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Here's How YOU Can "Reach Someone" This Christmas With A Message Of Hope!

Today, I read a heavy Christmas letter written by a convicted drug dealer. It started out happy, highlighting the ways that a prisoner’s heart is lifted during the holidays. The article went on for pages, describing seasonal good-behavior rewards systems, family visits, gifts exchanges between prisoners, and several ways this particular prison system sincerely attempts to give the inmates as much “spirit of Christmas” as can be allowed in that setting, including elaborate décor in designated areas. It was, at the onset, encouraging to know that our tax dollars extended to spreading a little holiday cheer for those who may need it most. But as the letter went on, the jovial fog began to dissipate and a sense of dread replaced it. I saw the writing on the wall, and knew that it would end in an emotional reflection. What I didn’t see coming was the lesson available in the final lines of the letter for those who would have the compassion to see it.


Named For Chuck Colson, Federal Panel Looks To Reform Prisons
Chuck Colson turned seven months behind bars into an opportunity to start over. Now the Justice Department is looking to his example as it tries to reform the federal prison system. The bipartisan Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections kicked off its work at the Capitol on Tuesday (Dec. 9), with former Rep. J.C. Watts Jr., R-Okla., its chairman, declaring its charge to make the federal prison system safer, less costly and more humane. “His faith encouraged him to believe that there was no such thing as a lost cause, in or outside of prison,” Watts said of Colson, who became a born-again Christian shortly before he went to prison in 1974 for his deeds on behalf of a disgraced President Nixon. The experience inspired Colson to build the nation’s largest prison ministry during the second half of his life. He died in 2012.

Army Chaplain Punished For Sharing His Faith In Suicide Prevention Class
An army chaplain was chastised for citing the Bible during a suicide prevention class he was leading at the University of North Georgia. Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn allegedly addressed depression with a biblical approach in addition to a secular approach, using his own personal struggle with depression as an example for the class. Lawhorn was served with a Letter of Concern after complaints were made about the chaplain talking about his faith during his battle with depression. The letter from Col. David Fivecoat read, “You provided a two-sided handout that listed Army resources on one side and a biblical approach to handling depression on the other side. This made it impossible for those in attendance to receive the resource information without also receiving the biblical information.”

And This Christmas, Remember The Only Credible Explanation For Jesus' Birth
The Christmas season comes each year with the expected flurry of media attention to the biblical accounts of Christ’s conception and birth. The general thrust of the secular media is often incredulity toward the fact that so many people still believe the Bible’s accounts to be true. This year, the Pew Research Center released a report on Christmas Day indicating that almost 75% of the American people affirm belief in the virgin birth of Christ. Meanwhile, the Public Religion Research Institute found markedly lower levels of belief, with just under half affirming the historical accuracy of the biblical accounts. The PRRI research indicated that four in ten Americans believe the virgin birth to be part of a “theological story to affirm faith in Christ.”


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Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For Employees; Emergency Masks, Solar Blankets To Be Delivered To Every Major Bank In The United States

The Department of Treasury is seeking to order survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation. The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country. The survival kit includes everything from water purification tablets to solar blankets. The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec. 4. The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines. The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses.

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The World Is Facing A Health Crisis It Doesn't Have The Weapons To Attack
Drug-resistant superbugs could kill an extra 10 million people a year and cost up to $100 trillion by 2050 if their rampant global spread is not halted, according to a British government-commissioned review. Such infections already kill hundreds of thousands of people a year and the trend is growing, the review said, adding: "The importance of effective antimicrobial drugs cannot be overplayed." Former Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O'Neill, who led the work, noted that in Europe and the United States alone around 50,000 people currently die each year from infections caused by superbug forms of bacteria such as E.coli.

Modern Worldwide Danger Blooms From Ancient Bacteria
Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae because of their color, have endured for more than 2.5 billion years, providing ample time to adapt to changes in the Earth's biosphere. They live in water where a diet heavy in nitrogen and phosphorus, combined with global warming, can prompt them to produce slimy toxic blooms that make the water unfit for drinking, agriculture and recreation. "Human activities have dramatically increased nitrogen and phosphorus inputs into many rivers and lakes, causing algal blooms that threaten economic and recreational uses of those waters," says Hans Paerl, professor of marine and environmental sciences at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences. "This nutrient over-enrichment in freshwater has led to a global proliferation of cyanobacterial blooms which foul the water, disrupt food webs, reduce oxygen, and produce metabolites toxic to fish, zooplankton, cattle, domestic pets and humans.''

Could Seattle & Portland Soon See A Gigantic Earthquake?
The fault zone where the next big Pacific Northwest earthquake is expected to occur lies 40 to 80 miles off of the Pacific Northwest coast.  The area is called the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Accordingly, earthquake scientists have put listening posts along the coast from Vancouver Island to Northern California. Now, the seismometers have gone eerily silent. Typically, there is noise from the plates coming in contact with each other. University of Oregon geophysics professor Doug Toomey labels it a “a puzzle” and says: ” What is extraordinary is that all of Cascadia is quiet. It’s extraordinarily quiet when you compare it to other subduction zones globally.” The scientists have checked their results from the on-land seismometers, and researchers have been putting down ocean bottom seismographs that can record what is happening directly on top of the seismic zones.


Banking Industry Report: Mark Of The Beast Technology Is Here And Consumers Say They Are Ready And Eager To Accept It!
In Jordan, you can walk up to a bank teller and get your eyes scanned in lieu of using a bankcard. In Japan, ATMs authenticate your identity using the vein patterns in your finger. Digital evolution is upon us and financial companies are racing to become the first in the world to integrate biometrics — using human characteristics to verify the identities of customers — into our everyday transactions. The Toronto-based Bionym, for example, recently announced that its heart-related technology will be the world’s first biometrically authenticated wearable payment solution; meanwhile, Tangerine recently bragged that it was the first bank in the country with a voice-controlled mobile app. Maybe it’s our seemingly insatiable need for convenience and more time-saving measures, but consumers appear to be welcoming the technology. Even with the more sensistive instruments, it is still quiet out there. This has lead researchers to conclude that the Cascadia zone is stuck or “locked.”



Microchip Implants In Humans Grow In Popularity As More & More People Are ‘Chipped’
It's happening around the world. Some 50 people in the Netherlands have had a microchip implanted in their hands this year, piercing specialist Tom van Oudenaarden told broadcaster Nos on Tuesday. Worldwide thousands more have been ‘chipped’ and their number is growing. Oudennarden expects their number to grow considerably next year, particularly among what he calls ‘technerds’. Martijn Wismeijer, who has had two chips in his hand for a couple of weeks, says the pain was over after a couple of days. ‘You can still feel them, but you forget they are there,’ he said. He uses one chip as a savings account for bitcoins – which he says is the safest way to keep them. The chip on his other hand stores the passwords for 900 websites. ‘Many people use the same password for everything but I think that is a bad habit,’ he says. People who have been chipped can unlock or lock their phones or make payments simply by scanning their hand.

All Buying & Selling Will Interconnect As Prophesied In The Book Of Revelation
Retailers are trying to get into customers’ brains and they now have the technology to do it. It’s called consumer neuroscience and companies are getting valuable shopper intel that can shape the shopping experience. To get a firsthand look we went shopping at Betsy Jenney on Newbury Street with Dr. Carl Marci of Boston-based Innerscope Research. I was given glasses with a special camera to track my eye movements and sensors were attached to my fingers to keep tabs on the electricity in my skin. “What we are collecting here are things we are not very good at articulating with words,” explains Dr. Marci. Things a shopper doesn’t even realize are happening subliminally and subconsciously. In the seconds before we knowingly decide to buy our brains react.

When Life Will Be Given To The Image Of The Beast?
One expert predicts—or should we say, warns—that artificial intelligence will be fully operational in just 30 years. For years, the development of full artificial intelligence has been the brass ring of computer science. So many of our machines already “think” for themselves in terms of repetitive duties based on human programming, of course. But when the day comes when computers can actually interpret our emotions, or get the punch line about the chicken and the road without our help, we’ll know the future has truly arrived. Mark it down: The future arrives in 2045. That’s what Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, said earlier this year while speculating about full AI functionality. Kurzweil, the world-renowned entrepreneur and inventor who has been described as “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison” by Forbes, joined Google in 2012 to develop its machine intelligence efforts and natural language understanding. He believes that computers will become more intelligent than humans in about 30 years and calls the moment, “The Singularity.”


It's Just Like Something Torn From The Pages Of Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam's Best-Selling Book "Petrus Romanus": A Secret Plot To Elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio For The Role Of The Final Pope Becomes Real For Some Conservative Catholics
Did Bergoglio — who became Pope Francis at that conclave — give the go-ahead to such a plan? And does that campaign call his election, and his papacy, into question? Such questions might sound like plot twists to a new Vatican thriller by Dan Brown, but they are actually the latest talking points promoted by some Catholic conservatives upset with the direction that Francis is leading the church. Some elements in the Catholic Church have proposed various theories they claim might either invalidate the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February 2013 or the election of Francis the following month. Others see the accounts of conclave machinations as further evidence that Pope Francis is, for them, a far more manipulative and autocratic figure than the public believes.


Does Petrus Romanus Believe Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?
There has been, as one might guess, a lot of disagreement about whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God, but Miroslav Volf, a well-known professor at Yale Divinity School, has done a good deal of work on this subject, concluding that both religions “believe in one God, one God who is a sovereign Lord and to whom they are to be obedient. For both faiths, God embodies what’s ultimately important and valuable.” He suggests that it has never been more important for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to understand that they do, indeed, worship the same God and, in fact, “inhabit a common moral universe.” Pope Francis would seem to agree. He is, in many ways, working to repair damage done by Benedict, the previous pontiff, in his infamous lecture at the University of Regensburg in Germany, where some of his remarks were taken, possibly out of context, to be anti-Islam. As if in reaction, the current pontiff has gone out of his way to forge alliances with Islam, praying that religious tolerance will ultimately prevail in the Middle East.

Bigger Than Apophis: Dangerous 300+ Meter Asteroid To Cross Close To Earth
Scientists have calculated that 2014 UR116 asteroid will fly in dangerous proximity to Earth every three years. If it collides with the planet the energy of the explosion could be a thousand times greater than the impact of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Vladimir Lipunov, a leading scientist on the team which discovered the asteroid this October, says the scientists now know its orbit and its period which is 3 years, but they cannot say precisely when the asteroid will approach the Earth. “We should track it constantly. Because if we have a single mistake, there will be a catastrophe. The consequences can be very serious,” he said in the documentary “Asteroids attack” posted on Roscosmos website.

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Chlorine Chicken, Hormone Beef? Europeans Fear American 'Frankenfood' Imports
On a velvety green patch of the French countryside, organic farmer Jean Cabaret gives a little shudder. A looming trade deal with the United States, he fears, may make his worst culinary nightmare come true: an invasion of Europe by American “Frankenfoods”. “Hormone-boosted beef. Chlorine-washed chicken. Genetically altered vegetables. This is what they want for us,” warned Cabaret, standing before his majestic herd of free-range cows. “In France, food is about pleasure, about taste. But in the United States, they put anything in their mouths. No, this must be stopped.” In Europe, this is a season of angst — even paranoia — over a historic bid to link the United States and the 28-nation European Union in the world’s largest free-trade deal.


Apocalypse Bug Alert: Scientists Warn Of Rising Superbugs That Could Wipe-Out All Of Humanity
Emerging superbugs or smart bacteria that defeats even the most lethal antibiotics could lead to a deadly plague or mass deaths. In such scenario, even the most common infection could kill as the world nears "a post-antibiotic era," according to a report by Business Insider. And these efficient killers are already upon us. In the same report, 58,000 of infant deaths in India last year have been blamed to bacterial infections that caught medical doctors by surprise as many of the cases involved health conditions that previously have responded to antibiotics. But what really scared health officials is that majority of the "of the babies referred to us have multi-drug resistant infections," the report added. Also in 2013, hundreds of thousands of Americans succumbed to the fatal assault of "nightmare bacteria" that antibiotics failed to...




Superbugs Getting More Resistant To Antibiotics, Research Shows
Antibiotics that once worked to treat a common illness are now becoming resistant, and new research says it's happening in every hospital in America. "In the last five years, we have noticed an explosion of these superbugs where they are resistant to literally every medicine we have. So when you get a simple infection you're going to be at risk now of death," said Dr Michael Schmidt, an expert in microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina. ''If you get MRSA pneumonia it's really hard to treat, and you may not come out of it alive. Gonorrhea is becoming resistant to drugs that worked before," he said. According to the Center for Disease Control, two million people are infected with resistant infections each year, resulting in 20,000 deaths. And resistance is largely blamed on overuse or mistreatment of antibiotics.

Have You Read What The Book "Blood On The Altar" Says About Epigenetics? Should We Pray Over Our Genes To Stop Curses? Scientists Now Say "Phobias May Be Memories Passed Down In Genes From Ancestors"
Memories can be passed down to later generations through genetic switches that allow offspring to inherit the experience of their ancestors, according to new research that may explain how phobias can develop. Scientists have long assumed that memories and learned experiences built up during a lifetime must be passed on by teaching later generations or through personal experience. However, new research has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. Researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, found that mice can pass on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences – in this case a fear of the smell of cherry blossom – to subsequent generations.

Will You Give Your Loved Ones The Answer To "What If?"
This year, it is projected that Americans will spend more than 600 billion dollars for the contents of those pretty boxes under the tree (an average of $781 per adult wallet). But gone are the wooden trains, hand-sewn dollies, and knitted socks of yore. The partridges in the pear trees of yesteryear are but a memory. Children no longer ask for their two front teeth. Today, moms, dads, and kiddos alike are hoping the boxes in those bright wrappings will herald updates and upgrades on iPads, Kindles, cell phones, laptops, video games and consoles, media, electronic toys, and other sources of distracting entertainment… All that beeping and blinking and ringing and flashing and interrupting our family time has booted the classic time spent with family roasting chestnuts on a fire. All those devices, trinkets, and time-absorbers have completely replaced the idea of fulfilling one’s need for basic survival like the gifts givers of the past. These gifts are certainly fun to own, and with the business and social expectations of our modern world, they most definitely have their uses. But, in the race to fulfill our more material wants, have shoppers partially lost touch with how to give usefully, and with good stewardship?  


Romney's Inner Circle Are Now Convinced He WILL Fulfill White Horse Prophecy In Zenith 2016
Mitt Romney held meetings with donors in New York this week that left one attendee convinced he is running for president again in 2016. A member of Romney's inner circle who spoke to Business Insider said the former governor of Massachusetts traveled to New York City on Monday where he met with key financial backers of his past campaigns to lay the groundwork for a 2016 White House bid. The source, who was at one of the meetings, said other attendees included developer Stephen Ross, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, and hedge funders Julian Robertson and Paul Singer. Romney, a former Republican governor of Massachusetts, previously ran for president in 2008 and in 2012, when he was the GOP nominee. In addition to potential donors, the source said Romney met with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) this week.


US Hosting Secret Meetings To Ratchet Up Prophetic Hostility Against The Nation Of Israel?
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem. The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings. The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel then any previous White House. At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

Hatred Of Jews Also Boiling Over At Berkeley
The University of California, Berkeley’s graduate student labor union (UAW 2865) is voting on whether the State of Israel should continue to exist. No one is waiting with bated  breath for the  tally of a vote whose implementation would violate both California and United States law. It is one of those exercises in academic hubris laced with ignorance for which Berkeley is famous. After all, students know slightly less American history after four years at the prestigious institution than before they crossed through Sather Gate. One of the leaders of the anti-Israel movement is Lara Kiswani, whose rhetoric reminds one of the days when leftists sat in their Marxist circle groups and talked about “mechanistic thinking” as an impediment to achieving the socialist utopia. Kiswani’s rhetoric is filled with the same clichés, but let me say that Kiswani’s ability to manifest hatred honestly and simply is as impressive as it is refreshing.

Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Africa
A NASA official recently confirmed that one of the agency’s aircraft had been spotted on an American military airstrip in eastern Africa a few weeks ago, but like a series of U.S. military officials, declined to say what the space agency’s high-tech bird was doing there. “I really can’t give you any of the details,” Jim Alexander, a NASA official with the WB-57 High Altitude Research Program, told ABC News. “You know, the airplane was there, you see it in the picture. But I really can’t tell you what it was for.” The broad-winged white plane belonging to the agency best known for putting a man on the moon was photographed by the satellite company Digital Globe back in September sitting next to some tilt-rotor aircraft at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, a development reported by the military blog War Is Boring last month.


War Clouds Gathering... But Are They Prophetic?
The appeasement of Britain and France, the isolationism of the United States, and the collaboration of the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany green-lighted Hitler's aggression -- and another world war. We are entering a similarly dangerous interlude. Collapsing oil prices -- a good thing for most of the world -- will make troublemakers like oil-exporting Iran and Russia take even more risks. Terrorist groups such as the Islamic State feel that conventional military power has no effect on their agendas. The West is seen as a tired culture of Black Friday shoppers and maxed-out credit card holders. NATO is underfunded and without strong American leadership. It can only hope that Vladimir Putin does not invade a NATO country like Estonia, rather than prepare for the likelihood that...



Comes The Nuclear Horseman Of The Apocalypse
The fraternity of nuclear scientists who so cheerfully play roulette with nuclear reactors defends the results of the simulations as evidence that reactors are a safe bet. They create the impression in the minds of laymen that their extremely risky projects have been carefully thought out in every detail and are inspired by the spirit of greatest responsibility. A large section of the scientific community, on the other hand, believes that the predictions spitted out by a computer are “about as reliable as tomorrow's weather forecast.” They argue that by building nuclear power plants in populated areas, the whole world becomes an experimental laboratory with human beings as guinea pigs. History shows that even with all the safety features in place, there will be nuclear accidents, and although some may be small in scale, there is always the possibility of a major disaster.

Earth Is 'Living On Borrowed Time' Say Scientists Over Killer Asteroids Threat
An array of the world’s leading experts in astrophysics want everyone to stop worrying about what’s happening on Earth and start planning for what could one day crash into it. We’ve seen it play out in Hollywood before: A killer asteroid is hurtling toward our precious planet while NASA scrambles to find a way to stop the celestial beast in its tracks. But an international group of astronauts and scientists, led by British royal astronomer Lord Rees, have joined forces to go on the hunt for the precarious projectiles, warning the public that the possibility of a deadly strike is actually a terrifying reality, the Financial Times reports. “NASA has done a very good job of finding the very largest objects, the ones that would destroy the human race,” said Ed Lu, an astronaut who flew three trips to the International Space Station. “It’s the ones that would destroy a city or hit the economy for a couple of hundred years that are the problem.”

5 Very Smart Secular People (Who Are More Attuned To Bible Prophecy Than Many Church Leaders) Understand How Artificial Intelligence Could Bring On The Apocalypse
On the list of doomsday scenarios that could wipe out the human race, super-smart killer robots rate pretty high in the public consciousness. And in scientific circles, a growing number of artificial intelligence experts agree that humans will eventually create an artificial intelligence that can think beyond our own capacities. This moment, called the singularity, could create a utopia in which robots automate common forms of labor and humans relax amid bountiful resources. Or it could lead the artificial intelligence, or AI, to exterminate any creatures it views as competitors for control of the Earth—that would be us. Stephen Hawking has long seen the latter as more likely, and he made his thoughts known again in a recent interview with the BBC. Here are some comments by Hawking and other very smart people who agree that, yes, AI could be the downfall of humanity.


666 Update: Israeli Banks To Start Using Biometric Identification
Israeli banks are slated to become Israel’s first commercial institutions that use biometric data to identify their customers, under plans unveiled recently. This comes as Israel’s Interior Ministry is working on a biometric database of citizens. The database is still in its pilot phase, but has drawn criticism from privacy advocates. On Monday, Discount Bank announced that it intends to unveil within the next few weeks an iPhone application that would enable customers to connect to their bank accounts via biometric data, without use of a username and password. This comes after the head of technology at Bank Leumi declared that the bank intends to unveil a similar application that reads fingerprints in the first quarter of 2015. It remains to be seen how comfortable Israeli consumers will be when it comes to letting companies record their fingerprints.



US Military Wants Biometric Brain-Chips (Among Other Alterations) Inside Soldiers
In the past, much of military research has focused on building tools to make soldiers more effective on the battlefield: more powerful guns, better communications, stronger armor. But there is also research underway to improve the human body itself. The US military, academic researchers, and private companies are working together to maximize the capabilities of soldiers' bodies and brains. This past summer of 2014, the Department of Defense announced that it's planning to give out $40 million for researchers to make brain implants to help people with impaired memory. The idea is to help these people have a more normal ability to form new memories as well as access earlier ones. The project's name is Restoring Active Memory (RAM). The Pentagon says it's interested in memory impairment because it's a frequent problem for service members with traumatic brain injuries. Of course, it's possible that the Pentagon has other interests in memory chips. Is DARPA hoping someday to make super soldiers with superhuman memory?

Yes Actually We Should Fear The Machines
There are human beings working at this very moment to build machines that can–and will–supersede human intelligence to such a degree that the human race as we know it will cease to exist. Take, for example, transhumanists. People who consider themselves to be transhumanists seek to merge man and machine into one being; a being that will no longer be human at all. Several leaders in this growing field want to do away with the organic human body entirely and download their brains into computers. Those computers could take any shape or form. Human needs like sleeping, sex, eating and reproducing would be obliterated. This idea alone is just one reason why yes, we actually should fear the machines. Transhumanists also have little to no regard for people who do not wish to merge with machines. In fact, there are even some transhumanists that believe all humans who do not support transhumanism should be executed; and here is something you can take...

Should Scientists Create Artificial Life Through “Directed Evolution”? No, But That’s Not About To Stop Them
The idea of creating life from scratch is deeply rooted in the imagination, from ancient mythology up to modern science fiction. Yet recent scientific advances in understanding what defines life at the molecular level has brought us into an era when generating life from a synthetic primordial soup is within the realm of possibility. An important advance toward this end was recently made by a team at the UK Medical Research Council when they announced the creation of artificial enzymes from artificial DNA and RNA made from synthetic amino acids and nucleic acids, respectively. This milestone achievement is a first step into directed evolution that exploits the underlying machinery of the cell. In time, research with artificial biological systems could open up new human genetic therapies, where synthetic enzymes operate side-by-side our natural ones.


Gog-Magog Launches ‘Wartime Government’ Headquarters In Major (WW-III?) Military Upgrade
Russia is launching a new national defense facility, which is meant to take control of the entire country in case of war. The new top-security, fortified facility in Moscow includes several large war rooms, a brand new supercomputer in the heart of a state-of-the-art data processing center, underground facilities, secret transport routes for emergency evacuation and a helicopter pad, which was deployed for the first time on Nov. 24 on the Moscow River. The Defense Ministry won’t disclose the price tag for the site, but it is estimated at the equivalent of several billion dollars. The new National Defense Control Center (NDCC) is a major upgrade on what was previously called the Central Command of the General Staff, a unit tasked with round-the-clock monitoring of military threats against Russia, particularly ballistic missile launches, and deployment of strategic nuclear weapons. It was roughly a counterpart to the US National Military Command Center, the Pentagon’s principal command and control site.



Gog-Magog Flexes Muscles
Vladimir Putin was snubbed at the G-20 meeting in Australia by virtually every leader over his repeated violations of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. This would have caused a less-pugnacious Russian president to reflect on his long-demonstrated contempt for international covenants intended to build a more peaceful and prosperous world. When confronted by Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper about Ukraine, Putin repeated his serial falsehood by denying the occupation. He left the conference prematurely, seemingly disdainful of other participants despite claiming otherwise in a subsequent Moscow press conference. Before the G-20 meeting, Putin had sent Russian aircraft close to Canada, the U.S., U.K., Denmark, and the Baltic states. Four Russian warships crossed international waters near Australia. Russian troops without insignia on their uniforms again crossed into eastern Ukraine with 32 tanks and 16 howitzer artillery systems on Nov. 7, in violation of the Minsk truce agreed to by Putin in September. Crimea now holds tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.

Abbas Presents 'Plan Of Attack' To Flatten Israel, Establish Palestinian State
More details have been released regarding Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's speech to the Arab League on Saturday revealing that Abbas has concocted a comprehensive plan to flatten Israel politically and bypass the need for bilateral negotiations to establish a Palestinian state. Abbas's plan includes approaching the UN Security Council with a draft resolution to establish the state in Judea and Samaria, over 1949 Armistice lines - as he has threatened to do before. However, the details of the plan include a specific "plan of attack" against Israel, as follows: * To turn to the UN Security Council with the draft resolution for a Palestinian state, with its capital in Jerusalem. * To add the "State of Palestine" to international bodies and organizations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), and file charges against Israel. Abbas noted here that...

Will You Give Your Loved Ones
The Answer To "What If?"

This year, it is projected that Americans will spend more than 600 billion dollars for the contents of those pretty boxes under the tree (an average of $781 per adult wallet). But gone are the wooden trains, hand-sewn dollies, and knitted socks of yore. The partridges in the pear trees of yesteryear are but a memory. Children no longer ask for their two front teeth. Today, moms, dads, and kiddos alike are hoping the boxes in those bright wrappings will herald updates and upgrades on iPads, Kindles, cell phones, laptops, video games and consoles, media, electronic toys, and other sources of distracting entertainment… All that beeping and blinking and ringing and flashing and interrupting our family time has booted the classic time spent with family roasting chestnuts on a fire. All those devices, trinkets, and time-absorbers have completely replaced the idea of fulfilling one’s need for basic survival like the gifts givers of the past. These gifts are certainly fun to own, and with the business and social expectations of our modern world, they most definitely have their uses. But, in the race to fulfill our more material wants, have shoppers partially lost touch with how to give usefully, and with good stewardship?


Homeland Security's Advice? "Give Gifts Of Preparedness This Holiday Season"
With the holidays fast approaching, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region V office encourages everyone to consider giving gifts that will help protect their family members and friends during a future emergency. "A gift to help prepare for emergencies could be life-saving for friends and family," said FEMA Region V acting regional administrator, Janet Odeshoo. "These gift ideas provide a great starting point for being prepared for an emergency or disaster." Supplies for an emergency preparedness kit can make unique--and potentially life-saving--holiday gifts, such as: * Battery-powered or hand-crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert. * A backpack containing survival items, or with such things as a rain poncho, moist towelettes, work gloves, batteries, duct tape, whistle, food bars, etc. * Holiday shoppers might also consider giving a winter car kit...

Most Have No Idea About The Pentagon’s Terrifying Plan To Actually Build Skynet And Have It Up And Running Within Just...
The Department of Defense (DoD) anticipates the dawn of a bold new era of automated war within just 15 years. By then, they believe, wars could be fought entirely using intelligent robotic systems armed with advanced weapons. Last week, US defense secretary Chuck Hagel ann​ounced the ‘Defense Innovation Initiative’—a sweeping plan to identify and develop cutting edge technology breakthroughs “over the next three to five years and beyond” to maintain global US "mili​tary-technological superiority." Areas to be covered by the DoD programme include robotics, autonomous systems, miniaturization, Big Data and advanced manufacturing. But just how far down the rabbit hole Hagel’s initiative could go—whether driven by desperation, fantasy or hubris—is revealed by an overlooked Pentagon-funded study, published quietly in mid-September by the DoD National Defense University’s (NDU) Center for Technology and National Security Policy in Washington DC. The 72-page d​ocument throws detailed light on the far-reaching implications of the Pentagon’s plan to monopolize imminent “transformational advances” in biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence, information technology, nanotechnology, and energy.

The Temple Mount Controversy
Jerusalem is sacred to Jews and has been for over 3000 years. According to the Tanach, (Hebrew Bible) King Solomon built the First Temple (aka Solomon’s Temple) there around 960 BCE according to the building specifications in the Torah. He intended it as a permanent resting place for the Ark of the Covenant which contained the Ten Commandments. Upon completion, he invited Jews and non-Jews to pray and sacrifice there and urged God to pay particular heed to their prayers by saying: "Thus all the peoples of the earth will know Your name and revere You, as does Your people Israel; and they will recognize that Your name is attached to this House that I have built" (I Kings 8:43). And there it stood for 500 glorious years until the Babylonians conquered the city, sent the Jews into exile and destroyed the Temple in 586 BCE. Seventy years later many Jews returned from exile and rebuilt the Temple (Second Temple).


The Islamic State (ISIS) Is Plotting The Biblical Battle Of Apocalypse
The Islamic State's latest video is directly challenging America to the battle of the apocalypse, which is to take place in Dabiq, Syria. The gruesome video released by the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) emphasizes that the beheading of Peter Kassig took place in the town of Dabiq, Syria. The town was chosen because of its significance in Islamic end-of-time prophecies about the time when the Mahdi and (the Islamic version of) Jesus will bring victory over those who oppose sharia. The Islamic State named its English-language magazine “Dabiq” for the same reason. The group is telling Muslims that it is fulfilling prophecy, enticing them to participate in one of the most important moments in world history. A secondary message is that Islamic State supporters should not worry about the military superiority of their enemy or the terrorist group’s setbacks because they will soon be made victorious with help from the Mahdi, Islam’s messianic figure, and Jesus (when he joins Islam, which he will according to Islamic prophecy). “Here we are, burying the first American Crusader in Dabiq, eagerly waiting for the remainder of your armies to arrive,” says one Islamic State speaker.



Military Experts: Gog-Magog Is Preparing For Nuclear War Against US And Will Likely Win It
Preparedness for a nuclear conflict could prove as the foremost tactical advantage of Russia over the United States, likely positioning Moscow to score a win in case a shooting World War III with Washington as nemesis erupts. Russia's President Vladimir Putin addresses the audience as he takes part in festivities to mark the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in Ulan Bator, September 3, 2014. Noting the recent reports that Russia has gained the upper hand in nuclear weapons capability against the United States, Forbes contributor James Conca argued in his article that America's most pressing concern is complacency. In his report, Conca outlined the deteriorating state of America's nuclear weapons that in October 2013 was highlighted by the departure of a U.S. general who was supposed to steer into top shape the country's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) command.

Jewish Newspaper: An Evil Spirit Is Guiding United States Policy Toward The Middle East
Quite a few years ago, Dr. Martin Kramer wrote his book "Ivory Towers on Sand," which dealt with the evil spirit taking over Middle Eastern studies. The book was written before the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States and was published immediately after them, in October 2011. Even then, Kramer had already argued that the trendy theories taking over the field had led to a complete failure in understanding the Middle East. For example, one of the most prominent academics in MESA, Prof. Hisham Sharabi, said in 2002 that "Jews are getting ready to take control of us and the Americans have entered the region to possess the oil resources and redraw the geopolitical map of the Arab world." Twelve years have passed. The Jews haven’t taken control of anything, and the United States is paying a fortune for every barrel of oil.

Geo-Engineering Climate Fixes 'Could Harm Billions'
That is the conclusion of a new set of studies into what’s become known as geo-engineering. This is the so far unproven science of intervening in the climate to bring down temperatures. These projects work by, for example, shading the Earth from the Sun or soaking up carbon dioxide. Ideas include aircraft spraying out sulphur particles at high altitude to mimic the cooling effect of volcanoes or using artificial “trees” to absorb CO2. Long regarded as the most bizarre of all solutions for global warming, ideas for geo-engineering have come in for more scrutiny in recent years as international efforts to limit carbon emissions have failed. Now three combined research projects, led by teams from the universities of Leeds, Bristol and Oxford, have explored the implications in more detail.

The Dark, Twisted Story Behind A UFO Death Cult
On March 22 and March 23, 1997, all thirty-nine active members of Heaven’s Gate committed suicide, exiting the Earth, as they referred to the act. In three waves, members ingested a poisonous mixture of barbiturates and alcohol, and as their breath slowed and bodies shut down, they asphyxiated under plastic bags that they had tied over their heads. Members followed guidelines they had researched several years earlier, and laid down their earthly lives in what can only be called ritual precision and attention to detail. In keeping with the group’s customs, each member wore an identical uniform, but in their final months the group’s members had added a customized “Heaven’s Gate Away Team” patch that positioned them as merely visitors to this planet rather than inhabitants, invoking the concept from the Star Trek universe of visitors from a traveling spaceship.

Imagination, Reality Flow In Opposite Directions In Brain
As real as that daydream may seem, its path through your brain runs opposite reality. Aiming to discern discrete neural circuits, researchers have tracked electrical activity in the brains of people who alternately imagined scenes or watched videos. "A really important problem in brain research is understanding how different parts of the brain are functionally connected. What areas are interacting? What is the direction of communication?" says Barry Van Veen, a UW-Madison professor of electrical and computer engineering. "We know that the brain does not function as a set of independent areas, but as a network of specialized areas that collaborate." Van Veen, along with Giulio Tononi, a UW-Madison psychiatry professor and neuroscientist, Daniela Dentico, a scientist at UW-Madison's Waisman Center, and collaborators from the University of Liege in Belgium, published results recently in the journal NeuroImage.

New Clue To Help Crack Mysterious Kryptos Code
Only time will tell if “clock” will unlock this CIA secret. The artist behind the Kryptos sculpture in the CIA headquarters’ courtyard released another clue to the code-breakers dead set on deciphering its mysterious message. Kryptos, unveiled in 1990, contains four sections of encrypted messages, three of which have already been solved. The fourth, however, has become one of the most famous unsolved ciphers in the world – drawing amateur and professional cryptanalysts to this work of art in Langley, Va. James Sanborn, now 69, has apparently grown impatient with the Kryptos sleuths, whose ranks swelled with the success of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and revealed another word on Nov. 14. “There are several reasons for that. The 14th is my birthday and it’s the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down,” Sanborn told Yahoo News. “It was a convergence.” The 70th through 74th characters in the 97-letter-message spell out “clock.”


Why Online Evangelism Is The Wave Of The Future
According to the study by the Pew Research Center, one in five Americans shares their faith online, and in a typical week, nearly 50 percent of U.S. adults see someone else share their faith online. Southern Evangelical Seminary President Dr. Richard Land says that while changing modes of faith-sharing may make some uncomfortable, online evangelism is critical to reaching the unreached and will be central to fulfilling the Great Commission. "Technology is the future. We can either try to swim against the current, or we can surf the wave," Land said. "Sharing one's faith online is perhaps the best way to reach many younger people with the Gospel, and it may be the only way to reach those in foreign nations that have governments and cultures hostile to the Gospel. Like any scientific or technological advancement, the Internet has the potential to be used for either good or evil. When used by Christians dedicated to sharing the life-transforming truth of Holy Scripture, it can be a medium that can reach around virtually the entire globe and change people's eternal destinies."

But Beware The Accelerating Metaverse Porn Dangers
Does your child live in the real world? Do you? Advances in technology could soon mean you have a choice not available to previous generations: You can live in the “meatspace” of flesh-and-blood reality, or you can waste your time in a virtual “metaverse” where the environment is malleable and endless adult content is only a few clicks and a subscription away. In 2009, Technocracy warned you about the increasing prevalence and availability of porn on your kid’s phone. “Every phone’s browser is essentially an unsupervised computer,” that column explains. “While most savvy parents try to monitor their children’s online activity, often placing computers in public areas of the home (rather than in a child’s bedroom), the wireless phone travels with the child during the day and could be used anywhere, without such oversight.

The Real Story At UVA: Trying To Tame What The Sexual Revolution Unleashed
Even at our colleges, the truths of human experience and human nature are beginning to reassert themselves. They’re doing so in a particularly strange and, I think, damaging way. Nonetheless, sexual manners are being recreated, mostly because they have to be. The sexual revolution licensed sexual predators, and we cannot live with the result. Yes, these new manners are bizarre and unhealthy. They require a destruction of male sexuality they cannot achieve, and they are being driven by sociopolitical activism and due-process-deficient college tribunals. Still, we shouldn’t be surprised by the turn to something possibly resembling moral panic about sex on American campuses. Why wouldn’t we panic about the current sexual situation of our young people?

Why Colleges Need To Start A New Sexual Revolution

We’re now seeing the consequences of the boozy, out-of control hook-up culture on college campuses. From wild allegations of gang rapes at the University of Virginia to Yale’s infamous “sex week,” to the kangaroo courts that can get students accused of rape booted off campus without due process, it seems like undergrads are learning more about “rape culture” and sexual consent than they are philosophy or mathematics. All in all, according to David French, a senior counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, “The only thing that’s truly clear about the raging sexual-assault controversies on campus is that it’s a royal mess.” And that’s an understatement. Here’s what Heather Mac Donald, the Thomas W. Smith fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writing in The Weekly Standard, says: “Sexual liberation...



Paul McGuire Offers Prophetic "2015 Warning" For America
There are those people in human history such as Moses, Nimrod, the Pharaohs, Pythagoras, King David, King Solomon, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, H.G. Wells, Nicola Tesla, and those rare philosophers, scientists, Illumined ones, and the true prophets who are fully aware of the multi-dimensional nature of reality along with its history. These are the things hidden from most CEOs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, religious leaders, scientists, and most of those in the media and cultural elite, but not all. For example, the philosopher Plato wrote extensively about the supposedly legendary civilization of Atlantis that was ruled by 10 philosopher or god-kings. The reality is that Atlantis was a super-civilization that existed before the Great Flood, or what the Bible calls the Flood of Noah. In pre-history, there are countless accounts that have been...

Americans Find Blaspheming Jesus So Much Fun Nowadays: Popular ‘Family Guy’ Christmas Episode Portrays The Lord As A Lying, Sex-Crazed Adulterer
NewsBusters, for one, said that the episode went “above and beyond the usual sacrilege.” Titled, “The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin,” it surrounds character Peter Griffin, among others, trying to help Christ lose his virginity, according to Christian Today. “After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin,” reads the episode’s synopsis. “So, he enlists Quagmire and Cleveland to help him throw Jesus the best birthday ever by finding a way to help him become a man.” At one point during the episode, Jesus has a specific request for Peter regarding his wife Lois, telling him that he wants to lose his virginity to her — a request that the husband agrees to in exchange for a massage chair. “Look Peter, I know it’s a lot to ask, but if it wasn’t okay I wouldn’t suggest it,” Jesus said while trying to convince Peter to agree (RNN Note: And some still doubt the judgment of God is coming to America?)

American Schools Have Planned Parenthood ‘Queering’ 13-Year-Olds, Promoting Gay Sex & Gender Confusion
Students at Jr. high schools in America are learning more than just the birds and the bees. Along with local area groups, some parents are irate that their children’s sex ed classes are being taught by employees of Planned Parenthood without their prior knowledge. They are also fuming over the methods and materials being used, including a checklist that asks students if they are “ready for sex” and another worksheet that describes how to give and obtain consent, as well as a diagram that uses a "genderbread" person for lessons in gender identity. “[Parents] are very concerned,” Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal organization that is assisting the concerned parents, told “Planned Parenthood is not exactly the best when it comes to putting young people first. “They get more grants from the promiscuity of children,” he added. “The material they have provided was material that mirrored their agenda.”

Is There Intelligent Life In The Universe? 5 Questions With Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf
Nicolaus Copernicus, the 16th century Polish astronomer and mathematician, wasn't the first to suggest that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe—the idea originated with the ancient Greeks—but he was the first to prove it with a mathematical theorem. By doing so he upended the notion that Earth is unique, giving rise to the idea that there might be life on other planets. Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf tackles this complex topic in his newest book, The Copernicus Complex. "I've wondered if we're alone in the universe since I was a child, and everyone I've ever known has thought about it at some point," said the British-born astronomer and physicist, who is director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center. His research focuses on the study of exoplanets and exomoons, planets and moons outside our own solar system. The center...



New “No Gender” Movement Wants Little Boys & Girls Confused This Christmas—Give Dollies To Boys And Masculine Things To Girls, They Say
Remember this story from the archives?: “Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” instructs a training document given to middle-school teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools. “Create classroom names and then ask all of the ‘purple penguins’ to meet on the rug,” it advises. Dr. Rebecca Hains said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” this morning that it’s not really about making things truly gender-neutral, but more about marketing. She explained that the point of “No Gender December” is to encourage children to shop for whatever toys interest them, without defining them as boys’ toys or girls’ toys. Penny Nance, on the other hand, said that the difference between the genders is not learned behavior, it’s innate.

Better Yet, What Better Way To Kick Start Their Possession Than By Giving The Kiddies A Ouija Board As The "Must-Have" Gift For Christmas!
Ouija boards are flying off shelves and under trees this Christmas, according to trends data released by Google. The company has recorded a 300 per cent increase in searches for the spirit-bothering devices, fuelled by a terrible movie that was effectively a feature-length ad for a board game, an appearance on The Archers, and the Victorian belief that if the dead could speak, they would use a plank of a wood and the alphabet […] Spirit writing dates back much further. In 12th-century China, it was believed that spirits had the power to guide a “planchette” to write Chinese characters. In the late 19th century, when doubts about God inspired by Darwin’s little birds led to a boom in spiritualism, planchettes became a novelty hit in the west. Elijah Bond, an American lawyer and inventor from Baltimore, devised and patented in 1891 “a toy or game by which two or more persons can...

What The ‘Aliens’ Know That We Don’t? Mind-Bending Implications Of Multidimensional Universe Includes Warp Drives, Wormholes, Time Travel
Nearly a century ago, Edwin Hubble’s discovery of red-shifting of light from galaxies in all directions from our own suggested that space itself was getting bigger. Combined with insights from a handful of proposed non-Euclidean geometries, Hubble’s discovery implied that the cosmos exists in more than the three dimensions we’re familiar with in everyday life. That’s because parts of the cosmos were moving further apart, yet with no physical center, no origin point in three-dimensional space. Just think of an inflating balloon seen only from the perspective of its growing two-dimensional surface, and extrapolate to four-dimensional inflation perceived in the three-dimensional space that we can see. That perspective suggests...

If DNA Is Software, Maybe NASA Has Been Looking For ET Intelligence In The Wrong Place
With the $2.5 million annually in funding for SETI - NASA’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - drying up perhaps we need to rethink a few things. SETI had their huge radio telescopes trying to pick up patterns of intelligent communication from the stars, under the assumption that only an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization could broadcast such an encoded signal. The SETI concept of intelligence is a series of sounds or symbols in a discernible, repetitive pattern that implies order and meaning. But in a TED talk in 2003, geneticist Juan Enriquez, compared sequenced DNA code to software in the following description –he was talking about an apple...

Give The Gift Of Knowledge Plus..


Stage Is Set For Panspermia Creation Myth
Panspermia means that life on earth was seeded from outer space. The term for this idea, panspermia, derives from two Greek terms: pan, meaning “all,” and sperma, meaning “seed.” There are two forms directed (ETs seeded earth) and undirected (DNA from a comet or meteor). Many have thought it unlikely because the heat of entry into the atmosphere would incinerate organic matter. However, it looks like DNA is more resilient than we thought. Scientists from the University of Zurich in Switzerland found that DNA can survive: "Scientists who attached small double strands of DNA to the outer casing of a rocket discovered it could survive temperatures soaring to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius . DNA can survive re-entry into the atmosphere, raising the possibility of extraterrestrial life molecules arriving on Earth from space, research has shown...

Alien Life Found? ‘Infant Earths’ Could Hold Clues To Extraterrestrial Life In Universe
Many astronomers believe the question of whether alien life exists isn’t “if,” but “where.” New research could make it easier to pinpoint exactly which distant planets might be suitable for life beyond Earth. Scientists have discovered that the so-called habitable zone of young planets -- the region near a star in which water can exist as a liquid -- is wider than previously thought, which could make Earth-like planets more obvious,  according to a new study from researchers at Cornell University in upstate New York. "The search for new, habitable worlds is one of the most exciting things human beings are doing today and finding infant Earths will add another fascinating piece to the puzzle," Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences, said in a statement. "In the search for planets like ours out there, we are certainly in for surprises.

Will The First Aliens We Find Be ETI ROBOTS?
The hunt for life elsewhere in the universe is now essentially a three-horse race between finding microbes in our solar system, signals from an intelligent race or clear signs of organisms in the atmosphere of an exoplanet. But one expert has claimed that, while the other two ‘horses’ might be important, finding intelligent life would have the most profound impact - because it might not be ‘life’ as we know it. Instead, she says that the first life we find might instead be a form of artificial intelligence - and it could indicate that humans, too, will one day be more machine than man. Speaking to MailOnline, Dr Susah Schneider, an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Connecticut and author of several articles on alien life, explained her theory (RNN NOTE! This question of A.I. probes is discussed with world experts who are interviewed by Tom Horn in the FREE 20-Hour audio set here).

Finding Habitable Worlds And Alien Life Just Got Easier
The increased distance of the Habitable Zone from pre-main sequence stars makes it easier to spot infant Earths. Credit: Astrophysical Journal Letters. Among the billions and billions of stars in the sky, where should astronomers look for infant Earths where life might develop? New research from Cornell University's Institute for Pale Blue Dots shows where - and when - infant Earths are most likely to be found. The paper by research associate Ramses M. Ramirez and director Lisa Kaltenegger, "The Habitable Zones of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars" will be published in the Jan. 1, 2015, issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters. "The search for new, habitable worlds is one of the most exciting things human beings are doing today and finding infant Earths will add another fascinating piece to the puzzle of how 'Pale Blue Dots' work" says...

Our Children’s Future As Transhumans
The further and further children become immersed in the virtual world, the harder it is for them to cope with the problems and challenges of real life [...] The result? The desire to escape from the real world to the virtual world becomes stronger and stronger, as does the desire to become the false image created on Facebook, to become the TV, sports, or gaming character, to become the device… to become transhuman. Meaning “beyond human”, transhuman desires are increasingly detected in children who overuse technology, and indicate a need to understand and possibly restrict technology access. When a child prefers a device to a human, there is something gravely wrong and if it is not addressed, it will only get worse.

Transhumanists On How Cybernetics Will Help Us Become Post-Human
Hayles has written a complex and erudite book on the hidden premises and visible consequences of the information age. Ultimately, her thesis is summarized by a sentence in the prologue: “thought is a much broader cognitive function depending for its specificities on the embodied form enacting it”. Rewritten in plain English, it means that you cannot separate your “i” from the body that you inhabit. Her nightmare is “a culture inhabited by posthumans who regard their bodies as fashion accessories rather than the ground of being”. Her dream is a society in which we “understand ourselves as embodied creatures living within and through embodied worlds and embodied words.” Hayles shows how Norbert Wiener, Claude Shannon, John von Neumann together with other pioneers of the program of intelligent machines created...

Google To Invest Heavily In "Head And Hand Scanning" Identification Transition. See Revelation 13 To Understand
Google Glass is due to receive an update in 2015, and if a Google patent submitted last month is any indication, it could include a new feature to let wearers use their fingerprints, or scans of their eyes, instead of passwords on websites. In November’s patent application, Google explored ways to replace website passwords with biometric data from a wearable device. In the filing, Google references “head-mounted displays” (HMD) that could scan a wearer’s fingerprints, eyeballs, veins, or even her voice pattern, then use that data to access a website on a computer or mobile device. While the application doesn’t mention Google Glass or Android Wear by name, it repeatedly mentions “wearables” and the diagrams look a lot like a certain $1,500 head-mounted Google computer.



New Technology Can Read Your Face... And Your Mind
The expression ‘it was written all over your face' is about to take on a whole new meaning with a new facial coding technology. Using the camera in your personal device, the new facial recognition software interprets your emotions by mapping the minute movements of your eyes when you smile, your mouth when you gasp or the furrow of your brow when you are confused. “They use the technology to make sure that people have understood their content,” Matt Newcomb from Proctor and Gamble said. Putting it to the test, 7News hit the streets with a video sequence of survival expert Bear Grylls, which ends with him eating a witchity grub Thee facial coding program went to work after the responding facial expressions surfaced.

People Are Drinking The GMO-Laced Cool Aid, Reveals New University Research
U.S. consumers would be more likely to accept genetically modified organisms or nanotechnology in foods if there were health or safety benefits, a study from researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of Minnesota has found. Published online in the Journal of Agricultural Economics, researchers surveyed 1,117 U.S. consumers for the study, asking an array of questions that explored their willingness to purchase foods that contained GM tech and foods that contained nanotech. "This tells us that GM or nanotech food products have greater potential to be viable in the marketplace if companies [convince consumers they are focused] on developing products that have safety and nutrition benefits – because a majority of consumers would be willing to buy those products," Kuzma says.

Dr. Newman Warns That Humans Will Be Cloned Via Deceptive New Process
Looking closer at the technique one realizes that “mitochondrial replacement” (MR) doesn’t actually replace mitochondria. What happens is this: an egg from a donor has its nucleus removed leaving healthy mitochondria behind. Then the nucleus from an egg of a woman with mitochondral disease is placed in that donor egg. What results is an egg that has had its NUCLEUS replaced, not its mitochondria. That genetically engineered egg is then fertilized with sperm, and an embryo with the genetic material from three people is then made. Dr. Newman calls it “the first cases of large-scale human genetic engineering” and he is right. So why call what is a really a nucleus replacement a mitochondrial replacement? Probably because the public is more likely to support the practice. Dr. Newman calls this misnomer “deceptive” because it is like buying a new house and calling it a “refrigerator replacement.” Because MR replaces the nucleus, not the mitochondria, it is actually more like cloning...

How About Immortality Without Jesus? These Men Say They Can Help You With That Goal
Bill Andrews and Aubrey de Grey, are scientists who have independently vowed to cure aging and vanquish death. That alone suggests they belong in the fruitcake bin, along with the better known Ray Kurzweil, who intends to have his brain uploaded to a computer in 2045 in an event he calls the Singularity. The impression becomes stronger when directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg delve into Andrews’ and de Grey’s lives and backgrounds, in an attempt to help viewers understand what motivates them. The bottom line: they disapprove of death. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” says a tearful Andrews at one point of a colleague who died of cancer at a relatively young age. “We were on the same mission.” Biology evidently hadn’t gotten the memo. De Gray, meanwhile, walking through a cemetery, declares, “I don’t want to get Alzheimer’s and end up in a place like this.”



Petrus Romanus Unites Hindus, Muslims, Jews, "Christians", Buddhists In Pact With Rome
Rome is very smart, always has been. They know that in order to unite the faiths, they must focus on humanitarian projects that nearly everyone can agree on and work together to try and solve. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about poverty, perceived injustice, abortion, slavery or any other subject. These are all mental conditioning exercises that Pope Francis is conducting to get all the religions into the same tent. Once everyone is together, Rome will be the leader. And as you can see, it’s working beautifully. Now, religious leaders from a half-dozen faiths signed a new Vatican initiative Tuesday. The pope was joined by Hindu guru Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma, as well as Buddhist, Anglican, Orthdox, Jewish, Shiite and Sunni Muslim leaders in signing a joint declaration at an unusually high-profile ceremony inside the Vatican walls.

Rick Warren Shocks Protestants By Calling For All Christians To Unite In Global Church Under ‘Holy Father’ Petrus Romanus
In a new video, megachurch leader and author Rick Warren is calling for Christians to unite with Roman Catholics and “Pope Francis,” who Warren referred to as the “Holy Father”—a move that is raising concerns among [real] Christians nationwide and is resulting in calls for Warren to repent. Warren made the comments following his visit to the Vatican last month, where he spoke at an interfaith conference on the “Complementarity of Man and Woman.” “We have far more in common than what divides us,” he said in the two-minute video released by the Catholic News Service on Wednesday, described as being an outline for “an ecumenical vision for Catholics and Protestants.” “They would all say, ‘We believe in the Trinity; we believe in the Bible; we believe in the resurrection; we believe in salvation through Jesus Christ,” Warren asserted, speaking of...

International Academy Of Astronauts To Gather For Report On "Communicating With ET"
The discovery of intelligent life beyond Earth, while it would unquestionably be exciting, would also create a host of new problems. How, exactly, would we navigate the complexities of communicating with alien beings? Would we even be able to interpret a message originating from space? Earlier this month, the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Mountain View, California, held a workshop called “Communicating Across the Cosmos” where some two dozen interdisciplinary scientists from around the globe gathered to consider these very questions. Clearly, establishing a dialog with an unknown form of life somewhere deep in the universe will be more complex than E.T. simply picking up a telephone. It will take a tremendous amount of research, planning, and more than a little...

Washington DC Conference Says We Are On The Cusp Of Alien Contact, And That Will CHANGE BIOLOGY FOREVER!
Several researchers, including Shostak, put forward the following premise: "That once a society creates the technology that could put them in touch with the cosmos, they are only a few... years away from changing their paradigm from biology to artificial intelligence." The idea is based on the so-called "time scale argument" or "short window observation." Many researchers predict we'll have developed a strong artificial intelligence by 2050 here on Earth - about a hundred years after the invention of computers, or a hundred and fifty years after the invention of radio communication. "The point is that, going from inventing radios to inventing thinking machines is very short - a few centuries at most," Shostak said. "The dominant intelligence in the cosmos may well be non-biological."



Is This Why The Antichrist Will Have No Desire For Women? Petrus Romanus Quietly Removing LGBT Dissenters In The Church As Blood On The Altar War Expands Behind The Vatican Veil
Cryptic remarks by Francis on homosexuality and its place in the Church [has] perplexed members left to decipher exactly what his holiness means by these offhand remarks. Recently the pope beefed up inclusivity demands by pondering if the Church is “capable of accepting and valuing” homosexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on family. Since it is glaringly obvious that that doctrine would have to be stretched to “infinite tolerance” to accomplish that, many are pondering Francis’ words. The drift away from tradition is so clear that openly homosexual artists like Elton John are holding praise-a-thons for the tolerance and compassion of the 266th pontiff. More troubling is Francis’ culling of official dissenters, who are put to pasture or demoted. Though the patriarch of the West claimed clergy are allowed to speak in “in true freedom” now, the bishops are begging to differ – albeit quietly. It appears there is no tolerance for defiance of the new sexual glasnost of the Church.

Petrus Calls For End Of All Religious Fundamentalism
Pope Francis called for an end to all forms of fundamentalism on Friday and said fighting hunger and poverty, rather than military intervention alone, were key to stopping Islamist militants carrying out "grave persecutions" in Syria and Iraq. Speaking at the start of a three-day trip to Turkey, Francis said "terrorist violence" showed no sign of abating in Turkey's southern neighbors, where Islamist insurgents had declared a caliphate and persecuted Shi'ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their ultra-radical brand of Sunni Islam. "It is licit, while always respecting international law, to stop an unjust aggressor," the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics said in reference to the Islamic State militants after a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Pope Francis Prays Alongside Senior Islamic Grand Mufti For Interfaith Superchurch
In a gesture designed to highlight his commitment to inter-faith dialogue, Pope Francis conducted a silent prayer alongside a senior Islamic cleric in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque on Saturday. Facing Mecca, Francis bowed his head in prayer for several minutes while standing next to Istanbul’s Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran. The Vatican described the gesture as a “moment of silent adoration” of God. Francis’s predecessor, Pope Benedict, caused dismay among many conservative Catholics and some Muslims when he appeared to pray in the same mosque on his visit to Turkey eight years ago. The Vatican felt compelled to publish a statement saying that Benedict had merely been in meditation, though he later acknowledged that he “certainly turned his thoughts to God”.

Did The Pope Just Say Our Pets Really Do Go To Heaven?
The pope went on to quote from St Paul, St Peter and the Book of Revelation in support of the view that “what lies ahead … is therefore a new creation”. He added: “It is not an annihilation of the universe and all that surrounds us. Rather it brings everything to its fullness of being, truth and beauty.” Italian daily Corriere della Sera was in no doubt about his meaning. “It broadens the hope of salvation and eschatological beatitude to animals and the whole of creation,” wrote the paper’s Vatican specialist in an article published on Thursday. Others were not convinced. Though a noted cat-lover, Francis’s predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, seemed to close the doors of heaven firmly to pets and other animals in a sermon he gave in 2008. “For other creatures, who are not called to eternity, death just means the end of existence...

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Give Me That New Time Transhumanism!
I have a piece in this month’s First Things about how transhumanism is a form of materialistic faith. The column describes what I observed at a religion and transhumanism conference back in May. From, “New Time Religion”: The West, we are told, has entered the secular age. Religious faith is irreversibly shriveling, opening space for a society governed by reason. Traditional religion may well fade, but we will never see an end to something like religious belief.  We’re subjective beings whose need for meaning will never be satisfied merely by what can be “proved.”  Thus, even if Judaism and Christianity are reduced to vestigial influence in America, the will be replaced not by unbelief but by different creeds. Transhumanism–the belief that through technology we can become immortal and redesign a better “post-human”species–intends to become our primary source of societal values:

Hybrid Vehicle To Deliver Genetically Engineered Hybrid DNA For Hybridizing Humans
A new hybrid vehicle is under development. Its performance isn't measured by the distance it travels, but rather the delivery of its cargo: vaccines that contain genetically engineered DNA to fight HIV, cancer, influenza and other maladies. Described recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the technology is a biomedical advancement that could help unleash the potential of DNA vaccines, which despite two decades of research, have yet to make a significant impact in the treatment of major illnesses. "The technology that we're developing could help take immunization to the next level," said Blaine A. Pfeifer, PhD, an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University at Buffalo...

Synthetic Biology, Genetic Engineering, And You
Two of the most exciting areas of science and technology, synthetic biology and genetic engineering, have just taken a step towards a brave new future in which large-scale synthetic biological circuits composed of bioengineered logic gates, orthogonal to (that is, independent of) the host in which they operate, will enable a range of applications that include biosensors, gene expression control, cell motility, programmable gene circuits for cell physiology control, and other sophisticated gene circuits. This capability is based on the use of two-component regulatory system – basic stimulus-response coupling mechanisms that allow organisms to sense and respond to changes in many different environmental conditions. These systems consist of a membrane-bound histidine kinase that senses a specific environmental stimulus and a corresponding response regulator that mediates the cellular response, primarily through differential expression of target genes.

Expert: Identification System Spoken Of Bible's Revelation “Faces” Coming Bright Future
Facial BiometricsResearch and Markets has released a new report on the topic of facial recognition biometrics. The report, entitled “Global Facial Recognition Market (2D Facial Recognition, 3D Facial Recognition, and Facial Analytics) – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020,” predicts the market will grow at a rate of 9.5 percent between 2014 and 2020. It’s a comprehensive report, looking at 2D and 3D facial recognition technology, as well as facial analytics, which covers changing facial expressions. The researchers have found that such technology’s use is widespread through a range of industries, but is particularly in demand in the government and law enforcement sectors – no great surprise, given the recent attention in the news to such deployments. The report...



Dressing My Three-Year Old Daughter Modestly Is Becoming Mission Impossible, Says Mother; Do Parents Really Want Preschoolers In Miniskirts?
I’m familiar with the casual short dress over leggings look, which is fine; the dress recalls the oversized T-shirts we wore with stirrups in the ’80s. This is different, though. Dresses meant to be worn solo, or with tights, have been downsized, as well. Is there demand for mini-skirts among the playground set? Are there parents who prefer shorter hemlines? Or do most parents just shrug as they plunk down their credit cards? I remember learning about traditional Jewish rules of tzniut, or modesty, when my mother took us shopping for beautifully made Italian children’s clothing in Boro Park three decades ago. Clothes were supposed to cover up to my collarbone, within a two-finger distance of my elbow, and hide my kneecaps. Try applying those standards at your local Gap Kids or Macy’s, and you’ll find you’ve ruled out nearly everything, if not all of their dress displays.

7 Stumbling Blocks To Purity
Men aren't the only ones who wrestle with sexual temptation. In fact, women today need clear guidance on where to draw the line. Indulging in a steamy romance novel ... going out of your way to pass by the attentive co-worker's desk ... surfing in cyberspace to find a chat room buddy who'll stroke your ego. None of these seemingly innocent activities could be considered cheating or sexually compromising, right? Or could they? Where is the line between sexual integrity and compromise? What constitutes marital unfaithfulness? Can we consider ourselves "pure" as long as we've not been physical with another man? Or, does sexual purity go deeper than that? Even Christians often assume that until they actually engage in intercourse with another person, they're acting with sexual integrity. But our sexuality isn't just what we do, but rather who we are. God created us with not just a body, but also with a mind, heart and spirit. These four components combine to form the whole of who God made us to be.

Disturbing Realities About Teen 'Sexting' Trend
Mobile phones and teens are everywhere. The question is: "What are they looking at?" And as a parent are you aware what they're seeing? "Vamping" refers to teenagers staying up after hours, engaging socially and possibly sharing sexually related items. "Sexting" refers to transmitting provocative sexual images of one's self to others. If your son or daughter has access to an iPhone, are you absolutely sure there's no questionable activity going on? More importantly, do you know how to protect your children from the onslaught they face in today's technological revolution? In recent days, the Atlantic Monthly magazine, Washington Post newspaper, NBC News, PBS NewsHour and other news outlets are recognizing the rising tide of sexting among youth in our culture. We ignore these warnings to our peril. Let's survey the situation so we are both informed and prepared as parents.

Worse Than The Days Of Lot? Now An Acclaimed Mainstream Publication Says Sex With Animals Should Be Normalized
Am I worried that large numbers of people will soon choose to shack up with their pets or farm animals? Not at all. I can't imagine that very many people will ever be drawn to bestiality, no matter how casually it is treated in the media. Why, then, is the New York interview a big deal? Because it's perhaps the most vivid sign yet that, in effect, the United States (and indeed the entire Western world) is running an experiment — one with very few, if any, antecedents in human history. The experiment will test what happens when a culture systematically purges all publicly affirmed notions of human flourishing, virtue and vice, elevation and degradation. Moral and religious traditionalists have seen this coming and warned about its consequences for years. And indeed, they are the ones raising the loudest ruckus about the New York interview.


Genetically Engineering Life To Travel And Colonize Space
Genetic biotechnology is usually discussed in the context of current and emerging applications here on Earth, and rightly so, since we still live exclusively in our planetary cradle. But as humanity looks outward, we ponder what kind of life we ought to take with us to support outposts and eventually colonies off the Earth. Considering potential space colonization environments compared with our homeworld in terms of gravity, radiation, and various other parameters, there are a lot of traits we might eventually genetically engineer into life forms that we bring to help them survive while they perform their task, whether circulating life support gasses, producing rocket fuel, eating up rock, or even terraforming –changing the colony’s entire environment to make it like Earth.

FBI Is Very Excited About Rapid-DNA Technology That Can Grab And Store Your DNA In 90 Minutes Or Less, Homeland Security Can't Wait To See The System Everywhere
Rapid-DNA technology makes it easier than ever to grab and store your genetic profile. G-men, cops, and Homeland Security can't wait to see it everywhere. Robert Schueren shook my hand firmly, handed me his business card, and flipped it over, revealing a short list of letters and numbers. "Here is my DNA profile." He smiled. "I have nothing to hide." I had come to meet Schueren, the CEO of IntegenX, at his company's headquarters in Pleasanton, California, to see its signature product: a machine the size of a large desktop printer that can unravel your genetic code in the time it takes to watch a movie. Schueren grabbed a cotton swab and dropped it into a plastic cartridge. That's what, say, a police officer would use to wipe the inside of your cheek to collect a DNA sample after an arrest, he explained.

Preparing For Global Beast-Tech Monitoring In ‘Post-Privacy’ Era
Gone are the days when the government only kept records of events such as birth, marriage, property ownership or death. Governments are now using surveillance technologies from drones to automated license plate readers to collect and store data on citizens and non-citizens alike. The commercial collection of personal data is also widespread. Mall owners use technology to track shoppers by signals from their cell phones. Online advertisers and data brokers watch as you browse the web and collect your browsing history. Retailers use digital signs, which are disguised facial recognition scanners, to track your passage through the store for later marketing use. Technologies, like facial recognition software, are even being made available for personal use. For example, Facebook’s tagging feature uses this technology.

Beastly Gog-Magog Bill Would Cause All, Both Small & Great To Receive Nation-Biometrics
MPs from the populist nationalist party LDPR have prepared and drafted a motion requiring universal fingerprinting and DNA profiling of all Russian citizens for reasons of security. The main sponsor of the bill is Roman Khudyakov, known for previously wanting the urban population of the country, including visitors and foreigners, to be fingerprinted. This time the lawmaker opted for the “biometrical registration” of all Russians, which essentially means fingerprinting and DNA-profiling of everyone. The information would be held in a central government database and each citizen would be provided with the details on a so called “bio-card.” The bill suggests the setting up of a special federal agency in charge of the biometrical scanning, reporting either to the Interior Ministry or to the Federal Security Service, the FSB. In comments to the popular daily Izvestia, Khudyakov urged his plan be put into practice as soon as possible saying that it would help law enforcers and society.






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Discovery Suggests David Flynn Was Right! Ancient Mars Had Massive Lake, Was Potentially Life Sustaining "Wet Planet" (Before A Cosmic War In Bible?)
The landing site of the Mars curiosity rover robot, the Gale Crater, is believed to have once been a lake, NASA announced, presenting evidence that also suggests the lake existed for millions of years – potentially long enough to sustain life. NASA’s Curiosity rover has been investigating the lowest sedimentary layers at Mount Sharp, a section of rock 500 feet (150 meters) high. Rivers carried sand and silt to the lake, scientists believe, depositing the sediments at the mouth of the river to form deltas similar to those found at river mouths on Earth. The latest observations suggest the mount was built by sediment deposited in a large lake bed of over tens of millions of years. Since Curiosity’s landing in Gale Crater in 2012, the rover has made its way to the base of Mount Sharp, a 5-mile (8 kilometer) journey that has revealed clues about the transition on the crater floor. "We found sedimentary rocks suggestive of small, ancient deltas stacked on top of one another," said Curiosity science team member Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College in London. "Curiosity crossed a boundary from an environment dominated by rivers to an environment dominated by lakes."


What The Late Dr. Van Flandern Told Tom Horn About The Mars Cydonia Region
Still others think discovery of artificiality has already been made on at least one other planet and massively covered up by a league of nations, being held back until a specific time of “Official Disclosure.” This find was made right where Mission to Mars director Brian De Palma suggested it would be—Cydonia. Before he died of cancer in 2009, Tom Horn was privileged to interview Dr. Tom Van Flandern, who held a PhD in astronomy, specializing in celestial mechanics (the theory of orbits), from Yale University. He had spent twenty-one years (1963–1983) at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, where he became the chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the Nautical Almanac Office. For the last decade of his life, Professor Flandern was a research associate at the University of Maryland Physics Department in College Park, MD, and a consultant to the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD, working on improving the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The American Spectator, Salon magazine, and others often quoted him regarding his challenges to Einstein’s theory of relativity, but it was his outspoken belief that artificial structures dotted the Martian landscape and were being obfuscated by NASA and other national powers that caught our attention. In the 2007 interview...

Mars Rover Finds Strong Evidence Mars Was Once Ripe For Life
Moreover, the team concluded, numerous deltalike and lakelike formations detected by orbiting satellites are almost certainly the dried remains of substantial ancient lakes and deltas. None of this proves that life existed on the planet, but the case for an early Mars that was ripe and ready for life has grown stronger. “As a science team, Mars is looking very attractive to us as a habitable planet,” Dr. Grotzinger said in an interview. “Not just sections of Gale Crater and not just a handful of locations, but at different times around the globe.” And John M. Grunsfeld, a former astronaut who is NASA’s associate administrator for science, said that after almost 28 months on Mars, Curiosity has given scientists insight into how and where to look for clues of ancient life. “We don’t know if life ever started on Mars, but if it did, we now have a better chance of discovering it” on future missions, he said. Another missing piece of the story has been the inability to detect organic compounds — the carbon-based building...  

Veteran Pastor Opens Up On What The Bible Says About Pets Going To Heaven
Before you read the amazing stories of pets that saved people, provided companionship, and healing in the book "Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?", I must admit I cannot recount the number of times when, as a pastor of more than two decades and as a public and media personality since, I have been approached by an adult or child—eyes filled with questions—who wanted to ask me very sincerely if I believed their pets would go to Heaven. I often noted the apprehension on their faces, as if they feared this man who typically speaks out on “more important issues” like social or world events would find their questions trivial, especially in light of increasing human challenges facing people around the world. Of course, most of these dear people were unaware of how often this question has come up for me and other Bible expositors. In fact, it seems to be one of the biggest secrets in Christianity: that our Western mindset has made it difficult to discuss what people in other countries as well as theologians down through time believed to be an important and theological question.


MEOWSA! Do Pets Go To Heaven? Timeless Question Gets Fresh Biblical Analysis
While millions of people grapple with questions about what really happens when they die, now a brand-new book is probing what might actually happen to people’s beloved pets. The title of the book asks the timeless question, “Do Our Pets Go to Heaven?” and features biblical analysis of the issue, along with amazing stories of pets that saved people and provided companionship as well as healing. “I must admit I cannot recount the number of times when, as a pastor of more than two decades and as a public and media personality since, I have been approached by an adult or child – eyes filled with questions – who wanted to ask me very sincerely if I believed their pets would go to heaven,” says Tom Horn. Ironically, the Bible itself doesn’t even say the ultimate reward of saved men and women will be floating on clouds in the sky, but it does indicate Jesus Christ will raise His true believers from the grave, grant them eternal life, return to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and rule with them here on planet Earth. Yet there are plenty of verses in Scripture indicating the presence of animals in the coming kingdom of God.

Scientists Want Pets That CANNOT Be Redeemed! Behold Homo Sapiens-MICE With Half Human Brains That Modern Watchers Say Are Smarter Than The Ones God Made
Oh, boy. This week’s freaky science story comes from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York where researchers grafted mouse pups with human glial cells. Within one year, half the brain cells of the by now adult mice were human. A study made last year by the same team suggests that mice whose brains contain human glial cells are smarter, while another experiment seems to indicate that mice with defects like uninsulated nerves can repair these nerves if human brain cells are inserted. Although there are about 100 billion neurons in the human brain, there may be about 10 to 50 times that many glial cells. Sure, neurons are the rock stars because they have firing ability and are responsible for all the signaling that goes inside the brain. Without glial cells, however, neurons would never be able to function...

The Director Of Global Catastrophic Risk Institute Issues Report, Says Dying In A Nuclear Apocalypse Is Now More Likely Than Death By Car Accident—IE, A Pretty Likely Near-Future Worldwide Possibility
In a recent analysis, Seth Baum, executive director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, looked specifically at the chances of an inadvertent (accidental) nuclear war between Russia and the United States occurring. The odds are now as high as 1-in-100. This nuke-death, according to Hellman’s calculations, is vastly more likely than dying in a car accident (1 in 112) and just a bit less likely than dying of cancer (1 in 7). Overall, figure that the odds of a nuclear war, inadvertent or otherwise, between any number of nuclear armed states should be much, much higher if the scope is expanded beyond the US and Russia. Therefore chances are frighteningly high of dying by vaporization or burning alive or the relatively slow death of radiation poisoning, an agonizing and irreversible plunge marked by opportunistic infections, hemorrhaging and bleeding, and cognitive impairment. Baum’s analysis, based on mathematical modeling frameworks uses as its inputs available information on nuclear near-misses, or “available information on early-warning systems, near-miss incidents, and other factors to estimate probabilities of a U.S.-Russia crisis, the rates of false alarms, and the probabilities that leaders will launch missiles in response to a false alarm.” Based on data for the Atomic...

This Holiday Season, Will You Give A
Loved One The Answer To "What If?"

UN Warns That ISIS Has Two-Year Supply Of Weapons & This Might Include Nukes
The list of military weaponry ISIS reportedly has includes T-55 and T-72 tanks, Humvees, machine guns, short-range anti-aircraft artillery, and shoulder-mounted rockets. It is also reported that most of these weapons were seized during raids on military armories from both Iraqi and Syrian forces. As a result, the UN has devised plans to halt the flow of money and military weaponry to ISIS. One such plan is for countries neighboring territories controlled by the terrorist organization to seize oil tanker vehicles, and their contents when going in or out of their borders. Another plan is to cease the flying of any aircraft over terrorist-owned territories unless they provide humanitarian aid. The increase of weaponry may prompt President Barack Obama to order U.S. troops into combat, especially if ISIS has seized nuclear weaponry…

How To Survive Nuclear Armageddon
Most people think that if nukes go off, then everybody is going to die, or will wish they had. That's why you hear such absurd comments as: "If it happens, I hope I'm at ground zero and go quickly." This defeatist attitude was born as the disarmament movement ridiculed any alternatives to their agenda. The sound Civil Defense strategies of the '60s have been derided as being largely ineffective, or at worst a cruel joke. With the supposed end of the Cold War in the '80s, most Americans neither saw a need to prepare, nor believed that preparation would do any good. Today, with growing prospects of nuclear terrorism, we see emerging among the public either paralyzing fear or irrational denial. People can no longer envision effective preparations for surviving a nuclear attack. In fact, though, the biggest surprise for most Americans, if nukes are really unleashed, is that they will still be here!

DARPA's New Biotech Division To Take Over For God, Teach The Almighty 'A Thing Or Two' About Creating New Gibborim
Ye sci-fi writers hard up for new material should spend an hour or so perusing the Defense Department's 2015 budget proposal, especially the section covering the far-out research projects underway at DARPA, where the agency's mad scientists are working to develop brain-controlled drones, biowarfare, engineer new life forms, and immortality without God. If last year was the year of battlefield robots, cyborg soldiers, and weaponized drones, it looks like the next couple years will see the Pentagon gearing up for a deep dive into biotech. DARPA announced today it now has an unit devoted to studying the intersection of biology and engineering, the Biological Technologies Office. The agency is betting that the next generation of defense tech will be take a cue from synthetic biology. It'll ramp up research into manufacturing biomaterials, turning living cells, proteins, and DNA into a sort of genetic factory. The goal is to create man-made, living super-lifeforms that can...


How Would Public Be Warned Of Wormwood Threat, If At All?
As scientists attempt to locate and track objects in space that might present a collision risk with Earth, they find themselves facing a vexing question -- if such a potential impact is predicted, how should the public be informed, and warned? It's a question that was given new urgency in February 2013 when an asteroid created a huge fireball and a window-shattering explosion over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. That was ample proof the Earth can't be considered impervious to asteroid strikes, and that some -- like the Chelyabinsk event -- may come with little or no warning. The United Nations has for years been considering how best to gather information on near-Earth objects (NEOs) to provide advance warnings and notice to national authorities in the case of a possible hazardous NEO approaching our planet. Their efforts have, in part, led to the creation of an International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN), which exists independently of the U.N.

Meanwhile, BioLogos Foundation Will Work On The Church Front To Help Pro-Transhumanist And Pro-Evolutionist Organizations Invade Churches, Modify Theology For Inhuman Future, Watchers
Just a five-minute stroll from the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., sits the brown brick building that is home since last year to BioLogos, a foundation pushing churches and believers to embrace evolution, and in the process change how they read the Bible. The brainchild of Francis Collins, who now heads the National Institutes of Health, BioLogos has taken in nearly $9 million from the Templeton Foundation and millions more from other donors. BioLogos in turn offers grants to church, parachurch, and academic leaders and organizations that promote “evolutionary creation.” BioLogos president Deb Haarsma, former chair of Calvin’s physics and astronomy department, says churches that support evolution will be more effective witnesses in a culture that reveres science, and will help...

Altered Humans ARE The Wave Of Tomorrow
According to Tirosh-Samuelson, transhumanists seek to transcend human biology through techno-genetic enhancements. Their ultimate goal is the Singularity – a supposedly inexorable turning point after which humans as we understand them will eventually become obsolete, either because super-intelligent machines will replace them or because techno-genetic enhancements will render them unrecognizable. Essentially, it would be a new phase of human evolution driven by exponential technological growth. According to Tirosh-Samuelson, transhumanists seek to transcend human biology through techno-genetic enhancements. Their ultimate goal is the Singularity – a supposedly inexorable turning point after which humans as we understand them will eventually become obsolete, either because super-intelligent machines will replace them or because techno-genetic...

We'll Also Need To Give Life To The Image Of The Beast... So Stanford University Is Publishing The Plan To Build A Biological Cyborg “Brain” For Birth Of A “Living Entity”
To build a conscious machine, we will need to use lab-grown biological parts. This is the conclusion of a​paper courtesy of Stanford neuroscientist Dorian Aur. It suggests an artificial intelligence scheme in which consciousness is generated as the result of a cyborg human brain grown from cellular scratch, e.g. stem cells. “Our brain is a formidable computing machine,” Aur told me. “Bill Gates said: If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts’ and he is right. Building intelligent—conscious—systems that can talk, move, and solve problems like us will be the goal of many companies in the future. Such machine would be ‘laughing of the mechanic aspects of its being.’ That’s the machine that is worth far more than 10 Microsofts.” “A hybrid system can be designed to include an evolving brain equipped with digital computers that maintain homeostasis and provide the right amount of nutrients and oxygen for...

Will The Dome Of The Rock Become Antichrist’s Temple? Scholar Says It Was Originally Built For Jews, Not Muslims
The late Rabbi Shlomo Goren, a Temple Mount expert and Chief Rabbi of the IDF and later of Israel, wrote in his classic work "The Temple Mount" (Ha'Idra Rabba Publications, Jerusalem, 2005, 2nd ed., p. 327) as follows: "The Al-Aksa Mosque [at the southern end of the Mount, opposite the Dome of the Rock – HF] was built as a Muslim house of prayer outside the boundaries of the original Temple Mount, and therefore it points southward towards Mecca. And at the request of the Jews, Omar built the Dome of the Rock sanctuary to serve as a house of prayer for the Jews. This was after the Jews showed him the site where the Holy Temple had stood – and it does not point to Mecca." Rabbi Goren clearly delineates between the two buildings: One is in the direction of the holy Muslim city of Mecca, and is to serve as a mosque – while the other was built without regard to Mecca, and only at the guidance and request of the Jews…

Watchers, Giants & Other Transhumanists

The strange events recorded in Genesis 6 were understood by the ancient rabbinical sources, as well as the Septuagint translators, as referring to fallen angels procreating weird hybrid offspring with human women known as the “Nephilim.” So it was also understood by the early church fathers. These bizarre events are also echoed in the legends and myths of every ancient culture upon the earth: the ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, the Hindus, the South Sea Islanders, the American Indians, and virtually all the others. However, many students of the Bible have been taught that this passage in Genesis 6 actually refers to a failure to keep the “faithful” lines of Seth separate from the “worldly” line of Cain. The idea has been advanced that after Cain killed Abel, the line of Seth remained separate and faithful, but the line of Cain turned ungodly and rebellious. The “Sons of God” are deemed to refer to leadership in the line of Seth; the “daughters of men” is deemed restricted to the line of Cain. The resulting marriages ostensibly blurred an inferred separation between them. Since Jesus prophesied, “As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be,” it becomes essential to understand what...


Greg Laurie: Recent World Events Prove Shinar Directive, Blood On The Altar War, And Christ’s Return Is ‘Very, Very Near’
The Southern California pastor also quoted Bible passages and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to show that the Great Tribulation, or a period of severe religious persecution, is close at hand. “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was quoted recently stating that the world is experiencing ‘historic defining times that will result in a new world order’ while questioning America’s role in the emerging world. Elaborating further Hagel said ‘This is a time of global transformation. We are essentially seeing a new world order evolving and being built. I don’t think we’ve seen such a time since right after World War II.’“ Laurie noted, “I don’t know what Defense Secretary Hagel meant by that but I believe a new world order is coming.” One sign of the end times, the pastor explained, is the unexpected rise of Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS and the unimaginable atrocities they commit against Christians…

Will Petrus Romanus Unite The World’s Faiths To Stamp Out Fundamentalism? Will He Herald Antichrist’s ‘Blood On The Altar’ War Against Those Truly Born Again?
Religious leaders are heralding a new dawn in Muslim-Christian relations following the three-day visit by the Pope to Turkey. Although some Muslims in Turkey criticised his decision to pray alongside a senior Islamic cleric in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, described later by the Vatican as a “moment of silent adoration” of God, Pope Francis received nothing like the condemnation meted out to his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI when he did something similar eight years earlier. Insiders say the difference is more than one of substance. The difference is perhaps more one of style. On this occasion, Pope Francis used the opportunity to say equating Islam with violence was wrong. He also told journalists on the plane journey back to Rome why Muslims were so offended when so many in the West equated Islam with terrorism, a problem aggravated by Islamic State in the Middle East. “You just can’t say that, just as you can’t say that all Christians are—like those at Raiders News Update—fundamentalists. We have our share of them [fundamentalists]. All religions have these little groups,” he said. “They [Muslims] say: ‘No, we are not this, the Koran is a book of peace, it is a prophetic book of peace’.”

Why The Sun's Thirty-Year Hibernation From This Winter May Lead To Global Food Riots
Even as one of the severest winters sets in with its icy clutch on the northern hemisphere, the climatologist John L. Casey points out that the "weather pattern is here to stay for decades to come," according to The main reason is "solar minimum" or reduced solar activity with less solar flares and sunspots. Casey says that temperatures as seen in the late 1700s and early 1800s can be expected. Hence, the book anticipates that it will begin a 30-year era of cold. The temperatures will almost freeze and shortages in food would create complete chaos. The sun is going to enter a phase of reduced activity, which he characterised as "solar hibernation." Oceanic and atmospheric temperatures too are going to decline. It would even lead to greater volcanic activity and earthquakes. As the president of the Space and Science Research Corp., an Orlando, Florida, climate research firm, describes it, all the world...

Sharon Gilbert Is Right, US Must Prepare For The Next Ebola-Like Outbreak
The next Ebola or the next SARS. Maybe even the next HIV. Even before the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is brought under control, public health officials are girding for the next health disaster. "It's really urgent that we address the weak links and blind spots around the world," Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told The Associated Press. "Ebola is a powerful reminder that a health threat anywhere can affect us." Ebola sprang from one of those blind spots, in an area that lacks the health systems needed to detect an outbreak before it becomes a crisis. Now the Obama administration has requested $600 million for the CDC to implement what it calls the Global Health Security Agenda, working with an international coalition to shore up disease detection in high-risk countries and guard against the next contagion.  


Blood On The Altar War Expands As National Homosexual Activist Organization Targets Christians In Latest Campaign
A homosexual activist organization whose co-founder was recently jailed for sex abuse charges has launched an aggressive campaign to convert Christians to the same-sex ‘marriage’ cause. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) describes itself as a “civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” With over 1.5 million members and supporters, the HRC is the largest such organization in the United States. As previously reported, the HRC’s 66-year-old homosexual co-founder was arrested last week and charged with sexually abusing a teenage boy. Then, one day later, the founder’s 25-year-old ex-boyfriend was also taken into custody for the exact same charges. Earlier this year, the HRC launched the “All God’s Children” campaign—an unprecedented initiative designed to convert people of faith to the same-sex “marriage” cause.

Five MORE Reasons Scientists Know Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution Is Bologna
In school we learned that dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, and small mammals survived and evolved into other mammals and at some point around 250,000 years ago an apelike mammal evolved into what is now the modern human, right? Wrong. Newly discovered artifacts prove that humanity has been around much longer than originally thought, and that humans did not always live in a primitive society. I think it’s about time to update our ancient history and science textbooks. Here are some prehistoric findings that baffle scientists about our human history […] Mineral Paint in Caves—Painted 15,000 to 50,000 years ago. Inside different caves from around the world there are prehistoric paintings of society with graphic details of an unexpected nature—such as people wearing shirts, pants, boots, and hats. […] The London Hammer—110-115 million...

New PRRI Polls Reveal Half Of All Americans Say Bizarre Weather Patterns Are Connected To The Bible's End-Times Prophecies
As of 2014, it's estimated that nearly half of Americans—49 percent—say natural disasters are a sign of "the end times," as described in the Bible. That's up from an estimated 44 percent in 2011. This belief is more prevalent in some religious communities than others. White evangelical Protestants, for example, are more likely than any other group to believe that natural disasters are a sign of the end times, and they're least likely to assign some of the blame to climate change (participants were allowed to select both options if they wanted). Black Protestants were close behind white evangelicals in terms of apprehending the apocalypse, but they were also the group most likely to believe in climate change, too. Predictably, the religiously unaffiliated were the least likely to believe superstorms are apocalyptic—but even so, a third of that group said they see signs of the end times in the weather.

Atomic Scientist Says Nuclear War Is Apocalyptic Black Swan We Can Never See… Coming
Several centuries ago in England, the black swan was a popular symbol for the impossible because no such creature had ever been seen. Then came the surprise: Black swans were discovered in Australia. Since then, the bird has symbolized that which seems impossible but can in fact occur. The black swan reminds us that believing something cannot happen is often just a failure of imagination. Parts of society today hold the same view of nuclear war that society in England did of black swans centuries ago: No nuclear war has ever been observed, so it may seem impossible that one would occur. Though nations possess some 16,000 nuclear warheads, deterrence just seems to work. And so, especially with the Cold War a fading memory, attention has shifted elsewhere. But it is just as much of a mistake to think that nuclear war couldn’t happen now as it was to think that black swans couldn’t exist back then.  

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