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In the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: the first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition—Nimrod. In Babylon, this Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: a plot that soon will energize its illuminated devotees toward its final and 

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Transhumanism And The Antichrist Army

I have pondered over what the Battle of Armageddon will look like many times throughout my years of study as an educator and minister. To be honest, the more I observe science pushing the boundaries, the more incredible my picture becomes regarding it. I do not think either Steven Spielberg or George Lucas has the imagination to accurately portray this event. I don’t think the sci-fi mind is big enough to wrap itself around it. In the lead is Nimrod returned from the dead, and he is surrounded by his generals—man-made, immortal demigods wielding untold power. His army is made up of genetically modified, mind-controlled super soldiers that move with unprecedented precision by a perfected hive mind. They are supported by the return of the Nephilim spirits in genetically altered bodies that resemble what they had before the Flood—powerful and terrifying [...] In fact, this time, Nimrod's army will be far superior to the one he had at the first Tower of Babel. Their desire is not only to wipe Israel off the planet, but I believe they intend to accomplish what they set out to do the first time--open a dimensional portal into the Third Heaven to confront Almighty God.


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New Report Says Shinar Directive IS Coming And People Will Have Microchips Installed In Bodies, Brains Integrated With A.I. Systems, Nanobots Crawling Through Veins…
In the near future science fiction will become reality in the world’s workplaces with holograms, mind control and robots common place, a new report says. Accounting software company MYOB has just released its “Future of Business Report” which forecasts how we will have mircochips installed in our bodies to provide health and wellbeing information so food and vitamin intake can be better managed. Our brain will also be more integrated and we will be able to control technology through thought. “You might even be able to purchase brain add-ons, just like you buy apps today for your phone,” Raik-Allen says. Nanobots will also crawl through our veins performing maintenance on our bodies, he says. A lot of physical work will become technology-centric and there is a possibility robots will visit homes to perform tasks previously carried out by tradies, he says. By 2040 a broader, stronger set of internet-based currencies independent of national economics will begin to emerge and any business will be able to make its own currency, he says.

Here Is Just One Example Of What The Shinar Directive Is Already Doing: Human Kidneys From Aborted Babies Are Now Being Grown In Laboratory Rats
Researchers say they have developed a new technique that will get more kidneys to people who need transplants, but the method is sure to be controversial: The research shows that it is feasible to remove a kidney from an aborted human fetus, and implant the organ into a rat, where the kidney can grow to a larger size. It's possible that further work could find a way to grow kidneys large enough that they could be transplanted into a person, the researchers said, although much more research is needed to determine whether this could be done. "Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage," said study co-author Eugene Gu, a medical student at Duke University and the founder and CEO of Ganogen, Inc., a biotech company in Redwood City, California. Previously, other scientists had attempted to grow immature human kidneys in the abdomens of mice, but the new research "is definitely the first time an actual whole human organ has been grown in an animal, and has sustained the life of that animal," Gu told Live Science. In the new study, Gu and his colleagues obtained human fetal kidneys from Stem Express, a Placerville, California-based company that supplies researchers with tissue from deceased adults and fetuses. The people who donated the fetal tissues gave consent for the kidneys to be used in research, and the scientists were completely separated from the donation process, Gu said.


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Mitt Romney Highlights Mormon Faith Ahead Of Potential White Horse Zenith 2016 Prophecy Bid

In a speech here Friday night, Mitt Romney reminded the world that he’s a Mormon – and made clear that it would be a key part of his presidential campaign if he does decide to run for a third time. Romney put his faith, something he rarely spoke about or demonstrated on the 2012 or 2008 campaign trail, front and center while addressing Republican National Committee members aboard the USS Midway in San Diego, saying that those closest to him, including his wife Ann, know him not only as a businessman and politician but as a devoted leader in the Mormon church. “For over ten years, as you know I served as a pastor for a congregation and for groups of congregations. And so she’s seen me work with people who are very poor, to get them help and subsistence. She’s seen me work with folks that are looking for better work and jobs and providing care for the sick and the elderly. She knows where my heart is,” Romney said. His remarks were some of his most extensive on his role in the Mormon Church – he previously served as a ward bishop in his Boston community – ever in a political setting.



Atlanta Official Issues ‘Warning To All Americans’ About Blood On The Altar War
The plight of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has caught America’s attention, but he is just the latest Christian to have his career vaporized by something that was said or written, according to religious liberty advocates. But unlike the dozens of other Christians who have lost jobs or businesses because they dared to violate the sensitivities of the LGBT community, Cochran’s firing became a national story. The fact that establishment media like the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CNN and others have reported the firing of Cochran is good, but it could also be bad. The widespread coverage could signal that the media elites are sending a message to America that this is about to become standard procedure: Speak out of turn, even in your private life, in a way that offends the LGBT community, and you lose your job.

Blood On The Altar War Is Pushing Real Christians Into A Closet Now, But Much Worse Is Still To Come
Not surprisingly, he compares those raising the issue of religious freedom to segregationists whom, he is quick to remind his readers, also claimed religious warrant.  He ends by saying that “I support the right of people to believe what they do and say what they wish — in their pews, homes and hearts. But outside of those places? You must put up with me, just as I put up with you.” Of course, he supports no such thing. Bruni’s definition of “putting up” with religious believers can be summed up in a phrase he is no doubt familiar with: the closet. Imagine that the shoe were on the other foot and a Christian wrote that he supported the right of gay people to “do what they wish in their clubs, homes, and hearts” but that outside the subject must not be broached. Bruni would certainly reject that idea as “bigotry.” Yet, Bruni and others clearly want to stuff Christians into the closet that they recently escaped.

What Really Happens At Davos?
If the secretive and much smaller Bilderberg Group, a rival outfit, is the equivalent of the global elite’s closed board meeting, then Davos is the noisier affair held with the media in attendance – the annual general meeting where shareholders meet their fellow investors and hear what developments are in store. It grew from the establishment, in 1971, of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva by Klaus Schwab, a German academic keen to encourage international cooperation, and expose European businesses to the latest management techniques. The annual gathering became the centrepiece of the WEF’s activities. There were 444 delegates at the inaugural one and, as Davos grew in fame, it attracted world leaders alongside business power-brokers. This week, 2,500 invited guests – a quarter of them American and 10 per cent British – will meet to hear panellists analyse the issues of the day. The theme this year is “The New Global Context” – although what that means is anyone’s guess.


Bowing To Monsanto, USDA Approves New GMO Soy And Contaminated Cotton Crops
The United States Department of Agriculture on Thursday approved Monsanto's controversial herbicide-resistant genetically modified strains of soybean and cotton, in a move that critics say is a bow to the powerful biotechnology industry, at the expense of human and environmental health. The green-light is "simply the latest example of USDA’s allegiance to the biotechnology industry and dependence upon chemical solutions," Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter declared in a press statement. "This continues the disturbing trend of more herbicide-tolerant crop approvals taking place under President Obama’s watch." Dr. Marcia Ishii-Eiteman of the Pesticide Action Network echoed Hauter's concerns, calling the new genetically modified crops "the latest in a slew of bad ideas" and a sign of the USDA's "allegiance to the largest pesticide corporations."


Working Lab-Grown Human Muscles To Serve As ‘Clinical Trials In A Dish’
A team of researchers out of Duke University recently announced they’ve grown human skeletal muscle in a dish. The muscle responds to electrical impulses, biochemical signals, and drugs just like muscle tissue in our bodies. It’s hoped that in the future such lab-grown tissues might serve as a way to test new drugs and study diseases outside the human body without risking a patient’s health. They might also be used to provide more personalized therapies. “We can take a biopsy from each patient, grow many new muscles to use as test samples and experiment to see which drugs would work best for each person,” said Nenad Bursac, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Duke and a lead researcher on the study. Bursac and Lauran Madden, a postdoctoral researcher in Bursac’s laboratory, grew the...

Earth Will Rip Open Like A Zipper, Expert Says, When Overdue Mega-Quake Strikes
When the next megathrust quake hits, residents on the west side of Vancouver Island will barely have 20 minutes to get to higher ground. For generations, Peters and her relatives have been the keepers of Pachena Bay, the picturesque beach that scientists forecast as an epicentre for the next massive earthquake and tsunami. The bay is also the home to the Huu-ay-aht First Nations village of Anacla, about 300 kilometres northwest of Victoria, which aboriginal oral history says was devastated when an ancient earthquake convulsed the West Coast of North America. First Nations from Vancouver Island to Northern California describe the earthquake and tsunami in similar legends and artwork involving a life-and-death struggle between a thunderbird and a whale that caused the earth to shake violently and the seas to wash away their people and homes. When the next megathrust quake hits, residents on the west side of Vancouver Island will barely have 20 minutes to get to higher ground.

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Asteroid 2004 BL86 To ‘Narrowly’ Miss Earth
An asteroid half-a-kilometre in diameter will pass close by the Earth on Australia Day. The space rock, codenamed 2004 BL86, is expected to reach a point about 1,198,705km from our planet, or three times the distance to the moon, on January 26. Although easily far enough away to be safe, the fly-by counts as a narrow encounter in astronomical terms. It will be the closest any asteroid comes to the Earth until the predicted fly-past of another rock, 1999 AN10, on August 7, 2027. Latest estimates suggest that AN10, which is 965 metres across, could approach as close as 30,570km. Dr Don Yeomans, retiring head of the US space agency NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program office at the jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California, said: “Monday January 26 will be the closest asteroid 2004 BL86 will get to earth for at least the next 200 years.


NSA Prepping America Now For Futuristic Battle; Will The Prince Of The ‘Air’ Get Involved?

From a military perspective, surveillance of the Internet is merely "Phase 0" in the US digital war strategy. Internal NSA documents indicate that it is the prerequisite for everything that follows. They show that the aim of the surveillance is to detect vulnerabilities in enemy systems. Once "stealthy implants" have been placed to infiltrate enemy systems, thus allowing "permanent accesses," then Phase Three has been achieved -- a phase headed by the word "dominate" in the documents. This enables them to "control/destroy critical systems & networks at will through pre-positioned accesses (laid in Phase 0)." Critical infrastructure is considered by the agency to be anything that is important in keeping a society running: energy, communications and transportation. The internal documents state that the ultimate goal is "real time controlled escalation". One NSA presentation proclaims that "the next major conflict will start in cyberspace." To that end, the US government is...


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NSA To Use Your Home As Cyber-Battlefield
New Snowden documents recently revealed that the NSA is getting ready for future digital wars as the agency postures itself in an aggressive manner towards the world. “The Five Eyes Alliance“, a cooperation between United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, is working hard to develop these weapons of Cyber Warfare. So called “D” weapons, as reported by Der Spiegel, will paralyze computer networks and infrastructure that they monitor. Water supplies, factories, airports, as well as the flow of money are all potential targets. The Der Spiegel report does not mention the wider issue of the expanding network of everyday objects and appliances that are connected to the internet. According to CIA chief David Patraeus the Internet of Things will have a monumental impact on “clandestine tradecraft.” Richard Adhikari writes for Tech News World that the Internet of Things is “…ripe for exploitation by the NSA”

America In The Middle Of A New Cold War
It was a dramatic, even spellbinding, scene. A Russian honor guard stood at attention and martial music played as the jetliner taxied into Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. As millions of Russians watched live on television or at their computers, seemingly every cameraman and print reporter in the country jostled for position—something like when the Beatles arrived at Idelwild Airport. And then, finally, the sighting: Xi Jinping, China's new president, touched Russian soil for the first time. The hype didn't end at his arrival. Those millions of Russians continued to watch live as Xi went directly to the Grand Kremlin Palace, where, for the first time in memory, Russian cavalry units greeted a visiting dignitary. They watched as Russian president Vladimir Putin greeted Xi warmly.

Meet The Four Autocrats Of The Apocalypse
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the least so, though he is clearly is a leader with authoritarian tendencies. A report for the U.S. Congress last august noted “critics… commonly portray Modi as having a ruthless and dictatorial style of governance.” But he fairly won a democratic election in a country proud to call itself the world’s largest democracy. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now president of Turkey (he was prime minister for 11 years, since 2003) is further down the authoritarian scale: the Financial Times’ David Gardner wrote that while he had begun as a champion of democratic institutions and civil rights, by his third electoral victory in 2011 “his tolerance of any challenge to his power had all but evaporated.” Russian President Vladimir Putin is still further down the scale. His squeezing of Russian civil society, his snatching of Crimea and refusal to allow Ukraine to grapple with the tensions within it are the mark of one whom, like Erdogan (a fervent admirer), has thrown aside the liberal protestations with which he began his first administration in 2000.


Time Magazine Says Even The Evangelicals Are Picking Sides, Joining “Blood On The Altar War” Against Biblical Christianity
If evangelical Christianity is famous for anything in contemporary American politics, it is for its complete opposition to gay marriage. Now, slowly yet undeniably, evangelicals are changing their minds. Every day, evangelical communities across the country are arriving at new crossroads over marriage. My magazine story for TIME this week, “A Change of Heart,” is a deep dive into the changing allegiances and divides in evangelical churches and communities over homosexuality. In public, so many churches and pastors are afraid to talk about the generational and societal shifts happening. But behind the scenes, it’s a whole different game. Support for gay marriage across all age groups of white evangelicals has increased by double digits over the past decade, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, and the fastest change can be found among younger evangelicals—their support for gay marriage jumped from 20% in 2003 to 42% in 2014.

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New York Times' Also Joins War Against Real Christianity
"It should not matter," The New York Times conveniently suggests, "that the investigation found no evidence that Mr. Cochran had mistreated gays or lesbians. His position as a high-level public servant makes his remarks especially problematic, and requires that he be held to a different standard." And what is that "standard," specifically? That he has no First Amendment rights? If so, that's the height of hypocrisy for these editors, who just days ago championed the press's freedom to ridicule religion in the public square. Apparently, The New York Times believes in the freedom of the press to attack faith, but not the public's right to hold a faith in the first place. "Nobody can tell Mr. Cochran what he can or cannot believe," the editors say (somewhat ironically, since that's what they seem to be doing). "If he wants to work as a public official, however, he may not foist his religious views on other city employees who have the right to a boss who does not speak of them as second-class citizens." At no point did Kelvin Cochran "foist" his views on anyone. And if you follow the Times's suggestion to its natural conclusion, then there's no place in this country for Christians in any position of authority!

As Institutionalized Christianity Fades, Spiritual-Thirsty People Get Even More Confused (Which Is Just Fine With Satan)
Actually, I hadn’t even thought about that yet. My kids are under 4 years old, and they’re completely ignorant about religion. My wife and I both grew up with a fairly evangelical, literalist brand of Christianity, and while we don’t quite consider ourselves atheists, we certainly don’t believe the things we believed when we were kids. I have decided, for example, that the earth is probably quite a bit more than 6,000 years old, that my pastor was probably wrong about Armageddon being imminent, and that, when we die, we most likely go back to where we were before we were born – a state of nothingness. So, if I no longer believe that God can grant my family salvation in a life after this one, why am I thinking about going back to church now that I have kids? It’s not out of a desire to instill morality in them. Anyone who takes a look around can see that there are good and bad people of all faiths, and of no faith, and personally, I have pretty much the same sense of right and wrong that I did when I was a born-again Christian...

In Recanting His Story, The ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Rebukes Christian Retailers
Alex Malarkey, the boy at the center of the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven has reportedly recanted his story, saying that he did not go to heaven after all. Malarkey was in a car accident at age six with his father Kevin who authored the book. After two months in a coma, Malarkey said he had been to heaven and spoken to Jesus. The now-sixteen-year-old says that the book is not true and admonished the Southern Baptist Convention-owned LifeWay Christian stores for selling it. In a letter sent to Pulpit and Pen for publication, Malarkey writes, “I did not die. I did not go to Heaven. I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never  read the Bible. People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible.


Scientists Tremble As “Asteroid Army” Hurtles Towards Earth
An unsettling report prepared by the Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) that is circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show that many scientists are in fear of the potential effects to our solar system of what they term is an “asteroid army” of at least 83 giant space objects due to hurtle past Earth and Mars over the next three months. According to this report, these giant asteroids appear to have an “intelligent trajectory” not unlike a military formation and is comprised of three waves with 43 of them flying close to Earth in January, 25 in February, and 15 in March. Raising the concerns of these scientists about these giant asteroids, this report continues, was their appearing to slightly alter their orbits this past week in a manner similar to that of the long-period Comet C/2014 Q2 which has brightened to such an extent it is now visible to the naked-eye as it approaches its rendezvous with the celestial equator from the south on 9 January.


The Search For Starivores, Life That Could Eat The Sun
There could be all manner of alien life forms in the universe, from witless bacteria to superintelligent robots. Still, the notion of a starivore—an organism that literally devours stars—may sound a bit crazy, even to a ​seasoned sci-fi fan. And yet, if such creatures do exist, they’re probably lurking in our astronomical data right now. That’s why philosopher Dr. Clement Vidal, who's a researcher at the Free University of Brussels, along with Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology Stephen Dick, futurist John Smart, and nanotech entrepreneur Robert Freitas are soliciting scientific proposals to seek out star-eating life. Vidal, who coined the term starivore in a paper he wrote in 2013, is the first to admit how bizarre it sounds. Yet he insists that some of the most profound scientific discoveries have come about by examining natural processes through a radically...

Global Governance vs. American Sovereignty
Empires have been built throughout history and most eventually fell when the empire got too large or too tyrannical.  There has always been, and probably always will be, a tension between consolidating power at the top or decentralizing power to the people.  Our Founding Fathers gave us a highly decentralized Republic with most power vested in the states and with the people.  Over time our federal government has shifted this ever so slowly to centralized power at the top.  The Founding Fathers wrote language into the Constitution to guard against this loss of sovereignty of the states. Most Americans hope to pass on to their children and grandchildren a nation of laws with defined, secured borders and a common language. Americans need to ask ourselves: “Do we want a sovereign nation of self- governed people with secure borders and the rule of law or do we want to join a “New World Order” and subjugate ourselves to international organizations that are beyond our laws and the voters?”

Catholic Mystics Ponder Role Of Petrus Romanus Against Fatima Coverup Backdrop  
Fourth, while bishops in India, the Philippines and other tropical countries wear white cassocks, no one would have the "impression" that any of them was the Pope. If the devastated city in the vision is Rome, however, and the white-clad bishop is fleeing from the Vatican over the bodies of his subjects, the vision would coincide with a vision of Pope Saint Pius X that a future Pope bearing his name — Giuseppe (Joseph) Sarto before his election — would flee the Vatican under such circumstances only to die a horrible death a short time later. Benedict XVI was named Joseph Ratzinger before he ascended to the throne of Peter. The question presents itself: Does the vision published in 2000 take place during a time when there is more than one white-clad bishop living in the Vatican? That is, does it take place in our time — the only time in Church history when a Pope has not only resigned under suspicious circumstances but has made it clear that he considers himself to have resigned only the "active exercise of the Petrine ministry" (as if one could resign only one aspect of the papal office) while retaining the Pope's white cassock, the papal coat of arms, and even the very name he had as Pope?


Al-Qaeda Lists Zenith "2016" As Date For "Total Confrontation"
Al-Qaeda’s 7 step plan formed in the 90s: from 2010 Arab governments will be toppled, in 2013 an Islamic state shall appear, 2016 is time Al-Qaeda-320for “total confrontation.” This 20 year, 7 step plan by Al-Qaeda was first disclosed in 1996 by Al-Qaeda leaders to the Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein. Hussein met Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi while they were both in a Jordanian jail (Fouad was a political prisoner). Al-Maqdisi was the mentor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a high-ranking Al-Qaeda leader (killed in 2006). The below excerpt is from a Spiegel article from 2005. Judging from the present situation in West Europe, “total confrontation” is in no way unlikely to happen in 2016, just as Al-Qaeda has planned it: The Sixth Phase (2016-2020) Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will a period of “total confrontation.” As soon as the caliphate has been declared the “Islamic army” it will instigate the “fight between the believers and the non-believers” which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.

Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Pt 1
Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Pt 2
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Open Doors USA Says The Worst Of "Blood On The Altar War" Is Yet To Come
Last year brought a rising tide of persecution against Christians around the world, according to a new report Open Doors USA released Jan. 7. Open Doors, a group that advocates for persecuted Christians, unveiled its annual World Watch List ranking the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians. North Korea topped the list for the 13th straight year, but conditions worsened the most across Africa, where eight of 12 ranked countries moved up the list. “The 2015 World Watch List documents the greatest rise in violence against Christians in the world in the modern era,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors. “Even Christian-majority states are experiencing unprecedented levels of exclusion, discrimination, and violence.” Although conditions worsened in a host of nations, signs indicate the worst is yet to come. Curry pointed to Iraq, where a decade of increasing persecution led to a major geopolitical problem: the Islamic State.

NATO Expansion Into Ukraine Could Ignite Nuclear War, Gorbachev Says; World ‘Will Not Survive The Next Few Years’
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, without necessarily taking sides with Russian President Vladimir Putin, told a German news magazine that NATO instigated the current Ukraine crisis because it had chosen to not adhere to the provisions of the Paris Charter of 1990, thus saying the dangling nuclear between the bloc and Russia is just a matter of time. With both sides flaunting their respective nuclear arsenal, Gorbachev told German magazine Der Spiegel the world “will not survive the next few years” if either side lost its nerve in the current stand-off. “Moscow does not believe the West, and the West does not believe Moscow. The loss of confidence is catastrophic.” Although critical of his successor, the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner nonetheless believed Mr Putin was just reacting based on NATO’s flamboyant aspirations to expand, fuelled by the United States’ “dangerous winning mentality.”

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Doomsday Planes Being Upgraded—Is WW-3 Coming?
Here’s a news item you may have missed over the holidays.  The “doomsday planes” are being upgraded.  Four E-4B flying command posts that would be used by U.S. leaders to manage military operations in a nuclear war will receive communications upgrades to enhance their “connectivity” during a conflict that could spell the end of civilization as we know it. The reason you may have missed the story is that almost nobody besides reported it.  National media were too busy covering more weighty matters like the efforts of North Korean agents to suppress a Sony film farce that insults the Dear Leader, and the attack on a French satirical magazine by a motley crew of extremists.  How could nuclear Armageddon compete with that? In fairness, the proposed upgrades to the “national airborne operations center” are just part of a routine reprogramming request that the Pentagon has submitted to Congress.  But how often does any facet of the nation’s nuclear complex see the light of day in national media?

22 Terror Camps In US. Groups Are Flying Under Radar As Congress Looks Other Way
Last week’s brazen attack by a “home-grown” terrorist cell in France that targeted the staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has drawn renewed interest in potential cells operating inside the United States. And there are many. The FBI is aware of at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communes in the U.S., operated by the shadowy Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main U.S. front group, Muslims of America Inc. With U.S. headquarters in Islamberg, New York, the group headed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani operates communes in mostly remote areas of California, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Michigan, Tennessee and other states. The FBI describes the MOA compound in Texas, called Mahmoudberg, as an enclave and “communal living site.” Located in Brazoria County along County Road 3 near Sweeny, Texas, it was discovered a couple of years ago by the FBI through a tip from an informant in New York.


The Battle To Pray On The Temple Mount
There are now many more Israelis who believe that Dayan's approach has run its term. Their arguments have some legitimacy. In 1996, the Waqf, the Islamic religious council which is in charge of the Temple Mount (or Haram al Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary, as it is known in Arabic), made changes in the infrastructure of the mountain. It built a huge underground mosque, enough for 10,000 worshippers - the largest mosque in the Middle East. From 1999 onwards, it moved tons of earth in the process, earth that contained much historical material (Jewish and non-Jewish). This was illegal and moreover broke the status quo agreement. But the government of Israel said nothing. It was up to a professor of archaeology, Gabriel Barkai, to raise the protest and in 2004 set up a committee that called for the prevention of such illegal digs.

Has Real Site Of Jesus's Trial Been Found In Jerusalem?
In the 1830s, the Egyptian governor of Palestine, Ibrahim Pasha, built a police station near Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate — just one step needed to put down the Peasants’ Revolt of 1834. Like many buildings in the Old City, this structure has maintained its original purpose; the Ottomans, British, Jordanians and Israelis have all used it as a police station and a prison, the Kishle prison. Fourteen years ago, as part of a plan to turn the building into an archaeological museum for children — part of the Tower of David Museum — a special dig was launched. The building itself revealed graffiti left by prisoners from the Irgun prestate underground, also known as the Etzel. The scrawlings include the Irgun’s emblem and the name of Shmuel Matza, an Irgun member who still lives in Jerusalem. “I etched these inscriptions into the wall with a fork because they wouldn’t provide us with knives,” Matza told Haaretz last month.

The City of David vs. The Propaganda Machine
While the political battles rages on in the national struggle between the Jews and Arabs of Israel, another battle goes on behind the scenes, away from the public's eye. For years, archaeology has been playing an increasingly crucial role in the battle of two opposing national narratives, however, while Israeli archaeologists and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have worked to preserve Islamic sites, Islamic authorities have done all they can to deny and destroy any evidence of any historical Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, and especially the city of Jerusalem. In the political arena, attacks on Israeli archeological practice in Jerusalem actually go back many years. In 1974, UNESCO was forced by the Arab states to vote for sanctions against Israeli digs in Jerusalem and to deny Israel membership in the organization's European regional group.

Meet The New “Jewish Indiana Jones” Who Is Searching For The Lost Ark Of The Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant has inspired a whole sector of humanity to chase after one of the world’s most treasured – and missing – items. In what is known today as the Lost Ark, the search continues for Judaism’s most holy and significant artifact of religious and historical importance. Meet Harry Moskoff, the man who is becoming known as the “Jewish Indiana Jones.” A filmmaker and researcher by hobby and an IT specialist by trade, Moskoff has spent the last 25 years of his life dedicated to uncovering the location of the Lost Ark. “Truth of the matter is, for the last 25 years, it’s been a personal hobby of mine to find the Makom Hamikdash, the exact location where the Jewish Temple once stood,” he told Breaking Israel News. Inspired by the teachings of Maimonides, Moskoff has met with world renowned rabbinical and archaeological authorities in Israel as he comes closer to finding the Lost Ark.



As Father Malachi Martin Predicted—The Vatican Under Petrus Romanus Now A Tool Of Anti-Capitalist NWO
What does this means for potential Democratic Catholic candidates for 2016 like Vice President Joe Biden or former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley? For one, they will have more latitude now that they don’t have to worry about the right bird-dogging their every word on social issues and the media taking their critiques seriously. Even non-Catholic Barack Obama had to field an extensive Catholic outreach effort to avoid being pigeonholed by the right as anti-Catholic for his pro-choice stance. At the same time, Pope Francis has increased the church’s emphasis on social justice issues and its critique of capitalism, which threatens to drive a wedge between the GOP and Catholics. That means Republican Catholics like former Florida...

Petrus Gaia Stand Deepens Conservatives' Distrust
Conservative distrust of Pope Francis, which has been building in the U.S. throughout his pontificate, is reaching a boiling point over his plan to urge action on climate change — and to do so through a document traditionally used for the most important papal teachings. For months, Francis has been drafting an encyclical on the environment and global warming which he hopes to release by June or July. Encyclicals are written with the help of a small group of advisers working under strict secrecy. But in a news conference as he traveled last week to the Philippines, Francis gave his strongest signal yet of the direction he'll take. He said global warming was "mostly" man-made. And he said he wanted his encyclical out in plenty of time to be absorbed before the next round of U.N. climate change talks in Paris in November after the last round in Lima, Peru, failed to reach an agreement.

Will He Be Consecrating America For An End Times Role? Petrus Romanus’ Visit To NYC To Include Addressing The U.N. And Joint Session Of US Congress, Then A Gigantic Mass To Be Held At Madison Square Garden
A meeting with President Barack Obama, a celebration of mass at Washington's Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and a speech before a joint meeting of Congress are suggested highlights of the pontiff's visit to the nation's capital. The focus of the pope's visit to Philadelphia will be the World Meeting of Families 2015 as previously confirmed by the Vatican. Pope Francis would arrived in New York City on the afternoon of Sept. 24 and leave early in the morning of Sept. 26. Archbishop Auza said Pope Francis's may address the U.N. general-assembly on Sept. 25 which is the opening of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Summit. "We expect him to address the UN...

As Thomas Horn Predicted, Petrus Romanus Is Planning To Address A Joint Session Of The United States Congress
Pope Francis is planning to address a joint session of Congress and visit the White House during a trip to Washington, D.C., in September, one of the archbishops organizing the pontiff’s trip said. Archbishop Bernardito Auza told the Catholic News Agency (CNA) on Sunday that the pope is projected to arrive in Washington on Sept. 22 as part of a three-city U.S. tour that includes New York and Philadelphia. Francis will visit the White House on Sept. 23 and celebrate Mass at Washington’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception later that same day, Auza added. “And we might say really the highlight of the Washington visit might be his speech to the joint-meeting of Congress, so the Senate and the House of Representatives,” Auza told CNA. “But these are just proposals. At the end of February there will be the first organizational visit (from a Vatican delegation), and then we will see what we could really fill in,” the archbishop added, according to CNA. Last March, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) invited the pope to address a joint meeting of Congress.


What Does Anthropic Principle Have To Do With Science?
A "groundbreaking" new study is claiming to have found evidence for the anthropic principle. ​As presented in the journal Science Bulletin, said evidence consists of simulations in which the fundamental constants of astrophysics—the mass of quarks, the constituent particles of neutrons and protons, for example—are slightly tweaked, demonstrating how the tiniest variations might have resulted in a universe unfit for (human, advanced) life. So: concrete proof of an abstract principle? First of all, the anthropic principle is not a very satisfying or even comfortable thought-space. It's not even really scientific. More so, it's an interpretation of science. The gist is this. The universe is built of numbers. Constant values pervade physical law all over, including the speed of light in a vacuum (c), the strength of the gravitational force (big G), the ​fine structure constant (α), elementary charge (e), and more.

Scientists: Mysterious Planet X May Lurk Undiscovered In Our Solar System — And So Might "Planet Y"
At least two planets larger than Earth likely lurk in the dark depths of space far beyond Pluto, just waiting to be discovered, a new analysis of the orbits of "extreme trans-Neptunian objects" (ETNOs) suggests. Researchers studied 13 ETNOs — frigid bodies such as the dwarf planet Sedna that cruise around the sun at great distances in elliptical paths. Theory predicts a certain set of details for ETNO orbits, study team members said. For example, they should have a semi-major axis, or average distance from the sun, of about 150 astronomical units (AU). (1 AU is the distance from Earth to the sun — roughly 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers.) These orbits should also have an inclination, relative to the plane of the solar system, of almost 0 degrees, among other characteristics. But the actual orbits of the 13 ETNOs are quite different, with semi-major axes ranging from 150 to 525 AU and average inclinations of about 20 degrees.

Ghost (Dragon) Particle Is Proof Of ET Life, Astrobiologists Say
A team of British researchers from the Universities of Sheffield and Buckingham claim they have discovered a microscopic structure in the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere which furnishes evidence of existence of alien or extraterrestrial (ET) life. They claim that the structure, which has a “ghostly appearance,” could be the long-awaited proof that life exists in other parts of our universe. An image of the “ghost particle,” described as looking like a chiffon scarf and having the width of a human hair, is being published for the first time, according to Sunday Express. The particle has been dubbed “ghost particle” because of its wispy appearance which resembles a “wisp of smoke” when viewed under a microscope. The particle was discovered by Professor Milton Wainright and his team from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology in dust and particulate matter collected from the stratosphere, the outer part of our atmosphere.

Fast Radio Burst From A Distant Extraterrestrial Source Is Captured In Real-Time
A short, sharp flash of radio waves from a mysterious source up to 5.5 billion light years from Earth has been detected in real-time by CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope in eastern Australia. Swinburne University of Technology PhD student, Emily Petroff, 'saw' the burst live - a first for astronomers. Lasting only milliseconds, the first such radio burst was discovered in 2007 by astronomers combing old Parkes data archives for unrelated objects. Six more bursts, apparently from outside our Galaxy, have now been found with the Parkes telescope and a seventh with the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. Astronomers worldwide have been vying to explain the phenomenon. "These bursts were generally discovered weeks, months or even more than a decade after they happened. We are the first to catch one in real time, " Ms Petroff said. Confident that she would spot a 'live' burst, Ms Petroff had an international team of astronomers poised to make rapid follow-up observations, at wavelengths from radio to X-ray.


Star With Three Transiting Super-Earths Discovered
Small, cool planets represent the typical end-products of planetary formation. Studying the architectures of these systems, measuring planet masses and radii, and observing these planets' atmospheres during transit directly informs theories of planet assembly, migration, and evolution. Here we report the discovery of three small planets orbiting a bright (Ks = 8.6 mag) M0 dwarf using data collected as part of K2, the new transit survey using the re-purposed Kepler spacecraft. Stellar spectroscopy and K2 photometry indicate that the system hosts three transiting planets with radii 1.5-2.1 R_Earth, straddling the transition region between rocky and increasingly volatile-dominated compositions. With orbital periods of 10-45 days the planets receive just 1.5-10x the flux incident on Earth, making these some of the coolest small planets known orbiting a nearby star; planet d is located near the inner edge of the system's habitable zone.

Extrasolar Planets Are More Hospitable To Life Than Previously Thought
A study by astrophysicists at the University of Toronto suggests that exoplanets - planets outside our solar system - are more likely to have liquid water and be more habitable than we thought. "Planets with potential oceans could have a climate that is much more similar to Earth's than previously expected," said Jrmy Leconte, a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) at the University of Toronto, and lead author of a study published today in Science Express. Scientists have thought that exoplanets behave in a manner contrary to that of Earth - that is they always show their same side to their star. If so, exoplanets would rotate in sync with their star so that there is always one hemisphere facing it while the other hemisphere is in perpetual cold darkness. Leconte's study suggests, however, that as exoplanets rotate around their stars, they spin at such a speed as to exhibit a day-night cycle similar to Earth.

UFO Filmed Watching NASA Astronauts?
As two astronauts aboard the International Space Station made some outside repairs, a UFO appears to hover in the background, as seen on a video released by NASA. For about five seconds, an unidentified object (which we can presumably say is flying) is seen in the camera frame between the ISS and Earth where, just seconds earlier, no mysterious object could be spotted. Not surprisingly, NASA is silent on the mysterious object's appearance. For this news we depend upon such websites as UFO Blogger. During the spacewalk on Oct. 7, 2014, NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst completed the first of three spacewalks for the Expedition 41 crew aboard the International Space Station, NASA said in a news release. The astronauts moved a broken cooling pump into an external storage space and installed gear that provides back up power for the external robotic arm and the "railcar" system it uses to move along the length of the space station.

Coming In Zenith 2016—New ‘One Earth’ Message To ETs Will Be Uploaded To Horizon Craft
Should one of these golden records fall within the grasp of a civilisation among the stars, it will serve as an ambassador for its creators. Embedded in its grooves are 54 sound clips, 90 minutes of music, 116 images, and greetings in 55 languages. This is who people are, the message proclaims to those who might find it, be they multigenerational spaceships of biological beings, or self-replicating nanobots that understand record players. If such an extraterrestrial happened upon Voyager, it could hear a dog, a rocket, or the world’s meanest hyena (according to the library that gave Druyan the recording). They could tap their appendages to a Navajo Night Chant or one of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. They could view a snowflake over Sequoia, a woman sampling grocery-store grapes, the Taj Mahal.

(Shocking New Discovery About
Mt. Graham, CERN, Gateways, More)


Like Lot Observed While Sitting In The Gates Of Sodom, Mayor Of Philadelphia To Wed Israeli Diplomat In Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony
Elad Strohmyer, deputy consul general of Israel in City of Brotherly Love, will be the first diplomat married in a ceremony conducted by Mayor Michael Nutter at Philadelphia's City Hall. Maybe it really is always sunny in Philadelphia – the mayor of the city of brotherly love will marry a high-ranking Israeli diplomat with his partner in a religious-civic ceremony. Elad Strohmyer, Deputy Consul General of Israel in Philadelphia and his partner Oren Ben-Joseph will be married at the Philadelphia City Hall this week in a ceremony led by Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter and conservative Rabbi Michael Bills. Gay marriage has been legal in Pennsylvania since May 2014 and is accepted by reform and Conservative Jews. The ceremony will be held in the official reception hall at Philadelphia's city hall and will be attended by senior leaders of the LGBT community in the city.

Lies Christian Women Are Telling Themselves To Justify Watching Illicit Entertainment
As the release of Fifty Shades of Grey nears, my social media feeds become more and more shorter as I obsessively click the "hide feed,"option in the hopes to stow away the gross displays of thirstiness from needy women all over, and in the process guard my heart, mind, and eyes. No offense, but for the non-believer friends and family of mine this does not some to a surprise. But for the Christian women that I follow, I was pretty amazed at some of your obsession with this movie. I have been known to make comments about Christians watching shows like Scandal, where every Thursday the mistress, Olivia Pope is praised for being an independent, strong woman although she is having an affair with a married man. [...] One of the biggest things I hear from "Christian" women justifying their poor choice of entertainment is...

How Dunham Is Hurting Girls
The poker-faced NBC News anchor Brian Williams has viewed, with apparent dispassion and even amusement, scenes of his actress daughter Allison committing bizarre and debasing sexual acts on the HBO series “Girls.” "She's always been an actress,” says the evidently unmoved and unmovable journalist.  “For us, watching her is the family occupation, and everybody has to remember it's acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt." Yeah, that knowing smirk carries the day, Brian; now we can all chuckle like the sophisticates we are, roll our eyes at the prudish critics and move on.  Right? Well, no – a hard no.  The specifics of the acts portrayed onscreen by Ms. Williams are so vile that they disinvite description, let alone viewing.  And per Paul’s command to the Corinthians (I Cor. 6:18), I urge readers not to lend their imaginations to them.

Lesbian Premier Now Orders Ontario’s Sex-Educators To Begin Teaching Kids About Giving Sexual ‘Consent’ From ‘The Very Earliest Stages’
Ontario’s lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has specifically requested that the proposed sex-education curriculum slated for all schools next fall include a component teaching kids about giving sexual “consent” from “the very earliest stages.” Wynne asked the Ministry of Education to “finalize a new health and physical education curriculum that gets at some of the root causes of gender inequality, and starts at the very earliest stages to develop an understanding of healthy relationships and consent,” according to a communication obtained by The Star. The curriculum was first revealed in 2010 by the then-McGuinty government and immediately buried after a province-wide uprising of concerned parents. The curriculum would have taught children to question their male/female identity, about oral and anal sex, masturbation, and experimental family structures.


Apple Wants To Store Your Biometrics In The iCloud In Prep For All Buying & Selling Via 666-Payment System
Apple is considering storing customers' biometric data in the cloud to enable next-generation payment methods, according to new patent application found by Apple Insider. The application relates to "finger biometric sensor data synchronisation via a cloud computing device and related methods," with one potential implementation being to authorise a "financial transaction." Simply put, this means Apple is considering using its cloud hosting service iCloud to store customers' fingerprints, so they can be synced to other devices when required — such as to pay for a purchase. Touch ID is the name of Apple's biometric verification tool. It was introduced with the iPhone 5S as a security device. Users can press their fingerprint on the home button on their iPhone to unlock it, verify their identity, or make purchases via Apple Pay.

I Just Heard A Deep Synthetic Voice Laughing Somewhere In The Distance As “Experts” Signed Open Letter To Protect Mankind From God-Like A.I.
Artificial intelligence experts are working to stave off the worst of when -- not if -- machines become smarter than people. AI experts around the globe are signing an open letter issued Sunday by the Future of Life Institute that pledges to safely and carefully coordinate progress in the field to ensure it does not grow beyond humanity's control. Signees include co-founders of Deep Mind, the British AI company purchased by Google in January 2014; MIT professors; and experts at some of technology's biggest corporations, including IBM's Watson supercomputer team and Microsoft Research. "The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence....We recommend expanded research aimed at ensuring that increasingly capable AI systems are robust and beneficial: our AI systems must do what...

DARPA Wants Labyrinth Navigating Micro-Drones Right Out Of The Terminator Movies
DARPA wants small UAVs that can "quickly navigate a labyrinth of rooms, stairways and corridors or other obstacle-filled environments without a remote pilot." The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency issued a broad agency announcement (BAA) for algorithms for drones “small enough to fit through an open window and able to fly at speeds up to 20 meters per second." The current class of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, aren't small enough for doing reconnaissance in tight spaces, according to DARPA. The agency’s solution? A Fast Lightweight Autonomy program that harvests algorithms for drones that can "quickly navigate a labyrinth of rooms, stairways and corridors or other obstacle-filled environments without a remote pilot," the agency said in releasing the BAA.

Also Under Design At DARPA: Microchipped Super Soldiers, Tesla Laser Guns, Robotic Avatars, Flying Hunter-Killers ... And They Want It By Zenith 2016
DARPA’s future-tech research leaves little to the imagination—lasers, lightning guns, and robotic avatar interfaces just to name a few. One notable category of research that will alter the future practice of warfare is lasers guns that shoot lightning. If Tesla-in-a-gun is not your cup of tea, consider turning humans into passwords, as DARPA researchers have been working on ways to make traditional electronic/computer passwords obsolete. DARPA’s research on biometrics offers a way to look for “cognitive fingerprints,” including tracking and forensic authorship. The latter ‘fingerprint’ is the center of DARPA’s Biometrics-at-a-distance program, which intends to identify human life behind walls, under rubble, and in crowds. But Active Authentication is not the only way to locate people. DARPA’s 2008 Visibuilding program uses radar signals to construct 3D maps of buildings, including people and weapons inside (seeing through walls like Superman!)

There Are Coming Replacement Humans!?


Indecipherable Rohonc Codex Has Baffled Researchers For More Than 200 Years
The discovery of an unidentified text in Hungary has led to more than 200 years of attempts to determine who authored it and to decipher its contents. Many scholars have studied the text, known as the Rohonc Codex, in an effort to understand its meaning and to determine who wrote it and when it was drafted. However, these efforts have been futile to date, as the meaning and origin of the text still remain a mystery. The Rohonc Codex was discovered in Hungary in the 1800s. It is believed to have been part of the personal library of Count Gusztáv Batthyány, before he donated his entire personal library to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. When the Codex surfaced, it initially appeared to be from medieval times. However, the text, which appears to resemble Old Hungarian script, was completely indecipherable. The mysterious text led many to wonder what the writings...

Indian Scholar Says World Will Soon Follow One New Religion
Declaring 'Vedanta' as the future religion, Satyamayananda said with confidence that the current generation in our country is not bothered about what is written in their secret books, neither are they aware of their ancestors. In fact, youngsters around the world have started to dress alike and talk alike, he said. Calling this a sign of consciousness arousing in people's head, Satyamayananda said, "India has a tremendous role to play in the future because the final word on religion has already been uttered by Vivekananda in this country itself." Asking the current generation to keep their ideas simple, Swami Satyamayananda concluded by saying, "In its most purified form, religion has only demanded man to keep on struggling for meaning, keeping true to ethics, because without struggle there is no progress and without ethics, life will be shapeless."

More Conservative Catholics Voice Worries Over Petrus
If that restyling were true, then the more fool Francis. But Francis is not a fool. He is an ideologue and a meddlesome egoist. His clumsy intrusion into the Middle East and covert collusion with Obama over Cuba makes that clear. Megalomania sends him galloping into geopolitical—and now meteorological—thickets, sacralizing politics and bending theology to premature, intemperate policy endorsements. Later this year, Francis will take his sandwich board to the United Nations General Assembly, that beacon of progress toward the Kingdom. Next will come a summit of world religions—a sort of Green Assisi—organized to lend moral luster to an upcoming confederacy of world improvers in Paris. In the words of Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Francis means “to make all people aware of the state of our climate and the tragedy of social exclusion.” There is a muddle for you.

Franklin Graham Is Fired Up Over The “Blood On The Altar” War Against True Christianity
The latest target of politically correct bullying against Bible-believing Christians is Atlanta's former fire chief Kelvin Cochran. That's right, I said "former." Cochran was fired Tuesday because of a small passage—less than half a page—in a book he wrote for his church's Bible study group. The book on biblical morality simply restates God's position put forth in His Word, the Bible. From Cochran's book: "Uncleanness—whatever is opposite of purity; including sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism, pederasty, bestiality, all other forms of sexual perversion." I personally know Chief Cochran. He served as chairman of my Crusade in Shreveport in 2005. He is a fearless man of great faith. Because Cochran expressed his biblical belief on sexual purity in general—not only on homosexuality—an openly gay city council member went on a rampage to discredit this upstanding servant of the community. Cochran didn't discriminate against






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THE SHINAR DIRECTIVE - PT 11: Did Nimrod Build More Than A "Tower"?
Is it possible that the Tower of Babel was more than just a tower? Was the tower built in a place where there was a dimensional portal to allow “the gods” to enter earth? Dr. Tom Horn shares this possibility in his book, Nephilim Stargates: "An analysis of the Tower of Babel Stele offers speculation about whether the original Tower of Babel was actually designed to facilitate reaching “the heavens” as indicated in the comments above. Was it a building whose top was high enough to allow higher-dimensional beings to descend slowly while discharging voltage directly into the lower energy density universe? Deyo notes the uppermost portion of the stele may show a ‘bright’ or burning circular area, while the edges of the tower layers themselves are smooth like a high voltage insulator, as if for dissipating electricity. Stan emphasizes the analysis is inconclusive at this time, but it is interesting, given that beings who descended from heaven were typically accompanied by fire or lightning (electrical discharge ?), while beings that ASCEND from lower energy densities (regions) tend to cool the atmosphere, such as in the classic ‘ghost’ entering a room. Ancient artwork that may support this theory is widespread throughout ancient times including depictions of gods accompanied...

Turning Humans Into Demigods—Who Will Benefit From The Coming Age Of Shinar Directive Human Enhancement?
From the demigods of Greek mythology to the superheroes of 20th century comic books, we’ve been intrigued by the idea of human enhancement for quite a while, but we’ve also worried about negative consequences. Both in the Greek myths and modern comics and television, each enhanced human has been flawed in some way–except for Wonder Woman. In the area of lifespan enhancement, for instance, Tithonus, though granted eternal life, shrunk and shriveled into a grasshopper, because his immortal girlfriend Eos, forgot to ask Zeus to give him eternal youth. Achilles, while super strong and agile, had a weak spot at the back of his heal, and Superman would lose his power if exposed to “kryptonite”. Using genetic modification, nanotechnology, bionics, reconstructive surgery, hormones, drugs or any combination of these approaches, real-life human enhancement is looking ever more achievable. As with the fictional examples, the idea of enhancement being a double-edged sword will surely remain part of the discussion. At the same time, though, because enhancement means mastering and manipulating human physiology and the basis of consciousness and self-awareness, the road to enhancement will be paved with advances…

A Third Gender? Why The Shinar Directive Will Be A Natural Extension Of Oneism
Oneism extends into sexuality as androgyny and homo / bi-sexuality.  After all, if all is one, then there are no distinctions between male and female. However a supernatural worldview makes these distinctions based on a creature / creator separation. Jesus said, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female,” Mt 19:4. Now Thailand is writing a third gender into its constitution. President Obama would seemingly concur. I wonder how long before America follows suit? "Thailand is poised to recognise a third gender in its new constitution, with the constitutional drafting panel saying on Thursday that “Thai society has advanced”. The panel, composed of members handpicked by the ruling junta, said that “there are not only men and women”, and that there is a need to recognize all genders. “We need to protect all sexes – we consider all genders to be equal”, panel spokesman Kamnoon Sittisamarn told journalists. The panel will send details of the measure to the National Reform Council by April. It will need to be formally approved by the ruling junta, also known as the National Council for Peace and Order. Thailand has a significant LGBT community, with homosexual, transgender and transsexual people playing a prominent role in the country’s entertainment industry.  

The Watchers Did It... And Now We Are Too! NBC Reports Genetically Engineered Men-Cattle With Fully Human Immune Systems / DNA Are Being Raised In The U.S. In Hopes Of Creating An “Ebola Vaccine” (Shinar Directive Beast Mark?)
On a farm outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a herd of cloned, genetically engineered cattle are busy incubating antibodies against the Ebola virus. Researchers hope the cattle - which certainly don't look like anything special - will produce gallons of blood plasma that could be used to treat people with the deadly virus, which has infected more than 21,000 people in West Africa and killed 8,500 of them. "These animals produce very high levels of human antibody," said Eddie Sullivan, president and CEO of SAb Biotherapeutics, the company that developed the cattle. The cattle have been genetically engineered with human DNA so that their bodies don't produce cattle antibodies but human antibodies. They're cloned to make a herd of genetically identical, part-human animals. "These animals produce very high levels of human antibody." Then they are vaccinated against various deadly diseases such as Ebola. Their bodies produce antibodies in response to these vaccines, and the hope is these antibodies can be used to treat people with the diseases.

Young People Ready For Shinar Directive Mark Of The Beast, New Research Shows
Three-quarters of 16- to 24-year-olds are ready to ditch passwords in favour of biometric security measures such as facial recognition, fingerprint and retina scanning, research has revealed. In a survey commissioned by Visa, 76 per cent said they would feel comfortable making a payment using biometric security and 69 per cent believe this would make their lives faster and easier. Of the biometric payment methods available to consumers, 16- to 24-year-olds are most keen on verification via fingerprint scanning, with 70 per cent predicting that this will be the primary form of identification by 2020. Other methods of interest to this generation include retina scans (39pc) and facial recognition (27pc), though voice recognition (12pc), fast DNA samples (15pc) and implanted chips (16pc). “We have more logins and passwords than ever to help keep us secure online and on the high street, but for Gen Z it just feels like an unnecessary burden," said Jonathan Vaux, Executive Director at Visa Europe.

Debate Needs To Start On Genetically Engineering New Humans, Scientists Say
Rapid progress in genetics is making "designer" humans more likely and society needs to be prepared, leading scientists have told the BBC. He said huge advances in the past two years meant redesigning humans is no longer HG Wells territory. Other leading scientists and bioethicists agree it is time for a serious public debate on the issue. Dr Perry, who was part of the teams to clone the first mice and pigs, said the science was rapidly catching up to make elements of human mutation possible. "It is approaching 100% efficiency already, it's a case of 'you shoot you score'." It is the latest development of "Crispr technology" - which is a more precise way of editing DNA than anything that has come before. It was named one of the top breakthroughs in 2013, hailed as the start of a new era of genetics and is being used in a wide-range of experiments in thousands of laboratories. As well simply cutting the DNA to make mutations, as the Bath team have done, it is also possible to use the technology to insert new pieces of genetic code at the site of the cut. It has reopened questions about genetically modifying people.  

Dimensional Portals, Vile Vortices, And Their Ley Lines

Perry’s brief description regarding the Vile (Strong) Vortices piqued my interest, and I began conducting my own research. Although Sanderson originally believed there were twelve of these vortices around the world, other researchers have concluded that there are only ten (yet others that there are 72!). The vortices appear to come in pairs and are similar to magnetic poles in that the corresponding vortices will appear on the exact opposite side of the planet. A well-known example would be the Bermuda Triangle. Few realize that the Bermuda Triangle has a twin portal known as the Devil’s Triangle on the opposite side of the planet, near Japan. Researchers have discovered that “if the earth is mapped out as an icosahedrons (or dodecahedron) grid, these are all equidistant geometric points (vortices) of intersecting (ley) lines.” Ley lines have always been important to the occult. In the mystery religions, such ley lines are considered sources of power and are very important to their work. In the documentary entitled Riddles in Stone, documentarian Chris Pinto points out that the original thirteen colonies in the United States and Washington, DC, are constructed on a ley line that leads directly to Stonehenge in Great Britain.

World Economic Forum Highlights Risks Of Shinar Directive Emerging Technology
The challenges of governing emerging technologies are highlighted by the World Economic Forum in the 2015 edition of its Global Risks Report. Focusing in particular on synthetic biology, gene drives and artificial intelligence, the report warns that these and other emerging technologies present hard-to-foresee risks, and that oversight mechanisms need to more effectively balance likely benefits and commercial demands with a deeper consideration of ethical questions and medium to long-term risks. Amongst these risks and risk trends, emerging technologies are singled out as one of three “risk constellations” in need of action.  From the report: "The pace of technological change is faster than ever. Disciplines such as synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are creating new fundamental capabilities, which offer tremendous potential for solving the world’s most pressing problems. At the same time, they present hard-to-foresee risks. Oversight mechanisms need to more effectively balance likely benefits and commercial demands with a deeper consideration of ethical questions and medium to long-term risks – ranging from economic to environmental and societal...

During The Shinar Directive, Will People Be Visited By Mindclones From Dead Folks? New Stanford Research Suggests Feasibility
In an episode of the popular dark sci-fi show ‘Black Mirror‘, realistic digital personalities of the dead are recreated from data alone. London-based firm “Lean Mean Fighting Machine” has developed an artificial intelligence system that can analyse a person’s Twitter feed, and then impersonate them after death. But just how realistic is this idea? One of the more controversial ideas of transhumanism is the notion of mind uploading where the essence of a person, their mind, would be transferred to a computer. A related but less ambitious project is constructing a simulated “second self” or mindclone to continue your personality, work and relationships after death. Or perhaps just to help you be more efficient while still alive. Companies such as, Gordon Bell’s MyLifeBits, and Terasem’s Lifenaut are pursuing this goal. Computer industry pioneer and extreme  ‘life logger’ Gordon Bell, is the creator of MyLifeBits, a research project which is developing software with the aim of recreating dead people in part. is a proposed for profit service that will offer immortality by creating “a virtual YOU, an avatar that emulates your personality and can interact with, and offer information and advice to your family and friends, even after you pass away.”

US Senate Leader: Terrorist Sleeper Cells Are In The U.S.
A Senate leader said Sunday she thinks terrorist sleeper cells are in the U.S. — a claim sure to spark even greater fears of a strike on the homeland as the White House launches new efforts to confront growing Islamist extremism around the globe. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and her party’s ranking member on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, flatly stated that she believes terrorist cells are hiding in Europe and the U.S., waiting to be activated and carry out attacks similar to the ones that claimed 17 lives in France last week. “I think there are sleeper cells not only in France but certainly in other countries and, yes, in our own,” she told CNN. “This calls for vigilance. … Hopefully, we can be more active in terms of doing those things which enable us to find terrorists, see who they’re communicating with and to track that.”


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