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In the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: the first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition—Nimrod. In Babylon, this Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: a plot that soon will energize its illuminated devotees toward its final and 

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WorldNetDaily Says "Nothing Will Be Off Limits For New SkyWatch TV Show"

The first show features educator Dr. Michael Lake, author of “The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition,” which delves into the story of Nimrod and the biblical Tower of Babel. “He’s using that as a metaphor or what might be a literal fulfillment of the second coming of Nimrod,” Horn said. In the Bible, Nimrod is an early forerunner or type of the Antichrist. In Babylon, Nimrod devised a plan for the enslaving of humanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God’s intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed Nimrod’s plans, and the powers of Mystery Babylon are gathering now to create the new Tower of Babel and to prepare for the Son of Perdition’s return, according to SkyWatch’s promo for the show [...] Horn believes there is a major opportunity to bring investigative journalism to the Christian, prophetic realm. One such investigative project SkyWatch has in the works will focus on unidentified flying objects sighted over the area of Sedona, Arizona. “We’ve just paid to fly Cris Putnam to Sedona and find out why it’s the number one place in the country for anomalous activity. Horn said. “Cris's team caught a very large triangular UFO in the sky. It wasn’t a speck on the camera, and it was from two different camera angles so we’re having that analyzed. But that is just one example of what will make us different... (more)

In Addition To Anything That Ultimately May Be “Implanted” In Your Body Or “Scanned” On Your Face Or Hands, The US Military Is Developing “Invisible Biometric Passwords” That Will Identify You By The Way You “Think, Move”
The end of traditional biometric and password security? US Military signs deal for new ID verification system . A new form of identity verification could be in the works after the US military signed a deal for “next gen passwords”. The deal will see the development of a “cognitive” identity verification system at West Point, the home of the US army’s military academy. The thinking behind the new system is to overcome the existing limitations of traditional biometric (i.e fingerprint and iris recognition) and password-based verification systems. Instead, the multimillion-dollar contract for researchers at West Point, is to develop new technology that works on “cognitive fingerprints” rather than physical characteristics such as palms, face, DNA or iris recognition.

It Begins: Businesses Start Microchipping Employees In Preparation For 666
Want to gain entry to your office, get on a bus, or perhaps buy a sandwich? We're all getting used to swiping a card to do all these things. But at Epicenter, a new hi-tech office block in Sweden, they are trying a different approach - a chip under the skin. Felicio de Costa, whose company is one of the tenants, arrives at the front door and holds his hand against it to gain entry. Inside he does the same thing to get into the office space he rents, and he can also wave his hand to operate the photocopier. That's all because he has a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, about the size of a grain of rice, implanted in his hand. Soon, others among the 700 people expected to occupy the complex will also be offered the chance to be chipped. Along with access to doors and photocopiers, they're promised further services in the longer run, including the ability to pay in the cafe with a touch of a hand. On the day of the building's official opening, the developer's chief executive was, himself, chipped live on stage. And I decided that if was to get to grips with this technology, I had to bite the bullet - and get chipped too. The whole process is being organised by a Swedish bio-hacking group which was profiled by my colleague Jane Wakefield recently. One of its members, a rather fearsome looking tattooist, inserted my chip.


REDEEMED UNREDEEMABLE [is] a tremendous tool for reaching the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ, both within and without prison walls. This book should be in every Christian's library! -- J.M., AMAZON

Thomas Horn [co-author] is literally the most generous author I have encountered... I am beyond impressed... This is a tough and challenging read in the best way possible! -- T.B.C., AMAZON


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People All Over World Making Armageddon Prepare-Plans

With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences. At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” Johnson, who heads the Institute of New Economic Thinking and was previously managing director at Soros, said societies can tolerate income inequality if the income floor is high enough. But with an existing system encouraging chief executives to take decisions solely on their profitability, even in the richest countries inequality is increasing. Johnson added: “People need to know there are possibilities for their children – that they will have the same opportunity as anyone else. There is a wicked feedback loop. Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get more even money.”


Nuclear Armageddon Threatens World Again
I was born in Moscow in 1977 and as I child I was exposed to countless films about the war between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, along with constant propaganda concerning the nuclear threat. Like many Soviet children, I occasionally had nightmares about German armored cars rumbling down our street, or of hearing that a nuclear conflict had broken out and frantically searching for my parents in the ensuing chaos. Ever since former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, or INF, Treaty with former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, thereby enabling every person on the planet to breathe a sigh of relief and stop the countdown to Armageddon, those childhood nightmares never again came back to haunt me — until now. This is not just because the specter of nuclear holocaust might have arisen again, but for the simple fact that war has returned to Europe. It is easy enough to theorize about war when you are sitting in a comfortable office with a map of events on the wall or even standing at the podium during a presidential news conference. However, theory always falls short of the reality on the ground.

Preparing For The Next Pandemic: What Will It Be?
The danger of pandemics has become greater than ever. The recent Ebola outbreak has spread both disease and worry, though it wasn’t a pandemic. Still, it has raised interest in what the next pandemic might be — and what can be done to either stop it or prepare for it. A pandemic is an infectious disease in human populations that has spread worldwide and affected many people in almost all countries, said Thomas Campbell, professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “What we’re talking about is the global spread of an infectious disease,” he said. The spread doesn’t have to be fast for a disease to be considered a pandemic — HIV is a recent example of a slow-spreading pandemic — and the illness doesn’t have to be deadly. “Severity is not part of the pandemic definition, but we are more concerned about the ones that are severe and have the most potential to cause death or harm,” Campbell said.


Petrus Romanus Seen Fulfilling The Prophecies Of Fr. Malachi Martin... With Rome In Danger Of Becoming An Instrument Of Antichrist’s New World Order

Don’t pick a political fight with Pope Francis? The title of Rachel Lu’s recent essay and the timidity behind it reminds me of a old Jewish joke. Max and Moishe are being escorted to the execution chamber in a Nazi prison. In a sudden gesture of defiance, Max raises his arm and gives the guards his middle finger. Horrified, Moishe pulls his arm down and blurts, “Please, Max, don’t make waves.” Under the tutelage of a pope who ascribes to himself an omnicompetency in geopolitical and scientific matters, the Catholic Church is at risk of a death walk of its own. Its descent into a left-leaning political entity is underway while we circle the wagons and measure our tones. It is a serious matter when a pope confuses political and ideological symbols for religious ones masked in a Christian idiom aligned with ideological agendas (e.g. Gaia, radical environmentalism) that impinge on democratic freedoms and the sanctity of the individual. Throughout the history of the Church, there has been tension between Peter and Caesar, between the Church and the state. Francis, raised in Argentina during the apogee of Peronism, gives every evidence of tilting toward the state.



Here Comes The Real-Life Matrix! MIT Researchers Reveal Interface That Allows Computer-Brain Interface And Even Remote DNA Altering “Improvements”
It has been the holy grail of science fiction - an interface that allows us to plug our brain into a computer. Now, researchers at MIT have revealed new fibres less than a width of a hair that could make it a reality. They say their system that could deliver optical signals and drugs directly into the brain, along with electrical readouts to continuously monitor the effects of the various inputs. 'We're building neural interfaces that will interact with tissues in a more organic way than devices that have been used previously,' said MIT's Polina Anikeeva, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering. The human brain's complexity makes it extremely challenging to study not only because of its sheer size, but also because of the variety of signaling methods it uses simultaneously. Conventional neural probes are designed to record a single type of signaling, limiting the information that can be derived from the brain at any point in time. Now researchers at MIT may have found a way to change that.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of “Life”
At a recent conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Future of Life Institute (FLI) released an open letter addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the potential of artificial intelligence (AI): “There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide … ” Its members are concerned that as increasingly sophisticated achievements in AI accumulate - especially where they intersect with advances in autonomous robotics technology - not enough attention is being paid to safety. If we can design decision-making machines or robots that are capable of “learning” or self-programmation, they point out, how can we ensure that these devices don’t misinterpret human instruction, intent or vision?

The Next Taboo To Drop? Teenage Girl To Marry Her Biological Father
A teenager has revealed in an interview that she plans to marry her father and have children after dating for two years. The teenager said her father reached out to her on Facebook when she was in high school and soon after, she went to stay with him for a week. After the week together, the 18-year-old said they had sex and then started dating. "Everyone on my mom’s side of the family sees us as father and daughter," she told the magazine. "Those who know that he’s my dad, and that we are engaged, include my father’s parents (they can see we are happy together and they can’t wait for us to have babies — they treat us just like any other couple), the woman we live with, and my best friend." After the wedding, the woman says they plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal.


The Mark Of The Beast Is Set To Replace All Your Passwords... Much Sooner Than You Think

Once the territory of futuristic films, soon biometrics may just spell the end for passwords, says V3. A new report by Visa has shown that nearly half of people aged 16 to 24 believe that passwords and PIN numbers will be old news by 2020. And 69% of those who took part in the study aged between 16 and 24 (Generation Z) believe that using biometric identification will be an easier and faster alternative to remembering passwords and PIN numbers. A large majority of them (76%) would be happy to adopt biometric security when making payments. Fingerprint scanning is the favoured form of biometric identification. Nearly 70% of respondents in this age group would rather use fingerprints than passwords, while 39% would prefer retina scans and 27% would rather use face recognition. High-profile investment in biometrics is bringing the technology into the mainstream. Jonathan Vaux, executive director at Visa Europe, said: "Fingerprint biometrics in particular are entering the mainstream as a security measure, with the likes of Apple and Samsung relying on biometric security to enter their phones, and more recently the launch of Touch ID and Apple Pay."



Davos Elite “Wowed” By Predictions Of Tomorrow's Beast-Marked Humans, Terminators
Roth cautioned that taking away the human decision-making element in a confused and stressful battlefield scenario could lead to catastrophe. "Is that child stumbling towards the front line lost or a suicide bomber? That's a very difficult judgement and we need humans to make that call, not a machine," he said. Such machines will completely change the face of warfare, Russell said, and leave the average life-span of a human combattant on the battlefield "about 10 seconds". Roth also warned the assembled elite about the loss of privacy that could come with increased use of intelligent robots—a key theme at this year's Davos forum. Waving his smartphone to the crowd, he said: "All the data in my phone is available to the government because I shared it." "I've lost my privacy rights. Now what happens when that goes into your home? If you have a robot in your home, you lose the privacy even in your own home," Roth said.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt At Davos Says Resistance Is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated. The Internet As You Know It Will Disappear Inside YOU As Humanity Becomes The BORG
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted the end of the Internet as we know it. At the end of a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where his comments were webcast, he was asked for his prediction on the future of the web. “I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” Schmidt said. “There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it,” he explained. “It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.” The panel, entitled The Future of the Digital Economy, also featured Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and others. Earlier in the debate, Schmidt discussed the issue of market dominance. The European Union has been looking at Google’s search market dominance in a long-running antitrust case, and the European parliament late last year even called for a breakup.

Harvard Professors At World Economic Forum In Davos Say Mosquito-Sized Robots Are Under Design To Collect Samples Of People's DNA
Imagine a world where mosquito-sized robots fly around stealing samples of your DNA. That is the terrifying dystopian world portrayed by a group of Harvard professors at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, where the assembled elite heard that the notion of individual privacy is effectively dead. 'Welcome to today. We're already in that world,' said Margo Seltzer, a professor in computer science at Harvard University. 'Privacy as we knew it in the past is no longer feasible... How we conventionally think of privacy is dead,' she added. Sophia Roosth said intelligence agents were already asked to collect genetic information on foreign leaders to determine things like susceptibility to disease and life expectancy. 'We are at the dawn of the age of genetic McCarthyism,' she said, referring to witch-hunts against Communists in 1950s America. What's more, Seltzer imagined a world in which tiny robot drones flew around, the size of mosquitoes, extracting a sample of your DNA for analysis by, say, the government.


Nuclear Scientists: The End Is Near For Most All Of Humanity

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says Earth is now closer to human-caused doomsday than it has been in more than 30 years because of global warming and nuclear weaponry. But other experts say that’s much too gloomy. The US advocacy group founded by the creators of the atomic bomb moved their famed “Doomsday Clock” ahead two minutes on Thursday. It said the world is now three minutes from a catastrophic midnight, instead of five minutes. “This is about doomsday; this is about the end of civilization as we know it,” bulletin executive director Kennette Benedict said at a news conference in Washington. She called both climate change and modernization of nuclear weaponry equal but undeniable threats to humanity’s continued existence that triggered the 20 scientists on the board to decide to move the clock closer to midnight.


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According To Some Shiites, Saudi King's Death Heralds End-Times Arrival Of Mahdi
Shiite scholars believe that Abdullah's death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world. According to Shiite hadiths, after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz — a western region of present-day Saudi Arabia — no successor to the throne would be accepted, and disagreements would escalate and persist until the rise of Imam Mahdi. The Shiites believe that divine Imams are heirs to the political and religious Ummah, or Islamic nation. These 12 imams are successors to the Prophet Muhammad and to the head of the caliphate, with Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world.

More Progress Made Toward Learning Contents of Herculaneum Scrolls
Researchers have found a key that may unlock the only library of classical antiquity to survive along with its documents, raising at least a possibility of recovering vanished works of ancient Greek and Roman authors such as the lost books of Livy’s history of Rome. The library is that of a villa in Herculaneum, a town that was destroyed in A.D. 79 by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that obliterated nearby Pompeii. Though Pompeii was engulfed by lava, a mix of superhot gases and ash swept over Herculaneum, preserving the documents in a grand villa that probably belonged to the family of Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, the father-in-law of Julius Caesar. Though the hot gases did not burn the many papyrus rolls in the villa’s library, they turned them into cylinders of carbonized plant material. Many attempts have been made to unroll the carbonized scrolls since they were excavated in 1752. But all were highly destructive, and scholars eventually decided to leave the scrolls alone in the hope that better methods would be invented. More than 300 scrolls survive more or less intact, with many more fragments.


Modern Watchers To Start With At Least 150 Genetically Modified Babies Per Year, Then Floodgates Will Open
Thousands of women are currently at risk of passing on potentially lethal mitochondrial DNA diseases to their children. These defects cause serious illness in one in 6,500 babies and are responsible for 50 genetic diseases, many of which kill in infancy. But scientists at Newcastle University have developed a way of swapping the mother-to-be’s diseased mitochondria – the microscopic ‘batteries’ that provide cells with energy – with healthy ones from an egg donated by another woman. Any child then born would have DNA from two eggs and one sperm – and so effectively have two mothers and one father – although the genetic contribution from the donated egg would be very small.

US To Enlist Petrus Romanus' Help On Gaia Agenda
In a bid to bolster the Obama administration's "moral" case for combating climate change, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency will meet senior Vatican officials Friday to enlist papal support for its policies. "As one of the world's most respected and influential leaders, Pope Francis, and those who advise him, will play a crucial part in advancing climate change [action] domestically and overseas,'' McCarthy, a Roman Catholic, said in an e-mail. This marks the second time the administration has sought the Vatican's help on a controversial issue. The pope helped mediate the effort by the United States and Cuba to reopen diplomatic relations. Francis has become an emerging voice on climate change, saying on a recent trip to the typhoon-vulnerable Philippines that "man has gone too far damaging the environment."

Will Your Next Bible Be A Hologram?
Microsoft this week unveiled HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset that overlays text and images on the real world and, in particular, anchors them to precise locations in space, as if they were real objects. Here’s one of Microsoft’s promotional shots to give you an idea of what wearing HoloLens is like: In this image, the man is apparently so obsessed with going to Maui that he maintains a Sims-like vacation paradise on his counter. The TV, “Recipes” button, Maui simulation, and to-do list are all virtual—using the device on his head, only he can see whether his Sims manage find a staircase to the beach or if instead they simply leap the fifteen feet off the cliff to the sand. At this year’s BibleTech conference, I’m going to discuss why the idea of the “digital library” doesn’t appeal to certain kinds of people, and one aspect of the discussion involves the tension between print books and digital ones, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Microsoft’s holographic technology presents an intriguing way to bridge the physical and digital worlds of Bible study.

They Feel It In Their Spirit: Jews Wanting To Be On The Temple Mount Soars As Israel Begins "A New Messianic Awakening"

The number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount has increased by 92 percent since 2009, according to Israeli police statistics released after a freedom of information request by the Jerusalem-based Temple Institute. According to the figures, 5,658 Israeli Jews visited the Temple Mount in 2009. Then the number rose steadily year by year to a high of 10,906 in 2014. The increase in Jewish visitors has been led by Jewish activist groups such as the Temple Institute that have been calling for greater access to the Temple Mount. “The official figures indicating that Jewish visits to the Temple Mount have almost doubled in recent years clearly demonstrate that the Jewish people are undergoing a spiritual awakening, and reconnecting—not only to their most holy site, but to their own destiny," said Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the Temple Institute. Tensions over the Temple Mount increased late last year after several Arab leaders spoke out about Jewish visitation, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who called for Muslims to “prevent” Jews from entering the...



The Gods Are Dead; Long Live The Cybergods!
Sharon mentioned a recent article by philosophy professor John G. Messerly in a science update she produced for SkyWatchTV. In his column, Messerly argues that religion is “the enemy of the future.” Ironically, his worldview isn’t new; it’s as old as human history. Setting his ignorance (or denial) of history aside, as the list of Christian thinkers in the sciences over the last two millennia — and record of atrocities committed by atheistic governments — is far more extensive than he admits, Dr. Messerly doubles down on his position by declaring religion dead: History is littered with dead gods. The Greek and Roman gods, and thousands of others have perished. Yet Allah, Yahweh, Krishna and a few more survive. But will belief in the gods endure? It will not. Our descendents will be too advanced to share such primitive beliefs. If we survive and science progresses, we will manipulate the genome, rearrange the atom, and augment the mind. And if science defeats suffering and death, religion as we know it will die.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of “Life”
At a recent conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Future of Life Institute (FLI) released an open letter addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the potential of artificial intelligence (AI): “There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide … ” Its members are concerned that as increasingly sophisticated achievements in AI accumulate - especially where they intersect with advances in autonomous robotics technology - not enough attention is being paid to safety. If we can design decision-making machines or robots that are capable of “learning” or self-programmation, they point out, how can we ensure that these devices don’t misinterpret human instruction, intent or vision?

Modern Watchers/Scientists Creating Microscopic Life In Labs. Should You Worry?
GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a source of enduring controversy, and it’s not simply a matter of science. There are economic and political issues here, with huge corporations like Monsanto looming over a discussion that touches on ownership of novel species and the question of who, exactly, will benefit from these technologies. But let’s cut to a basic question: Are GMOs safe? “The answer to that is controversial,” said David Guston, a professor of politics and global studies and co-director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University. He noted a much-publicized case where “superweeds” had developed a resistance to the herbicide Roundup as a result of heavy Roundup use on genetically modified, Roundup-resistant crops.

Like Something Right Out Of
Book Of Revelation: Millions
Of GMO Insects—Engineered
With Herpes Simplex Virus
And E. Coli Bacteria—Are Set
For Release In Florida Keys

As mega biotech companies move ahead tweaking the genetic code of food and every living thing, they are now set to release millions of dangerously Genetically Modified insects into the Florida Keys region. These hybrid monstrosities are (known blood disease insect carriers) have been engineered with the herpes simplex virus and E. coli bacteria. Millions of these unnatural hybrids could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases. Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood. "This is essentially using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease," said Michael Doyle, executive director of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, which is waiting to hear if the FDA will allow the experiment.



Why Is Science From Rosetta Comet Mission Getting Named After Egyptian Gods
The first thorough analyses of data from the European craft suggest that comet 67P originated in the distant reaches of the Solar System. The first major haul of research from the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, published in seven papers1–7 in Science on 22 January, reveals a rich and diverse landscape on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the most studied comet in history. Images taken by the OSIRIS camera reveal vastly different kinds of terrain, including dunes, ripples and fractures2. Rosetta scientists have split the comet into regions defined by surface structure, with each named after an Egyptian god. Hatmehit, for example, is a smooth depression on the 'head' of the duck-shaped comet that could be a dust-filled impact crater. Other areas, such as Seth and Hathor, are rough with steep cliff-like structures. However, the porosity of the...

Building Blocks Of Life On Rosetta—Did Asteroids Seed Life On Earth Via ‘Panspermia’
Researchers working with Rosetta have found that the comet harbors organic compounds, carbon-based molecules that are sometimes known as the chemical building blocks of life. This marks the first time organic molecules have been detected on the surface of a comet's nucleus, according to Fabrizio Capaccioni, the principal investigator of the VIRTIS instrument on Rosetta. The northern hemisphere of the comet's nucleus is also filled with dunes and ripples that look somewhat like geological markings on Earth, Mars and Venus. Comet 67P/C-G doesn't have a robust atmosphere and high gravity like those planets, and yet it still has structures resembling sand dunes, according to Nicolas Thomas, the co-investigator of the OSIRIS imaging instrument on Rosetta. So how is that possible? Rosetta's findings have also potentially upturned a theory about how...

R.I.P. Fido: Grief Groups Grow As Society Views Pets As Family Members
Their names were Bandar and Pixel. When they died, Bandar in 2013 and Pixel in 2014, Linda Schenk as shaken. She had owned both cats for 15 years. They’d been with her through a move to California and back home to Baltimore and a marriage, and their deaths left her sad and bereft. “We went through some tough stuff together,” said Schenk, referring to her husband, Alex Young, whose own 15-year-old cat, Pogo, died in 2012. “We had three cats die within two years of each other.” Schenk has been a pet-owner since childhood. “Pets bring pure love and joy into your life. They’re one of the things that make it a home,” said the founder of a brand strategy company, Virtuallinda Media, who has since adopted another cat.

From Seminary To Cemetery, Fascination Renews Discussion Over Our Pets And The Afterlife

In December, Pope Francis got the attention of pet owners everywhere when he was quoted as saying, “Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” Alas, media outlets, including The New York Times, confused the remarks and the circumstances under which they were made. The pope had actually made a broader comment about heaven during an event in November. The quotation itself was reportedly taken from remarks made years ago by Pope Paul VI. Still, the attention led to renewed interest in a longstanding theological discussion about pets and the afterlife. Questions about the religious status of animals have always been with us; popular theology refuses to deny animals their souls. Our sense of spiritual kinship is already latent in the bootees and little sweaters we buy our pets, and the sidewalk baby talk with which we embarrass ourselves, and perhaps them. Consider how we treat our pets in death.

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Opening Portals? Augmented Reality (HoloLens), Ingress, And Dark Matter Dimensions
With the new announcement of Microsoft’s augmented reality device, the HoloLens, we are on the verge of seeing the shift from interactive technology to augmented reality. Through the use of wearable devices, we will soon see what Google Chairman said, is the “disappearance of the internet.” In other words, the cloud will be leaking into the physical world, which will begin to blur the line between what is physical, and what is virtual. As part of the capabilities of the device, we see the development of OnSight, a new augmented reality system that allows people to have virtual interaction with places far away, like Mars, through holographic avatars. In addition, we have the recent news that Dark Matter, may be a different dimension all together. This is modern science suggesting that the entire galaxy might be a giant wormhole that is navigable.

Something Very Large Is Reflecting Light On Ceres
A mysterious white spot glowing on the surface of Ceres has baffled scientists, who are closing in on the dwarf planet. The 'alien' mark can be clearly seen in the latest images of the icy world as the Dawn probe prepares itself for a rendezvous on March 6. While Nasa has not provided an explanation, scientists suggest it may be a frozen pool of ice at the bottom of a crater that reflects light. The 'alien' mark can be clearly seen in the latest images the icy world as the Dawn probe hurtles its way towards a rendezvous on March 6 . 'We can confirm that it is something on Ceres that reflects more sunlight, but what that is remains a mystery,' Marc Rayman, mission director and chief engineer for the Dawn mission, told Over the next weeks, Dawn will provide increasingly sharper images of the icy world, leading up to the spacecraft's capture into orbit around Ceres.

Startling UFO In NASA 1968 Apollo 7 Photo Found — But Was Close-Up Censored With Black Tape?
A UFO sighted in a 46-year old NASA photo, taken by the historic Apollo 7 mission in October 1968, appears to be one of the clearest and therefore most alarming images yet spotted of what UFO researchers believe is an alien spacecraft. While sharp-eyed UFO hunters have picked up what appear to be anomalies in photos from later Apollo missions, and even in shots taken by an earlier NASA Gemini spacecraft, the image found by UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring and posted to his blog Monday may be the most detailed sighting yet found in the space agency’s image library. And according to Waring’s speculation, NASA must have thought so, too. Because in a subsequent shot from the same photo sequence which may show an even closer view of the UFO, someone appears to have blotted out the possible image of the alleged alien spacecraft with black tape.

NASA/Vatican LBT Telescope That Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Visited Now Doing Just What They Predicted—Seeking Out Habitable Exo-Planets, E.T. I.

Tom Horn & Cris Putnam being shown
the LUCIFER device at Mt. Graham

NASA has funded a large binocular telescope Interferometer (LBTI) atop Mount Graham in south-eastern Arizona. LBTI’s primary goal is to search Space and fine life sustaining planets like Earth. The LBTI has just completed its first study of dust in a “habitable zone” around a star; the telescope has been designed to take inferred images that can tell us conclusively what compounds make up the dust and planets surrounding stars.This is key to finding Earth like planets, space dust can obscure our view of planets bout it also give an indication of if water could be located nearby, after all water is essential for sustaining life as we know it. Phil Hinz, the principal investigator of the LBTI said, "Kepler told us how common Earth-like planets are," the Kepler spacecraft has identified thousands of potential life sustaining planets.He added, "Now we want to find out just how...

(Their Biggest Discovery Yet!)


The Battle To Pray On The Temple Mount
There are now many more Israelis who believe that Dayan's approach has run its term. Their arguments have some legitimacy. In 1996, the Waqf, the Islamic religious council which is in charge of the Temple Mount (or Haram al Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary, as it is known in Arabic), made changes in the infrastructure of the mountain. It built a huge underground mosque, enough for 10,000 worshippers - the largest mosque in the Middle East. From 1999 onwards, it moved tons of earth in the process, earth that contained much historical material (Jewish and non-Jewish). This was illegal and moreover broke the status quo agreement. But the government of Israel said nothing. It was up to a professor of archaeology, Gabriel Barkai, to raise the protest and in 2004 set up a committee that called for the prevention of such illegal digs.





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Natural Remedies

Knives, Hatchets

Clothing & Outerwear

Survival / Camping