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What The Watchman Foresaw Has Come

Watchman Nee believed that humans have extrasensory abilities as a remnant of their pre-Fall status entailing freer access to God and the supernatural realm. Whether his exegetical inferences are perfectly sound is beside the larger point, being that this soul power is an inherent talent, some having more than others. There is a great deal of scientific evidence demonstrating this power... More troublesome, Nee believed that mankind’s greatest supernatural enemy would seek to encourage and harness this psychic power for his own evil ends: “But it is Satan’s desire to develop this latent ability so as to make man feel he is as rich as God in accordance with what Satan had promised. Thus will man worship himself, though indirectly it is a worship of Satan.” From facts we will examine in this online series, readers will discover the Watchman's predictions may have been an understatement. Behind secret, well-funded, and politically powerful doors, the strategy is already in play.

Other Works By Investigative Author Cris Putnam

Problems Develop If 'Christian' Leaders Fail To Grasp The Supernatural Worldview
This is an interview by my friend Natalina (interviewed in The Supernatural Worldview book) with Bob Cranmer a prominent Pennsylvania businessman and politician, best known as a former Republican County Commissioner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, from 1996 to 2000. He has book coming out in August: The Demon of Brownsville Road: A Pittsburgh Family’s Battle with Evil in Their Home. It’s rare to have someone of Cranmer’s stature willing to speak about paranormal activity but that’s not the reason I was led to blog about it here. What makes this interview particularly relevant to my upcoming book is that... once the paranormal activity in his home started getting dangerous, he went to his church for help. Unfortunately, he was met with skepticism and incredulity from his pastor.

How An Angelic Visitation Changed Mickey Rooney’s Turbulent Life
Sadly, Rooney's private life was turbulent, and his eight marriages became the fodder for late-night comedians' jokes. But... in the depths of the valley, Rooney had an unusual encounter that he said changed his life, according to the same interview with Albin. Over breakfast at a Lake Tahoe casino coffee shop, Rooney was greeted by a busboy with "blond curls, a white-rose complexion, and shining teeth," he recounted. When the man called his name, Rooney started to stand, thinking he had a telephone call. But the busboy leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Rooney, Jesus Christ loves you very much." Then the mysterious busboy vanished.

Is Peaches Geldof's Sudden Unexplained Death Connected To Supernaturalism?
While Peaches Geldof appeared to have beaten her drug demons, her continuing fascination with the occult, and particularly a mysterious religious cult called OTO, worried her family. Just three weeks ago Peaches, 25, tweeted a picture of bookshelves groaning with works by Aleister Crowley, the British founder of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). She also posted a photograph of Crowley's book, Magick - In Theory And Practice, praising him as a 'beautiful writer and thinker' [who] revelled in sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women...

Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?


Guess What The Government Is Hiding From You -- Suppressed
DHS Study Admits North Korea
Can Destroy The United States Using A Surprise EMP Attack

A long-suppressed report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for the Defense Department concludes that North Korea could deliver on its threats to destroy the United States with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack. The report remains blocked from release to the American public. However, a copy obtained by Peter Vincent Pry from sources within DHS finds North Korea could use its Unha-3 space launch vehicle to deliver a nuclear warhead as a satellite over the South Pole to attack the U.S. from the south. Pry, executive director of the congressional advisory Task Force on National and Homeland Security, pointed out that the U.S. “has no early warning radars or interceptors” to stop a missile from the south.

Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 1
Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 2
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Scientists Link Fracking In Oklahoma To Earthquake Swarm
Between 1975 and 2008, Oklahoma recorded an average of no more than six earthquakes per year, yet now it is the second most seismically active of the contiguous United States, beaten only by California. Scientists have linked this surge in seismic activity to a parallel increase in oil and gas exploration, including fracking. In 2009, there were almost 50 quakes in Oklahoma. The following year, that number leapt to more than 1,000. Most were not “felt” earthquakes – those of magnitude 2.5 and above, which can be detected by humans. However, the state’s annual record of 222 felt quakes, set in 2013, has already been broken this year, with 253 so far. Seismologist Austin Holland of the Oklahoma Geological Survey told Reuters: “We have had almost as many magnitude 3 and greater already in 2014 than we did for all of 2013… We have already crushed last year’s record for number of earthquakes.”

Is The US Testing Radio Waves To Trigger Natural Disasters?
A so-called “research” program developed based on the technology of electromagnetic waves is believed to have been used to set off natural disasters, say a number of conspiracy theorists. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) run by the US may have been used to spark a number of earthquakes over the past few years, claim a number of US officials and conspiracy theorists as quoted in an article by columnist Nasser Namvar published on Press TV website. “Nick Begich Jr., the son of former US lawmaker Nick Begich, and author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, has claimed that HAARP could trigger earthquakes,” the article reads.

Try Not To Think About The Coming Obamacare Shock Wave That Will Bankrupt Half Of All Americans
The astronomical cost of Obamacare on business will directly trickle down to wage earners as many companies will choose to give up on offering health insurance at all. Even data from HHS after the passage of Obamacare showed that the Obama administration expected as many as 93 million Americans to be thrown out of their existing coverage, with employers opting to either scale down or get out, paying the fine instead. Either way, the ACA imposes massive costs on employers, whether those come in the form of fines, higher premiums, red tape, or a combination of all three. These means some jobs will have to be chopped in order to pay the bill, as well as cutbacks to employee wages and benefits. Businesses that have new and massive costs imposed on them by regulatory changes no longer can use that capital for investment, risk-taking, and expansion. That means fewer new jobs as well for Americans, and fewer opportunities to move up the economic ladder as well.

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It Begins. Call To Replace Social
Security Numbers With Head
And Hand Biometric Scanning

President Barack Obama announced a program called the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace in 2011 — an initiative to partner with the private sector to create an online user authentication framework. The plan is to create an ID system, which people could use to interact with multiple government agencies instead of shuffling paperwork that includes private data (like a Social Security number) through the mail. Some countries have turned to biometric identification in hopes of thwarting fraud. Proponents say fingerprint and iris recognition scans make it more difficult for con men. India launched an effort in 2010 to issue biometric identification to each of its 1.2 billion people. It is among at least 160 biometric ID programs in developing countries worldwide, according to a 2013 paper by the Center for Global Development. “The use of fingerprints is growing and its one of the strongest technologies,” says Anil Jain, a professor of computer science and engineering at Michigan State University and leading expert in biometrics...


Beast Tech Supporters Also Want Children’s Head And Hands Biometrically Scanned NOW
The proposed bill, which is “pending reference review,” would provide for parental notification of data collected on students by schools. (It also would require the school to phase out Social Security numbers, replaced by a unique ID number developed by the state Department of Education.) I'm not sure exactly what the problem is with “scanning a kid,” as long as there are no adverse health effects, a concern I am sure has been addressed (and in any case was not an argument presented in Florida against the technology). I don't have a problem with parental notification; it's the underlying attitude toward technology implied in the bill that I find troubling. As I understand it, the intent of biometric systems is to confirm an identity. A student enrolls in the system with a fingerprint or palm print scan, and the system stores only data points from that scan, which are compared with data points when the individual uses the system again.

Beast Tech Developers Suddenly Find Competition Soaring
Bionym isn’t the only company developing concepts that use the human body as a form of identification. As pointed out in the new book Beast Tech, Motorola is working on a temporary tattoo that contains a computer chip and an antenna. A pill that dissolves and turns the entire body into a transmitter is also in the works. Security experts say traditional passwords don’t offer much protection from identity thieves. “If they’re alpha numeric, and usually they are because they have to be easy to remember, they’re also correspondingly easier to break into,” security expert Rohit Sethi explained. The new technology could pose considerable roadblocks for hackers because heartbeats cannot be replicated. “You’re not going to have a piece of paper in your pocket with your password. You’re going to have it as part of your body so that is safer,” Ulanoff said.

Forget Wearable Beast Tech, Embeddable Implants Are Here
Smartphone mapping features are great for getting directions, until you lose signal. But you could avoid getting lost in the woods with a guiding system embedded in your body. Electronic engineer and biohacker Brian McEvoy has designed the first internal compass, and will be the first test subject. The 'Southpaw' -- inspired by the North Paw bracelet - works by sealing a miniature compass inside a silicon coat, within a rounded Titanium shell, to be implanted under the skin. An ultra-thin whisker juts out, which is activated when the user faces north, to lightly brush an alert on the underside of the skin. "For a disc shape, it would be best located near shoulder", says McEvoy, ahead of the procedure. "I don't foresee any safety issues". Materials and shape have been chosen for the body's tolerance of them, but the Minnesota biohacker is working with experts to minimize risk before going under the knife.


America . . . And Judgment Day
When America was founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans these religious groups firmly believed that God was their Source, not government, technology, or nature. Whenever the Pilgrims and Puritans experienced crop failure due to bad weather, disease outbreaks, attacks by their enemies or any other kind of adversity they immediately began to search their souls through fasting and prayer to see if they had done anything to offend God. In America today most people do not believe that God is their Source. In fact, most people who are Christians and attend church do not believe that God is their Source. Due to their humanistic bias against an age-old Biblical truth they see no relationship between America’s current spiritual and moral condition and the rapid decline of the middle class, freak weather, endless wars, earthquakes, riots, loss of freedoms, the death of the dollar, and America becoming a Third World Nation.


This Week In Armageddon: The Military Escalations You Haven't Heard About
Over the past few days, pro-Russia groups inside the Ukraine have invited Vladimir Putin to send troops to protect them. NATO is moving more warplanes into the Baltic to counter Russia, which continues to station masses of ground troops on the Ukrainian border. North and South Korea fired artillery into the ocean in each other's direction. Japan threatened to shoot down North Korean test missiles. Chances are you've heard about these cauldrons of antagonism and tension. But there are other flash points around the world about to boil over. Here are a few you might not have heard about: War fears have gripped Sweden. This week, the head of counterintelligence for the Swedish security service, called Säpo, accused Russia of an intense spy campaign against their nation...

U.S. Government Keeping Death Ray Under Wraps?
A criminal case in Albany, New York may soon have a layer of secrecy as the trial of Glendon Scott Crawford, the inventor of a purported mobile X-ray weapon intended to harm religious minorities, begins to move forward. The trial, scheduled for 29 April, has earned a great deal of notoriety as tech experts argue over whether such a device could be constructed. In an additional twist, prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office have asked U.S. District Court Judge Gary Shape to issue an order which would allow the sharing of details of the weapon, which has been referred to as a “death ray,” only between the parties, and which would otherwise keep these details secret.

Revived Rome’s Role Toward Global Governance
At a time of growing interdependence between countries and of a changing balance of power between them, notably with the economic rise of China and other emerging countries, the EU is trying to find its own role to play in global governance. While 'global governance' is a relatively new term, it refers to a very old issue: cooperation between sovereign states on shared challenges. These, which were initially largely limited to peace and security, have significantly expanded in recent years. They now include trade negotiations on tariff reductions, agriculture and intellectual property rights, responses to economic and financial crises, environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity, counter-terrorism, nuclear proliferation, migration, drug and human trafficking, and health risks such as pandemics.


The Cashless Society Is Almost Here . . . And Coming With It Are Some Very Sinister Implications
Among the long list of items bundled by consensus reality merchants under the banner of ‘conspiracy theory’, is a world without cash – where technocrats rule over the populace, and everything and anything is exchanged via plastic and RFID chips. In this sterile and controlled Orwellian hi-tech society, the idea of cash being passed from hand to hand would be as archaic as the thought of carrying around a rucksack of tally sticks today. Still, despite the incredible penetration of credit and debit card transactions into economic aggregate, and the boom in internet shopping, few will comfortably admit that a cashless society is nearly upon us. In part, it’s a natural denial by many fuelled by the idea our society is indeed on a collision course with the sort of dystopic impersonal future like that depicted in the 1970s sci-fi film classic, Logan’s Run. Cashless money is here, and growing rapidly.


Fujitsu Announces New “Spoof-Proof” Palm Vein Biometric Access Control Solution Steps Us Closer To The Antichrist’s Needs
Fujitsu Frontech North America has announced its newest entry in biometric access control technology: the PalmEntryXS solution. As its name implies, the new physical access control solution leverages Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric technology, which uses near-infrared light to capture a user’s palm vein pattern in order to authenticate against the templates of already registered personnel. Because the biometric is vascular and requires blood to be flowing through the submitted hand, liveness detection is simply par for the course. Additionally, a user’s vein patterns are not a matter of public record (you can’t post them on Facebook) and they aren’t left behind on things that said user might come in contact with. It is this feature that Fujitsu touts the most, as liveness detection and spoof-proofing in biometrics has become a significant topic of discussion over the past year as strong authentication has entered mainstream discourse and been placed under the microscope of speculation.

Getting Ready To Microchip The Entire Human Race
Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine, ’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights. The New York Times writes: “These biochips look like the integrated circuits in a personal computer, but instead of containing tiny semiconductors, they are loaded with bits of actual DNA that make up genes or fragments of genes. Inserted in a PC-sized analytical instrument, the chips allow scientists to perform thousands of biochemical experiments at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional tests.”

Beast Tech Tattoo Development Gets Competitive
So far, there have been a few things holding back the wide implementation of skin-thin e-tattoos: It’s hard to power them, it’s hard to store data, and they’re expensive to make, as nanomaterials don’t come cheap. A team has fixed that and the development has exciting potential in healthcare, human authentication and tracking, and techy sectors—who wants to clip on a Fitbit when you can simply slap one on your arm or leg and forget about it? And, because most of the components are already made, this technology can probably be mass produced and sold at a reasonable price point. “That’s our hope and belief,” he said. “I’m optimistic that over the next year and a half you’ll start to see this scaled up.” To do that, Rogers has formed a small company that’s handling those sorts of questions, while he gets back to nanotechnology. Making e-tattoos thinner, more comfortable, and more powerful is always going to be the goal, and nanotechnology is ultimately the way to do that…

Inside DARPA's New Cyborg Development Department
The ability to link human brains to machines, create new life forms and build Star Trek-style disease detectors will be the focus of a new Defense Department office soon. The new office, named the Biological Technology Office, or BTO, will serve as a clearinghouse for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, programs into brain research, synthetic biology and epidemiology. The office will cover everything from brewing up tomorrow’s bioweapon detectors and connecting humans to computers to designing entirely new types of super-strong living materials that could form the basis of future devices. Here are the key areas in more detail. The human brain is often called the most complex object in the known universe, composed of 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapse connections. As a computer, it performs 10,000 trillion operations per second. That’s about one third as fast as the Chinese Tianhe-2 Super computer, which can perform 33,860 trillion calculations per second. But the human brain does it’s calculating with just 20 watts of power. Tianhe-2 needs 24 million watts.


Spooky Robot Can Wear Your Friend's Face, Detect Emotions
If a robot that can recognize individuals, detect a person's age and even chat with you about what your feelings isn't enough to creep you out, try adding a human face into the equation. And not just any face — how about someone you know and love? The SociBot-Mini is a 60-centimetre tall humanoid robot developed by the UK's Engineered Arts Limited — the same company that delighted the tech world earlier this year with its "robothespian" at CES. Billed as a "futuristic information terminal that people could interact with in a mall, airport or bank," the SociBot-Mini can do some pretty impressive things: capture and recognise human facial gestures with a depth-sensing camera, determine someone's mood based on their expressions and even carry on simple conversations thanks to its advanced chatbot software.

Will These 3 Companies Create AI Supermind Of The Future?
In the realm of science fiction, we often see robot doctors replacing human ones. The reasoning is that artificial intelligence (AI), which is based on cold, hard facts and calculations, can dramatically reduce the chance for human error -- now possibly the third leading cause of death in America after cancer and heart disease. According to a recent study in the Journal of Patient Safety, 210,000 to 440,000 patients die annually due to preventable harm in hospitals -- a startling jump from the 98,000 preventable deaths estimated by the Institute of Medicine in 1999. Now that the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act is forcing hospitals to finally upgrade their aging tech, AI is gaining ground in health care settings. Therefore, let's take a look at some exciting new technologies from IBM (NYSE: IBM  ) , Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) , and Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN  ) , which could one day make AI doctors a reality.

Online Supercomputers That Learn From Mistakes Will Drive The Emergence Of “A Living, Breathing A.I. Indistinguishable From Modern Life”
Data is everywhere. But how do we crunch all that data to truly give the internet a mind of its own that we can all use? Step forward the supercomputer, the coal in the furnace of the internet that will drive the next revolution. Supercomputers are what, one day, will make Google provide accurate answers to questions, and perhaps even guess the question. When future generations look back to where the internet started, it's likely that they'll pick November 2013 as the point where a tangle of information became a living, breathing service indistinguishable from modern life.


Burden Of Damascus Is Paving The Way For Mahdi And End Of World, Muslim Leaders Say
Among those many thousands of sayings, or hadith, are accounts which refer to the confrontation of two huge Islamic armies in Syria, a great battle near Damascus, and intervention from the north and west of the country. "If you think all these mujahideen came from across the world to fight Assad, you're mistaken," said a Sunni Muslim jihadi who uses the name Abu Omar and fights in one of the many anti-Assad Islamist brigades in Aleppo. "They are all here as promised by the Prophet. This is the war he promised - it is the Grand Battle," he told Reuters, using a word which can also be translated as slaughter. On the other side, many Shi'ites from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran are drawn to the war because they believe it paves the way for the return of Imam Mahdi...



Obama And Nuclear Terrorism
In the Netherlands last week, President Barack Obama confessed a fear: “I continue to be much more concerned, when it comes to our security, with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.” It would be reassuring to think that the president worries about this (when he's not busy filling out his NCAA brackets), except that he is failing to do the most important thing to prevent such a catastrophe. The president was speaking at a meeting of the Nuclear Security Summit, a conclave of nations that agree to certain worthy actions, such as converting their reactors from the use of highly enriched uranium to newer versions using low-enriched uranium, beefing up security at nuclear facilities, improving radiation detection at airports and seaports, and so forth. Fifty-seven nations and entities (the EU and U.N. included) participate in this process. But the Islamic Republic of Iran is not on the list.

Al-Qaeda Magazine: Strike NY, DC With Car Bombs
In a section entitled “Car Bombs inside America,” instructing readers how and where to carry out car bombings, a writer going by the name of “AQ Chef” writes that “America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other Crusader countries.” “As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands attend, election campaigns, festivals and other gathering [sic]. The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.” The article then lists specific sites in the US and other target countries. Washington, DC, is seen as a ripe target both for its “symbolic importance” and the 347,000 federal employees working there. Inspire instructs its readers to target on weekends restaurants and bars in the trendy Georgetown neighborhood, and DC suburbs Arlington and Alexandria.


Muzzled By Monsanto: How Big Ag Is Squelching Scientific Research Showing Its GMOs Could Be Dangerous To Us
After nearly 30 years studying how plants use their genes to defend against viruses, Vicki Vance, a professor at the University of South Carolina, doesn’t see genetically modifying plants as a malevolent or arrogantly God-like endeavor. She does, however, have a problem with mega corporations allegedly using their money and power to hide the risks of new forms of genetic technology. “I didn’t use to be an anti-GMO person and I didn’t use to have strong feelings about Monsanto, but …,” she says, her voice trailing off. But that was before the Chinese research, before the calls from Monsanto, before she couldn’t get funding for work that she feels could change the way we treat cancer and other diseases. Her research put her at odds with one of the most powerful corporations in the world. And Vance isn’t a nobody in the world of RNA research.



Report: EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On Humans To Push Obama Admin’s Agenda
The Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting dangerous experiments on humans over the past few years in order to justify more onerous clean air regulations. The agency conducted tests on people with health issues and the elderly, exposing them to high levels of potentially lethal pollutants, without disclosing the risks of cancer and death, according to a newly released government report. These experiments exposed people, including those with asthma and heart problems, to dangerously high levels of toxic pollutants, including diesel fumes, reads a EPA inspector general report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The EPA also exposed people with health issues to levels of pollutants up to 50 times greater than the agency says is safe for humans.


Like Tom Horn & Steve Quayle
Outlined Last Month On The Hagmann Show—Anti-Human
War Is Coming And The Killers
Will Be Depicted As The Heroes

Take Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which is at once an epic disaster movie and a penetrating exploration of the misanthropy that underpins the genre. How else to describe films that wring entertainment from the potential end of humanity? As played by Russell Crowe, Noah has a deep, simmering hatred for man even before God asks for his help. Civilization is ruled by rape and savagery; Noah, meanwhile, teaches his children to respect even the smallest flower. Most disaster movies would end when the great flood comes and our hero saves his family. Noah lets the story continue and takes misanthropy to its logical endpoint. Once aboard the ark, Noah receives another message from God telling him that mankind is to end his with his family. Since his daughter-in-law (Emma Watson) is pregnant, Noah pledges to murder his infant grandchild, if she is born a girl, i.e. with the capability of repopulating the planet with humans. Mankind, we are told, is a failed experiment, a harsh assertion for a Hollywood movie.

Listen To Horn & Quayle Discuss What's Coming


AI Expert Believes Skynet, Followed By Human Extinction May Be Inevitable
In the Terminator movies, Skynet is an automated defense system that becomes self-aware, decides that human beings are a danger to it, and seeks to destroy us with nuclear weapons and terminator robots. Barrat doesn't just think this Skynet is likely. He thinks it's practically inevitable. Barrat has talked to all the significant American players in the effort to create recursively self-improving artificial general intelligence in machines. He makes a strong case that AGI with human-level intelligence will be developed in the next couple of decades. Once an AGI comes into existence, it will seek to improve itself in order to more effectively pursue its goals. At machine computation speeds, the AGI will soon bootstrap itself into becoming millions of times more intelligent than a human being. After that, all bets are off on human survival.

DARPA Launches New Biotech Division To Swarm Battlefield With Altered Forms Of Life
The stated areas of research for the BTO are threefold to begin with. First, restoring and maintaining the health and well-being of military service service members — everything from better field care to improved prosthetics. Next, harnessing biological systems, which is to say things like biomimetic drones and armor based on beetle shells. The last seems the least immediately practical, and has to do with understanding "biological complexity at scale" by studying how species adapt and other high-level patterns. If it sounds like mad scientist stuff to you, you're not the first to think so: "Because BTO programs push the leading edge of science, they will sometimes be society’s first encounter with the ethical, legal, or social dilemmas that can be raised by new biological technologies," reads the press release. But DARPA makes assurances that scholars will "periodically convene" to discuss those issues.

Famine, Water Riots, And Wars Are On The Horizon, Warns New Intergovernmental Report
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a new report on the state of the global environment. One of their most important messages is that we need to prepare for famines and water shortages in the coming decades. The report discusses the risk associated with food insecurity due to more intense droughts, floods, and heat waves in a warmer world. This contradicts the claims of climate contrarians like Matt Ridley, who have tried to claim that rising carbon dioxide levels are good for crops. While rising carbon dioxide levels have led to 'global greening' in past decades and improved agricultural technology has increased crop yields, research has indicated that both of these trends are already beginning to reverse. While plants like carbon dioxide, they don't like heat waves, droughts, and floods....

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Creationists Buy Robot To Study Tech Impact On Humanity
A group of evangelical Christians has bought a Nao robot to explore the impact of humanoid robotics and artificial intelligence on humanity . In 1925, creationists at the Scopes Trial in Tennessee argued against the theory of evolution and in favour of biblical truth. Now, 90 years later, a group of similarly fundamentalist Christians from nearby North Carolina has spent $16,000 (Ł9,500) on a humanoid Nao robot to explore what is arguably the next stage of evolution on Earth, the coming of the robots. The Nao is an autonomous programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics based in Paris, France, and more than 200 of them are already in use at universities and colleges around the world.

Scientists Smash Barrier To Growing Whole Human Organs From Stem Cells
Scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have overcome one of the greatest challenges in biology and taken a major step toward being able to grow whole organs and tissues from stem cells. By manipulating the appropriate signaling, the U.Va. researchers have turned embryonic stem cells into a fish embryo, essentially controlling embryonic development. The research will have dramatic impact on the future use of stem cells to better the human condition, providing a framework for future studies in the field of regenerative medicine aimed at constructing tissues and organs from populations of cultured pluripotent cells.

Stem Cell Researchers Just Figured Out How To Create New Embryos
A team of researchers from the University of Virginia just made scientific history: They figured out how to turn stem cells into full blown fish embryos. In other words, scientists can now control embryonic development, a key to being able to grow organs and even entire organism from stem cells. "We have generated an animal by just instructing embryonic cells the right way," said Chris Thisse, who made the discovery with her husband Bernard. She added, "If we know how to instruct embryonic cells, we can pretty much do what we want." We can do whatever we want?! That's both incredibly exciting and a little bit scary.

The New Eugenics: Bioethicist Pushes Genetic Screening To Eliminate People With IQs He Deems To Low
Eugenics is pernicious. Its core philosophy holds that some human beings are better than others based on invidious categorization of human capacities and characteristics. Eugenics leads to oppression and even, killing. The old eugenics unleashed involuntary sterilization, infanticide in Germany, and the murder of disabled adults. Those horrors put eugenics into hibernation, but it has awakened in the very places it started in the first place–among the intelligentsia. Julian Savulescu is a leading neo eugenicist. Now, he proposes screening embryos for intelligence–for them, of course.

Embryo Screening And Ethics Of Human Genetic Engineering

What if you could screen embryos for diseases before they became babies? What if you had the power to choose the traits your baby would have? Would you use it? In April 2008, Dartmouth College ethics professor Ronald M. Green's essay, "Building Baby from the Genes Up," was published in the Washington Post. Green presented his case in support of the genetic engineering of embryos, arguing that tinkering with genes could eliminate disease or confer desirable features onto our future progeny. "Why not improve our genome?" he asked. Two days later, Richard Hayes, executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society, rebutted, warning of a "neo-eugenic future" and "the danger of genetic misuse."



Time To Build Jurassic Park
When schoolchildren in the future learn about the woolly mammoth, they might not have to settle for a stuffed replica at a natural history museum. Scientists announced recently that they had collected enough genetic material to bring it back from extinction: "Scientists now say they've got enough blood and bone to bring an Ice Age icon kicking and stomping into the modern age. All thanks to a remarkably well-preserved mammoth found in Siberia last summer. "The data we are about to receive will give us a high chance to clone the mammoth," Radik Khayrullin, of the Russian Association of Medical Anthropologists, told The Siberian Times." And it's not just mammoths. Revive and Restore, a nonprofit organization advocating "de-extinction," has identified 24 candidate species that could potentially be brought back. In other words, a menagerie of extinct species, like the one from Jurassic Park, is in reach.

UFO Suspicions Still Cloud Disappearance Of Valentich
The mystery of what became of pilot Frederick Valentich who disappeared mid-flight off the Victorian coast 36 years ago while telling air traffic control he was being followed by a UFO might never be solved. In a bizarre coincidence, investigation documents held by the National Archives of Australia also show Frederick Valentich had spoken to his girlfriend about being taken by a UFO just a week before his Cessna disappeared. The Australian newspaper runs a story about Frederick Valentich’s lost plane. Source: Supplied Valentich told Melbourne air traffic control he was being followed by a long metallic, unidentified aircraft with four bright lights which at times moved at high speed or orbited above his plane, before reporting his engine was failing. Nothing further was ever heard from him.

Scientists Begin Mars Exploration In A Deep Mine
This week, twenty European scientists will gather at Boulby mine in the UK to begin testing technologies for the exploration of Mars and hunting for deep subsurface life that will aid scientists in their search for extraterrestrial life. The scientists are part of an exciting new European space exploration programme called MASE (Mars Analogues for Space Exploration) which will investigate how life adapts to Mars-like environments, such as the deep subsurface. Boulby Mine, a 1.3 km-deep potash mine on the North East coast of England, offers the ideal environment to test procedures and technology required for the surface and subsurface exploration of Mars, whilst carrying out a programme of scientific research to understand life in the deep subsurface of the Earth.

Fermi Data Tantalize With New Clues About Dark Matter: Gamma Rays From Center Of Milky Way
A new study of gamma-ray light from the center of our galaxy makes the strongest case to date that some of this emission may arise from dark matter, an unknown substance making up most of the material universe. Using publicly available data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, independent scientists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Chicago have developed new maps showing that the galactic center produces more high-energy gamma rays than can be explained by known sources and that this excess emission is consistent with some forms of dark matter.

ex-government agents, world-famous field investigators, physicists and theologians who peel back the truth behind a reality so astonishing that the personal destiny of every man, woman and child will be impacted by it!
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Majority Of Christians Now “Sexual Atheists” Says New Data
In a recent study conducted by, Christian singles between the ages of 18 to 59 were asked, “Would you have sex before marriage?” The response? Sixty-three percent of the single Christian respondents said “yes.” In my 30 years of youth and adult ministry experience, this is as unfiltered, direct and honest as a question and answer can be. It is equally honest to say that nearly nine out of 10 self-proclaimed single Christians are, in practice, sexual atheists. In other words, God has nothing to say to them on that subject of any consequence or, at least, anything meaningful enough to dissuade them from following their own course of conduct.  

Scientists Say Shroud Of Turin Shows Jesus Was Crucified In 'Very Painful' Position, With Arms Over Head
A new study conducted by Liverpool scientists suggests the Shroud of Turin proves Jesus was crucified with his hands over his head in a "Y" shape, rather than to the sides in a "T" shape, as traditionally depicted in Christian art. The scientist leading this recent study says this new crucifixion would be "very painful" and likely cause asphyxiation for the victim. Scientists at the Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K. announced their findings at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences earlier this year. They argue that the Shroud of Turin, believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus, shows an image of a man with blood stains streaking down his arms.

Eden May Now Rest Beneath Persian Gulf
Veiled beneath the Persian Gulf, a once-fertile landmass may have supported some of the earliest humans outside Africa some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago, a new review of research suggests. At its peak, the floodplain now below the Gulf would have been about the size of Great Britain, and then shrank as water began to flood the area. Then, about 8,000 years ago, the land would have been swallowed up by the Indian Ocean, the review scientist said. The study, which is detailed in the December issue of the journal Current Anthropology, has broad implications for aspects of human history. For instance, scientists have debated over when early modern humans exited Africa, with dates as early as 125,000 years ago and as recent as 60,000 years ago...

Ocean On Enceladus May Be Teeming With Alien Life
Researchers have discovered a deep saltwater ocean on one of the many small moons that orbit Saturn, leading scientists to conclude it is the most likely place in the solar system for extraterrestrial life to be found. Gravitational field measurements taken by Nasa's Cassini space probe revealed that a 10km-deep ocean of water, larger than Lake Superior, lurks beneath the icy surface of Enceladus at the moon's south pole. David Stevenson, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said the body of water was so large it "may extend halfway or more towards the equator in every direction. It might even extend all the way to the north."

Searching For Nommo: Scientists Say Evidence For "Ocean" Of Water Under Surface Of Saturn's Moon Enceladus Overwhelming
The little world has excited scientists ever since jets of icy material were seen squirting into space from a striped region at its south pole. Now, exquisite measurements using Nasa's Cassini probe as it flew over the moon have allowed researchers to detect the water's gravitational signal. Science magazine reports the details. "The measurements that we have done are consistent with the existence of a large water reservoir about the size (volume) of Lake Superior in North America," Prof Luciano Iess told BBC News. A European comparison would be 245 times the water mass of Lake Garda in Italy. The findings of Prof Iess and his team will boost the view that the 500km-wide moon would be one of the best places beyond Earth to go look for the existence of life.

ex-government agents, world-famous field investigators, physicists and theologians who peel back the truth behind a reality so astonishing that the personal destiny of every man, woman and child will be impacted by it!
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Lady Gaga Seeks Demons To Possess Her, Resurrects Jesus And Simulates Sex
Pop star Lady Gaga’s third album “Artpop” debuted November 2013, but her song “G.U.Y.” caught attention this week for making Billboard's top 100, and the music video is boasting over 30 million views. The video features Hearst Castle, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and (of course) sex – but to really spice things up, Lady Gaga resurrects Jesus, Gandhi and Michael Jackson to create a clone army. As an introduction, Lady Gaga calls upon the gods in her video: “Greetings Himeros/ God of sexual desire, son of Aphrodite/ Lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions.” Her lyrics later explain just what “new and exciting” means: the girls are the “G.U.Y.s” (“Girl Under You”) and the guys are the “G.I.R.L.s.” (“Guy, I’m Romancin’ Loves”).

8 Examples Of Our (Old) New Transhumanist Future According To DARPA
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are moving forward with a transhumanist vision of the future as they unveil their new Biological Technologies Office (BTO) that will blend biology with machine for the defense of national security. Building synthetic soldiers, stopping plagues and making humans more advanced through robotics is the focus of this military agency. The next generation of artificial human brains, robotic aircraft, advanced prosthetics and autonomous computers are just the tip of the iceberg for DARPA. BTO is tasked with exploring “the increasingly dynamic intersection of biology and the physical sciences” by expanding the efforts of Defense Sciences office (DSO) and Microsystems Technology office (MTO).

The Lincoln Institute Includes Letter From Abraham Lincoln Mentioning The Giants That Filled The Mounds Of America
But still there is more. It calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus first sought this continent — when Christ suffered on the cross — when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea — nay, even when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker — then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Co[n]temporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago. The Mammoth and Mastadon — now so long dead, that fragments of their monstrous bones, alone testify, that they ever lived, have gazed on Niagara. In that long — long time, never still for a single moment. Never dried, never froze, never slept, never rested,…

Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Provide Largest Stones Yet, Evidence Of Giants
An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?


Universities To Teach Students ‘How To Be A Lesbian In 10 Days Or Less’
An upcoming LGBTQ seminar at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) will teach students How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less and will focus on LGBTQ cultural mores. According to the school’s website, theater artist Leigh Hendrix will perform her one-woman show, How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less, to kick off the sixth Bodies of Knowledge Symposium and Conference. The show is a one-hour performance that follows Butchy McDyke, a motivational speaker and expert lesbian, as she “deftly guides her captive audience in an exploration of self-discovery and first love, coming out, lesbian sex, queer politics, and a really important Reba McEntire song.”

Australia Recognises “Non-Specific Sex” As Legal Option
Because much of contemporary bioethics has to do with sexuality and personhood, legal wrangles over gender are quite relevant. This week’s episode comes from Australia where the High Court has ruled that people can be officially recognised as a non-specific sex. After a four-year legal battle Norrie, a transgender person, won the right not to be identified as either male or female. The state of New South Wales, said the Court, should recognise a third category of non-specific sex in addition to male and female. Norrie, who uses only a first name, was born in Scotland as a male and in 1989 underwent sexual reassignment surgery. For several years Norrie has campaigned to be identified officially as neuter.

Exorcism Has A New Name—"Spirit Release Therapy"—And It's Being Conducted In Professional Psych Offices
Modern science questions much of the knowledge gained through the collective memory of humanity over the course of millennia. “Every culture and religious belief system throughout human history has its traditional beliefs of spirit possession in some form or another with corresponding rituals for the release or exorcism of spirit entities,” wrote Dr. Terence Palmer, a psychologist and the first person in the U.K. to earn a Ph.D. in spirit release therapy. Some psychologists are returning to the methods developed by our ancestors to help patients with symptoms of possession. Dr. William Baldwin (1939–2004) founded the practice of spirit release therapy and he also used past-life regression treatments. Baldwin was cautious about saying whether he believed in reincarnation or not, but he did say his treatments helped patients, and that’s what matters.

We Know What You’re Thinking: Scientists Find A Way To Read Minds
Think mind reading is science fiction? Think again. Scientists have used brain scanners to detect and reconstruct the faces that people are thinking of, according to a a study accepted for publication this month in the journal NeuroImage. In the study, scientists hooked participants up to an fMRI brain scanner – which determines activity in different parts of the brain by measuring blood flow – and showed them images of faces. Then, using only the brain scans, the scientists were able to create images of the faces the people were looking at. “It is mind reading,” said Alan S. Cowen, a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley who co-authored the study with professor Marvin M. Chun from Yale and Brice A. Kuhl from New York University.

Vatican Astronomers - Prepare For 'Brother Extraterrestrial'
Tom Horn further asks: “Could it be that the world is far hungrier than I thought to usher in the Man of Sin? The ultimate “fixer” of our nations? And furthermore, would it ever truly be in God’s will for the human race to transcend to some higher level where we no longer need His direct intervention through personal relationship and prayer, but the intervention of another superior being? These alien contact agendas would not surprise me if coming only from the scientific community, but from a body of people whose primary focus and claim is to be God-fearing?” Tom also quotes the works of select individuals within the Roman Catholic church who perpetuate the idea that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is a descendant of alien life and that Mary’s virgin birth was a direct result of an alien abduction scenario...

Bill Clinton Believes Arrival Of Aliens Could Be The Trigger That Unites The World Under A Global Banner. Has He Been Talking To The Vatican?
Would contact with a race of aliens be enough to fully unite humanity?  Would it cause all of us to drop our bitter quarrels and come together as one?  That is apparently what former president Bill Clinton believes.  On Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, Clinton said that an alien invasion “may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours”.  He also said that “if we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised”.  So does he know something that the rest of us don’t?  And why is he sharing this now?  In recent years, the general public has been primed for the possibility of contact with aliens.  There has been an endless barrage of books, movies, television shows and video games that portray human contact with extraterrestrials.  It has gotten to the point where even some of the most hardcore skeptics in our society seem quite eager to embrace the possibility of extraterrestrial contact.

In Jerusalem, Cauldron Begins Boiling Over Temple Mount
At the entrance of the Mughrabi Bridge, a quick glance is enough for police officers to identify the religious Jews in the crowd waiting for access to the Temple Mount. Muslims call it the “Noble Sanctuary,” where both the golden Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque stand. The tourists are guided towards the lane on the right, and their bags are searched. Visitors with crosses around their necks or rosaries in their hands are not allowed to access the Noble Sanctuary. Those wearing kippahs are directed to the left lane for meticulous control, and they have to leave their identity papers with the guards. The Jewish visitors are reminded that any expression of devotion is strictly forbidden on the esplanade. Police stop any troublemaker they spot praying in silence by simply moving their lips or pretending to speak on the phone.

A Great "First-Step" Proposal For The Temple Of Antichrist
At first glance it would appear to be a recipe for disaster, a proposal so brash it could ignite a conflagration between Arab and Jew. But the idea to build a synagogue on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was recently put forward by an impressive array of rabbis, professors and other public figures in a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, might just contain within it the seeds of co-existence and should not be dismissed out of hand. In their missive, the signatories wrote, “The Temple Mount is a unique place for prayer. We ask you, as prime minister, to do what is necessary to establish a place of prayer for Jews on the Temple Mount in a respectable and peaceful manner that will honor the holy place we all long for.” Interestingly, the signatories include prominent rabbis from across the Religious Zionist spectrum, such as Efrat Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba and former Haifa chief rabbi She’ar-Yashuv Cohen.

You Need To Understand The Supernatural Implications Of The
Current Middle East!

Israeli Government Convenes Committee To Recommend Allowing Jews To Pray On Temple Mount. Seen As Major Step To Antichrist Temple
A special Knesset subcommittee will convene Monday and hear arguments for allowing Jews to pray on the Mount. It is the first time that the Knesset is conducting an in-depth examination of Jewish demands to be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, which has been under nominal Israeli control for decades, but is administered by the Muslim Waqf. "I am very excited as the day approaches,” wrote Yehuda Glick, Coordinator of the Liba Project for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, early Monday morning. "The Subcommittee for Examining the Entry of Jews to the Temple Mount is convening for the first time,” Glick informed his Facebook followers. “The organizations that deal with encourage Jews to ascends to the Temple Mount were invited to the discussion.

The 8-Year-Old Exorcist Saving Brazil’s Slums
This eight-year-old girl is apparently God’s gift. She claims she can cure the ill and exorcise demons from lost souls. On the outskirts of Rio, deep in the slums of San Gonzalo, where faith is high and poverty is everywhere, believers flock to a little Pentecostal church. They are there to be touched by the little missionary Alani Santos, the daughter of a pastor. They believe God has given her the power to cast off demons and heal the sick. Exorcism has always been part of Christianity and life in Brazil’s highly religious population, but the practice is spreading rapidly with the growth of Pentecostalism. Churches are on every corner, like convenience stories and saviours like Alani are becoming the human face of God.

Total Lunar Eclipse And Solar 'Ring Of Fire' Top April's Stargazing Events
Stargazers have a lot to look forward to this month. The best celestial events in April include eclipses of the sun and moon, a meteor shower and good opportunities to see Vesta and Ceres, the two biggest space rocks in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Here's a brief rundown of April's most exciting skywatching events, which folks in the Northern Hemisphere may be able to enjoy without too much shivering now that spring has sprung. The first of April's two eclipses comes in the early morning hours of April 15, when Earth's shadow will darken the moon in a total lunar eclipse visible throughout North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific region.

2014 Lunar Eclipse: ‘Blood Moon’ A Sign Of Impending Apocalypse? Pastors Cite Evidence From Biblical Scripture
April 15 will mark the first of the four lunar eclipses. It is known as "Blood Moon" because the much awaited celestial event will leave the moon appearing reddish orange, something blood-like. While some believe this is an astronomical event, there are some who are associating it with "apocalypse." According to the Inquisitr, Pastors Mark Blitz and John Hagee referred to Bible scripture, indicating the appearance of blood moon during the times of apocalypse. The scripture "suggests the moon will turn to blood during the apocalypse." The "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse on April 15 will be the first of four blood red moons that are set to appear between 2014 and 2015. This astronomical event is known lunar tetrad and is very rare. According to a Web site Ecorazzi, this has occurred only three times in past 500 years.

Jews Want To Begin Passover Sacrifices On Temple Mount
Jews have petitioned Jerusalem police in the name of dozens of others for permission to carry out the mitzvah of the Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount this year, for the first time in nearly 2,000 years. The petitioners claim that police authorization is the only obstacle to ascending the Temple Mount, praying and offering their sacrifice of a lamb, as commanded in the Torah. They said 100 Jews will be present and will bring with them a portable sacrificial altar and other equipment as described in the Torah. Rabbi Menachem Boorstein, who is involved with studies of the Holy Temples, said that the mitzvah of the Passover sacrificial offering can be carried out without violating Jewish law. The Chief Rabbinate forbids Jews from ascending the Temple Mount, while a growing number of national religious rabbis permit it under certain conditions and in certain places.

Sacrifices On The Temple
Mount? Blood Moons On
The Jewish Feast Days?

You Need To Understand The Supernatural Implications Of The
Current Middle East!


YOU Are Under Surveillance
Sharon and Bilal couldn't be more different. Sharon Gill is a 42-year-old single mother who lives in a small town in southern Arkansas. She ekes out a living trolling for treasures at yard sales and selling them at a flea market. Bilal Ahmed, 36, is a single, Rutgers-educated man who lives in a penthouse in Sydney, Australia. He runs a chain of convenience stores. Although they have never met in person, they became close friends on a password-protected online forum for patients struggling with mental health issues. Sharon was trying to wean herself from anti-depressant medications. Bilal had just lost his mother and was suffering from anxiety and depression. From their far corners of the world, they were able to cheer each other up in their darkest hours. Sharon turned to Bilal because she felt she couldn't confide in her closest relatives and neighbors. "I live in a small town," Sharon told me. "I don't want to be judged on this mental illness."

These Beast Tech Chips Will Dissolve Inside You After Completing Their Mission, Or So The Makers Say
In the not-so-distant future, we could be implanted with devices that seek out infection before dissolving naturally into our bloodstream. Researchers in Illinois have created biodegradable batteries that travel through the body capable of wirelessly transmitting data to doctors. They are made from a combination of metals and cathodes which gradually melt over the course of three weeks, without releasing any harmful chemicals. The batteries were developed by John Rogers and his team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rogers said the devices could be used to track temperature, monitor tissue development and even administer certain medical treatments and drugs.

To Be Alive & Inside You Soon With Knowledge & Instructions
A new chip to eat is normally not the tastiest of news bites. But a new electronic chip from Freescale Semiconductor happens to be the smallest ARM-powered chip yet devised — and it's small enough to be swallowed. That's right: Freescale Semiconductor's ARM-powered chip is the world's first "swallowable computer," and it is on display at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany from Feb. 26 through 28. "It's a full microcontroller unit (MCU)," writes Wired, "meaning the chip sports a processor, RAM, ROM, clock and I/O control unit — everything a body needs to be a basic tiny computer." 12-bit analog to digital converter and a low-power UART built into the chip that allow for makers of devices to shrink down their designs, resulting in infinitesimal boards in just as tiny devices...

Feds Want Your Genetic Map
For Security Clearances. See
Book Of Revelation For Why

The U.S. Government is considering requiring DNA testing as part of the process for background checks on applicants for security clearances needed to access classified information, according to a Defense Department notice made public Monday. "The Federal Government is looking into the feasibility of using biometric identifiers other than fingerprints in the security clearance process," the Pentagon said in response to a comment it received on new personnel security regulations for the Defense Department. In the comment, an unnamed individual suggested that adding DNA testing to the background check process "would help [ensure] that no applicant for a clearance is a subject of an active federal, state, or local criminal investigation based on DNA evidence" and  "would achieve the same end as the current collection of fingerprints."








Very Smart People Think Thomas Horn’s “Forbidden Gates” May Be On To Something—We Are On The Cusp Of Extreme Evil... And The World Is Not Ready
Choosing between Kaczynski and Kurzweil, Joy was disturbed to find himself siding with the Unabomber, even though he once feared being one of his victims. The problem, as Joy sees it, is that every utopian view of the future can be countered with a more plausible catastrophic one. Some see great benefits to genetically engineered crops, but Joy worries that it will give terrorists the ability to create a plague. As early as the mid-1980s, some scientists saw nanotechnology being able to manipulate matter at the subatomic level, eradicating hunger, curing all diseases and eliminating scarcity. Others imagine a scenario where nanobots self-replicate uncontrollably and destroy the world. “I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil,” wrote Joy.

Nanotech Offers Nachash Promise: Future Without Aging Complications Or Disease
Imagine a future with no consequences from aging, no disease, and no unnecessary suffering from the side effects of medical treatments. Now imagine all of this being controlled by tiny robots that can fit in your blood vessels with plenty of room to spare. This is the world of molecular nanotechnology. It is indeed a possibility, and it’s sitting just around the corner. Technically, all life around us functions on natural molecular nanotechnology. When we think about how enzymes work (tiny biochemical machines that help regulate chemical tasks in our bodies), and that energy efficiency in cells is far superior to the most efficient machines ever made by humans, it is not surprising that the possibility for molecular nanotech exists.

Quest For Immortality Without God Spurs Breakthroughs In Human-Machine Merger
Many predict that the fine-tuning of our DNA-based biology aided by advanced artificial intelligence promised by the impending singularity will spark a powerful nanotech revolution that will redesign and rebuild our bodies and the world we live in. This brings us to version '3.0' where people will add more non-biological parts to their bodies: robotic blood cells, cell repair machines, strong bones, muscles and skin; even new neurons made from carbon nanotubes. These changes will not take place all at once; they will occur gradually with market demands; but before long, most people will be enjoying life in non-bio bodies with zero failure rates.

Age Of Deceit: The Singularity Alchemy And The Rise Of The Beast's Image
Filmmaker, podcaster and blogger Gonzo Shimura has officially released his much anticipated sequel documentary AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image. After releasing his first film, AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order on YouTube in 2011, which has received nearly 3 million views to date, Gonzo decided to tackle the topic of ancient alchemy and how it’s philosophical principles tie into current trends of science and technology and future events described in the book of Revelation. The film begins with a chilling warning to modern Christians about the oncoming persecution and marginalization of those who believe the Bible to be true and Jesus Christ to be...

SUPERNATURAL WORLDVIEW - PART 4: Toward Rebuilding The Tower Of Babel
Nearly everyone recognizes that the world is in the midst of a transition. Powerful forces are at work to bring about world government. Technology facilitates communication and commerce to such a degree that global governance is soon to be a necessity. Recent economic collapses seem to be driving toward a global financial system. For globalism to be successful, the sovereign nation state must go the way of the dinosaur. Conservative analysts have documented a moral decline in Western culture and America specifically. I have noticed it in my lifetime. Former United States Court of Appeals judge, Robert H. Bork, wrote Slouching towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline in 1996. The title is a play on the final couplet of Yeats’ poem, “The Second Coming,” which reads: "And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

Other Works By Investigative Author Cris Putnam

Astronomer Believes Putnam Is Correct -- “Spiritual Phenomena” Like Apparitions, Ghosts Do Exist In Other Dimensions
In modern physics, theories about the existence of up to 11 dimensions and the possibility of more have gained traction. Carr, a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University of London, says our consciousness interacts with another dimension. Furthermore, the multi-dimensional universe he envisions has a hierarchical structure. We are at the lowest-level dimension. “The model resolves well-known philosophical problems concerning the relationship between matter and mind, elucidates the nature of time, and provides an ontological framework for the interpretation of phenomena such as apparitions, OBEs [out-of-body experiences], NDEs [near-death-experiences], and dreams,” he wrote in...

Astrophysicist—Prepare For "Detection" Of Advanced Alien Civilizations... Soon
During a lunch at Los Alamos in 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi asked his colleagues working on the Manhattan Project, "Don't you ever wonder where everybody is?" Fermi argued that given the large number of stars and planetary systems in the Milky Way and their old age, life should have arose and acquired technology that would be far more advanced than ours. Don't miss this brilliant talk by astrophysicist Jeff Kuhn. There are exponentially more planets in the Universe than stars. With technology like the upcoming Colossus Telescope, the decades-old Fermi question, will soon cease to be a paradox with the detection of advanced alien civilizations.

Discovery Opens Doors To "Multiverse"
Bored with your old dimensions—up and down, right and left, and back and forth? So tiresome. Take heart, folks. The latest news from Big Bang cosmologists offers us some relief from our humdrum four-dimensional universe. Gravitational waves rippling through the aftermath of the cosmic fireball, physicists suggest, point to us inhabiting a multiverse, a universe filled with many universes. That's because those gravitational wave results point to a particularly prolific and potent kind of "inflation" of the early universe, an exponential expansion of the dimensions of space to many times the size of our own cosmos in the first fraction of a second of the Big Bang, some 13.82...

Does Ann Coulter Want Mitt Romney To Fulfill The White Horse Prophecy In Zenith 2016?
HOWIE CARR, HOST: Who are you for, for president right now, Ann? ANN COULTER: Well, don't tell him but I'm planning on giving Mitt Romney a little more time to rest -- flying out, kidnapping him and depriving him of sleep, food and water until he agrees to run again. CARR: You really want him to run again? COULTER: Yeah, I think he was a fantastic candidate. As I've told you before, he would have won by a larger landslide than Ronald Reagan did in 1980 without Teddy Kennedy's immigration bill. And it's basically impossible to beat an incumbent, but he is head and shoulders better than the other candidates we had. And I don't want to name them, but I mean you go through the list -- and for one thing, as you and I discussed, and this is the most important point, that all of your listeners have to tell all of their friends knock it off with the Congressmen or inspirational figures. It's got to be a Governor or a Senator, preferably a Governor. And, you know, there is a limited world -- a list of who those people are, and they all have problems. None of them are articulate and reasonable, and as good on immigration as Mitt Romney!

Excerpt From Book "Zenith 2016" On Mitt Romney And The White Horse Prophecy
This brings us to the present hour. The clock is ticking down toward the year 2016 when some expect a constitutional crisis to unfold right in time for a Mormon savior to appear on his white horse. Romney isn’t just any Mormon. He is the miracle baby of a woman who was told by her doctor she could never bear a fourth child. Born anyway in 1947, he became the star-child of George W. Romney, the most prominent Mormon in American politics (as governor of Michigan) and a seventh-generation direct descendant of Parley Parker Pratt, Sr., one of Mormonism’s founding twelve apostles. Romney received his patriarchal blessing at nineteen years of age and was told by the Church that the Lord expected great things from him. Shortly thereafter, “Mitt” Romney—as he was then being called and whose name can be made to equal 666—began hearing prophetic insinuations about his future role as a national leader. This included whispers among Mormons about the White Horse Prophecy, as author Sally Denton noted for...

Have You Read The New Book "Cauldron"? You Need To In Order To Understand Why Gog-Magog Is Aligning With Its Prophetic Ally Iran In Nuclear Talks - “April Surprise”
As the Six Power group and Iran prepared for their third round of nuclear talks in Vienna next week (Tuesday-Wednesday, April 8-9) Tehran frankly admitted to exploiting the holes in the six-month interim deal they forged in Geneva last November. And Moscow looks like making good on its threat to back the Iranian case, in retaliation for Western penalties for its annexation of Crimea. In a closed meeting in Tehran Wednesday, April 3, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Commission said: “We have 19,000 centrifuges of which 9,000 are in operation [for enriching uranium]. Our advice is not to discuss the number of centrifuges, rather to discuss the unit’s isolation power." He explained there are different types of centrifuge. This was a candid admission that Iran had found a way to get around its commitment under the interim deal...  

New York Daily News Astrologist Says Popularity Of Petrus Romanus Was Written In The Exo-Vaticana Stars—Particularly The Pope's Birth Relationship With Pluto (God Of The Underworld) And Uranus (Husband Of Gaia, The Mother Goddess) With The Sun In Sagittarius And Conjunct Jupiter (Father Of Apollo, Or Antichrist According To The New Testament) With The Moon In Aquarius -- The Dawning Of NWO Final Age
His popularity may have caught many by surprise, but Pope Francis’ birth chart illuminates the fascinating, cosmic reasons behind the enthusiasm for ‘The People’s Pope.” These are days of profound cultural transformation, symbolized by the long term influence of Uranus in a ninety degree angle to Pluto. This aspect signals reform of cultural and economic institutions, brought about through conflict between the powerful status quo (Pluto in Capricorn) and a revolutionary urge for social justice (Uranus in Aries). These themes are central in Pope Francis’ birth chart. Born at the tail end of the previous Uranus square Pluto generation, the Pope has the Sun in Sagittarius, the Moon in Aquarius and his rising sign is Cancer. The Sun describes ones over-all identity. Sagittarius pursues the quest for spiritual truths, philosophical ideals and justice, with enthusiastic optimism. Francis’ Sagittarius Sun is conjunct Jupiter, that sign’s planetary ruler, which doubles the energy. (Oh, and Jupiter/Zeus also happens to be father of Antichrist as encoded on the Great Seal of the United States).

Read Exo-Vaticana & Zenith 2016 To Understand
The Meaning Of This Dark Astrological Occultism

And It's Connection To Petrus Romanus, The
United States, And The Future Of The World

Excerpt From The Best Selling Book "Exo-Vaticana" On The Dark Meaning Behind Pope's Connection To Jupiter & Prophecy
Most people including even perhaps Pope Benedict himself, were blissfully unaware of the ancient signature the dual strikes atop St. Peter’s Basilica represented, especially as it involved the looming papal inauguration of Petrus Romanus. For a few adepts of history and secret orders, the sign from heaven was deliciously staged. The term “inaugurate” is from the Latin “inauguratio,” and refers to the archaic ceremony by which the Roman augurs (soothsayers) approved a king or ruler (or other action) through omens as being “sanctioned by the gods.” As for Petrus Romanus, his “inauguration” was sealed by the same omen the ancient augurs used in determining the will of the gods for a king as the most important auspice and sign that Jupiter—the father of Apollo—was watching […] Charles Thompson condensed line 625 of book IX of Virgil’s Aeneid to “Annuit coeptis [‘He approves (our) undertakings’].” Was Thompson instructed to do this to conceal the true identity of the “he” of the Great Seal—the mythical father-god Jupiter, who gives Apollo life? The second and...

Israel News Sees Wings Of Prophecy In Petrus Romanus' Plans For Jerusalem
Pope Francis will join the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem “in the building of the Great Council on the Esplanade of the Mosques”. It will be an implicit recognition of Muslim hegemony over the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site in the world. The Pope’s visit is taken to mean that Islam and Christianity superseded the Jewish religion and have the right to “inherit” its holy places. Does Pope Francis know that Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, who will join the Pope, last year declared that “the Hour of Resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews”? Does Pope Francis know that Jerusalem’s Mufti at funeral ceremonies for terrorists promoted terror against Israel, saying that the terrorists’ souls “tell us to follow in their path”? Does Pope Francis know that this Sheikh denied the existence of the Jewish Temples? Francis will also celebrate a mass “in the room of the Cenacle in Jerusalem”. Are Jews aware of the immense symbolism of this event? The Pope’s mass will be the culmination of a long campaign...  

Toward A Pill That Helps Us Learn As Fast As Kids
Hensch’s research is one of the more intriguing recent examples of how our understanding of neuroplasticity has evolved. Until about 20 years ago, scientists thought that after we reached puberty the structure of our brains more or less froze. But more recent studies have shown that our brains continue to transform throughout our lives, though not to the extent they did when we were children. What Hensch hopes to do is to induce time-travel for our brains—to return them to their ultra-flexible younger years. “The brain is not losing its plasticity forever as we grow older,” Hensch explained. Instead, it just throws on the brakes at certain times. “It’s the brain's job to be elastic, and it wants to rewire. But through evolution, it's created a lot of molecules to make sure it doesn't rewire too much.”

Doctors Said This Autistic Boy Would Never Speak, Now He’s On Track For A Nobel Prize
It's a tribute to a mother's instinct. Doctors know a lot, but they don't know everything. They certainly don't know your child like you do. According to The Mother List, that's what Kristine Barnett discovered after her son Jacob was diagnosed with autism when he was two. Doctors said Jacob would never speak, teachers told her there was no hope, but Kristine disregarded the "experts" and followed her instincts. The results are nothing short of incredible. Instead of focusing on what Jacob couldn't do, Kristine decided to focus on what he could do. She nurtured her son's passions. "He liked repetitive behaviors. He would play with a glass and look at the light, twisting it for hours on end. Instead of taking it away, I would give him 50 glasses, fill them with water at different levels and let him explore," she tells The Mother List. "I surrounded him with whatever he loved."

DARPA's New Biotech Division To Create Transhuman Future
The Pentagon's advanced research wing has announced its latest budget — and whoa, does DARPA ever have some ambitious plans for the future. Their new Biotech unit will be harnessing biology for national security, and dealing with everything from stopping plagues to building synthetic soldiers. DARPA's commitment to cutting-edge innovation is unquestioned. The very essence of the defense agency is to make sure that U.S. military technology is more sophisticated than that of the nation's rivals. Among its many current initiatives, DARPA is working on advanced robotics, an artificial human brain, next-gen robotic aircraft, advanced prosthetics, and self-teaching computers…

Raiders E-News Journal
is the flagship e-zine of the popular website, Raiders News Update... read more!


Wesley Smith On The Insidious Anti-Human Underpinnings Of Recent Hollywood Films
Underline I have noticed a consistent plot in the fantasy/science fiction genre over the last several years. Surely, you have noticed it too. In film after film, the human race is depicted as villainous for supposedly destroying the earth. The just-released Noah is the latest example. In the Genesis account, God determines to destroy “all flesh” because humans are willfully unrighteous. But the holy destruction also heralds a new beginning: God preserves humanity through righteous Noah, directing him after leaving the ark to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” That’s not the plot of the movie. In the film version, after being kicked out of Eden, man became industrial. In his greed, he strip-mined minerals, exhausted the soil, clear-cut the forests, and generally despoiled the environment—no trees, ubiquitous toxic waste—a dying planet.

Feds Worried Some Members Of US Military Might Rise Up To Oppose Their Socialist Tyranny
Not only is the Department of Homeland Security apparently worried about the actions of those who oppose a police state; the exercise includes a passage regarding “the greatest threat” posed by the group. “It is believed that there are employees within US Northern Command, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, National Guard, and Defense Information Systems Agency that may support Free Americans against Socialist Tyranny doctrine based on individual comments on social media sites,” the document continues. “Free Americans against Social... 

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