot Topic Satan stuff” like mall-rat incense burners and statues of demons. “There was something about him that just made me feel terrible,” stated one source who said they had purchased drugs from Lawson several years ago. “It was just, like… I don’t know. Just his presence made me feel uneasy.” (Camel City Dispatch) Below is sample from The Supernatural Worldview containing a massive footnote of articles showing an upsurge in demonic activity and commentary by pastor Russ Dizdar...  

Reviving Watchers Tech To “Alter Genes On Demand”
CRISP-Cas9 is already emerging as a powerful laboratory tool that promises to accelerate many different types of research, and is “considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in molecular biology in the past decade,” according to Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), which created the award to honour the legacy of Dr Janssen. Put simply, the technique introduces a break in a specific place within DNA and triggers a self-repair mechanism. However, instead of restoring the original sequence, CRISPR serves as a new template that can be used to change the sequence. “The tool is efficient, easy-to-design and versatile and has been harnessed for gene deletion, correction, replacement, addition, expression modulation and modification,” said Charpentier. “It also allows manipulating more than one DNA site at once.”

Watchers Disciples Operating System For All Of Creation?

Johnson believes we are at one of the most exciting moments in history. “We now have the power to build the kind of world we could previously only dream of. With new tools such as genomics, synthetic biology and others, we can now make in days, weeks or months things that previous innovators couldn’t possibly create in a lifetime.” Johnson suggests we need a new metaphor to effect real change for humans and all creation at a global scale. He believes OS-level thinking can “redefine medical discovery and cure aging; recreate the biological toolset of our existence; become a multi-planetary species; reinvent global transportation infrastructure; enhance our minds; safely create advanced machine intelligence; and produce abundant clean energy. … If you are working on a quantum-leap discovery that promises to rewrite the operating systems of life, we hope to hear from you.”


Elon Musk: With A.I. We Are Summoning The Demon Of Destruction
Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has warned about artificial intelligence before, tweeting that it could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Speaking Friday at the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics department’s Centennial Symposium, Musk called it our biggest existential threat: I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess like what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence. Increasingly scientists think there should be some regulatory oversight maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it’s like yeah he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.

Researchers Say Time Has Come For Beast-Tech To Move Under Our Skin
We already have more devices in our lives than we know what to do with. With our tablets, smartphones, laptops and portable music players, once the gimmick of wearables wears thin, is there really space for another gadget in our plug sockets – let alone our lives? For the concept of wearables truly to stick, I don’t want to have to remember to strap on a smartwatch or attach my fitness tracker – the technology needs to get under our skin, become second nature. Quite literally. Project Underskin is already part way to making that happen. Created by NewDealDesign, the designers behind health and fitness tracker FitBit, Project Underskin came from an online design challenge that asked what things might look like when technology and fashion “reach beyond the wrist”. Their idea? A smart digital tattoo concept implanted into your hand, putting the ability do things like unlock your door, share data with friends or keep an eye on your vital statistics literally at your fingertips.

Get Ready. Genetically Engineered Super-Intelligent Semi-Humans Are Coming
The corresponding ethical issues are complex and deserve serious attention in what may be a relatively short interval before these capabilities become a reality. Each society will decide for itself where to draw the line on human genetic engineering that far exceeds the maximum ability among the approximately 100 billion total individuals who have ever lived. We can imagine savant-like capabilities that, in a maximal type, might be present all at once: nearly perfect recall of images and language; super-fast thinking and calculation; powerful geometric visualization, even in higher dimensions; the ability to execute multiple analyses or trains of thought in parallel at the same time; the list goes on. To achieve this maximal type will require direct editing of the human genome, ensuring the favorable genetic variant at each of 10,000 loci. Optimistically, this might be possible with gene editing technologies similar to the recently discovered CRISPR/Cas system that has led to a revolution in genetic engineering in just the past year or two.

Summoning The Antichrist!? Future “Requirements” To Hold Political Office May Include Human Enhancement And Transhumanist Worldview

Recently I have written multiple articles about the scientific illiteracy of American politicians. Even members of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology display an ignorance of science that should make a high school student blush. After reading my essays a perceptive reader posed the follow questions: 1) How do we decide if a person holds “unscientific” beliefs? 2) What about someone who denies evolution or specific aspects of modern cosmology? 3) Should there be a science test for this job [member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology]? 4) Could any of the members of the committee pass a realistically broad and deep science exam? To these questions I would like to add my own: 5)How are issues of scientific literacy among politicians relevant to transhumanism? Let me answer each of these questions in turn.


DARPA’s Hydra Mothership Program May Overwhelm Future Adversaries W/ Hordes
According to Greek mythology, the deadly, serpent-like Hydra was nearly undefeatable. Cutting off its head would cause it to grow two back in its place, rendering the creature exponentially more dangerous. Military agencies and defense contractors have created design concepts and fledgling programs that embody Hydra’s survivability and versatility — a huge fleet of small platforms that can be used to surprise and overwhelm an enemy that thought it had the advantage.  Although the “mothership” concept isn’t new, experts say it may grow increasingly relevant in future years. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was inspired by the Greek myth to create the Hydra program.

Hypersonic Weapons Can Defeat The Tyranny Of Time
Hypersonic technology, which has been in development since the 1950s, holds the promise of sharply reducing the so-called tyranny of time and distance. When the intelligence community tracks down a high value target such as a terrorist group leader having a meeting with his top lieutenants, commanders want the ability to send a missile his way before his tea grows cold. Payloads on hypersonic aircraft, whether they are weapons or sensors, could reach their destination within minutes, rather than hours, said Mark Lewis, former chief scientist of the Air Force and now director of the Science and Technology Institute at the Institute for Defense Analyses, a federally funded research-and-development center. “It could bring an important new capability to the military. … It would be another arrow in the quiver,” he said in an interview.

A Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor In Three Years?
Defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, announced a design breakthrough in nuclear fusion reactors that would revolutionize energy production on planet Earth. Small enough to fit on the back of a truck, this reactor will mimic our Sun in fusing two hydrogen atoms into a single helium atom, releasing ten times more energy per mass as our regular old fission reactors. And they produce almost 20% of America’s electricity today. Project leader Tom McGuire told Reuters that his team at Lockheed’s Skunk Works decided to go public with the news to recruit additional partners in industry and government to support their work. Unlimited fresh water, carbon-free power to all cities, no nuclear waste, spacecraft that can get to Mars in one month, aircraft carriers that can stay at sea forever, unlimited power with no waste (not true but sounds good), this would indeed be Star Trek come to life.




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