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Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Resistance is Futile!

The Spiritual Battle For The Violent Mind

Occult Revival Sweeping the Globe

Roswell UFO Pointed to Bigger Things

Second Matrix Continues New Age Gospel

Yes, But Is The Matrix's Oracle Reloaded?

Is A Powerful Evil Spirit Behind the Iraq Conflict?

Easter is Coming (Or is it Eastre?)

Hillary Clinton Supports a National ID

The History Channel Distorts Christian Viewpoints on UFOs?

Why did the History Channel Censor Mike Heiser on UFOs?

In Gaia We Trust?

March of the Transgenics

Genesis Six Again!? 

Prepping Kids For 666!

Rael Is Right! The Aliens Are Coming!

Is The New TIAS - The Matrix - A Product of Antichrist?

Cult Cloning, Transgenics, GM Crops, It's Just the Beginning of the Nightmare!

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
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Raiders News Update provides microchip news leads

From science journals and major media outlets around the world comes news of biometric chips designed for human implantation. Will this become the Biblical Mark of the Beast?

A Novel of the End Times

Payment Programs Approaching End Times With Creativity

Implant Tags Move Into The Hand

Group Fears RFID Chips Could Herald 'Mark of the Beast'

Bush Administration Pushing For Biometric Face Scanning

RFID Cards Get Bush Admin Spin Treatment

Government Sponsored RFID Workshop

In the Red States, No-One Can Hear You Scream

Students Love New Antichrist Payment Systems

One Small Step for Hand

Super Snooper is in the Sky

If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have No Worries, Right?

Face, Hand Scanners to Become Everyday for Europeans

Wisconsin School Goes With Biometric HandReader to Secure Campus

Terror Powers Biometric Boom

May I Scan the Bar Code in Your Arm?

Eyes in the Sky Growing Globally, Exponentially

Microchips and the High-Tech Mark of the Beast

Fantastic Voyage For Company That Wants Under Your Skin

Identity Badge Worn Under Skin Approved for Use

Maintaining Momentum on FDA Implantable Chip Approval

Human RFID Tags Anger Many Privacy Advocates

Embedded Surveillance & Mandatory ID

New Chip a Marvel or Menace?

Privacy Eroding, Bit by Byte

Tracking Us

Brainwashing Away Toward Global Control

Law Enforcement in Mexico Goes a Bit Bionic

Big Brother Disguised as a Cellphone

A Novel of End Times Disclosure

Scanning for the Near Future of Humanity

Infirmed, Children, Pets to Introduce 'Mark'

44,000 Prison Inmates to be RFID-Chipped

RFID: Under Your Skin Yet?

New York Times Says We Must Have National ID System

The Future of Shopping

Like it or not, biometric ID soon to be reality

Iris scanning passports being prepared

Fingerprint, eye-scanning technology to be sampled for 6 months

Bahrain Takes Swipe Into The Future With New Smart ID Cards

RFID Gussied Up With Biosensors

MARK microchip to watch Prince Harry

Machines will make criminals of every driver

America's first radio frequency identification chip implanted family

Backers of RFID chips banking on Alien concept

Co. Launches Sale of Implantable Chip

Prepping Kids For 666!

Coming soon: agony-inducing tools to control you

Hillary Clinton Supports a National ID

Is The Total Information Awareness System A Product of Antichrist?

Florida firm seeks to microchip Americans

Chips under the skin. Wireless sensors in the brain. It's not science fiction. It's your destiny.

What a national ID card might look like

Visitors to US from 2004 must have microchip IDs in their passports

Medical 'Privacy' Rules Promote National ID

College Seeks Security in Thumbs

Chips to hit the shopping mall

Florida Family Gets Beta Version of Mark of the Beast

Press coverage of implanted chips distorted?

666--The New Satellite Baby-Sitting Service

Registry Ready for First-ever VeriChip ''Chipping''

Bill would push driver's license with chip

Hand-Eye Coordination Drives Biometrics Deals

The Latest Way To Pay Is At Our Fingertips

WorkingForChange Cites Raiders News Update Implantable Chips Story

Advocates Fear National ID Scheme

Next: An ID Chip Planted in Your Body?

The first human implant chip is approved for "number - identifying" individuals

Roll Up Your Sleeve for a Chip Implant

Eye to eye with Big Brother

The digital devil

Why, Hello, Mr. Chips

US accepts 'Big Brother' chip implant

I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer

Applied Digital Solutions Invites Andy Rooney From 60 Minutes to ''Get Chipped'' With New VeriChip

Politician Wants to 'Get Chipped'

Follow that human...

Chip implant signals new kind of man

Biometric passports for Brits - by 2006

They Want Their Mark Now!

Britain Tests Compulsory National ID

ADS pushes microchip to plant in foreigners for tracking

Post-9/11 security fears usher in subdermal chips

Another reason to resist microchip implants? Scientists claim it will lead to robots taking over the world

A Microchip Makes Its Mark: VeriChip & the Beast

Keeping tabs on kidnap victims

Pentagon Seeks New Weapons, Equipment for Elite Troops

Mark of the Beast?

Bush Proposes Tracking System

Foreign executives in Latin America to be implanted with GPS ID chips

Iceland places trust in face-scanning

Implant technology to be beta tested on humans

An ID Chip Planted in Your Body?

Euro Bank Notes To Embed RFID Chips By 2005

'Smart' ID Cards Linked To Databases Gain Favor

The Human Identity Chip: No Longer Science Fiction

ADS Introduces Verichip Implantable Identification Device

666 TRIAL SYSTEM HAS BEGUN: Over 5,000 students and teachers are expected to participate in the initial phase of the biometric implementation


States Devising Plan for High-Tech National Identification Cards

Why the idea of an implanted ID chip makes my skin crawl

Goodbye to privacy

Kyl proposes 'smart' ID card for immigration

The Beast Has Awoken

Will It Be Cash, Check or Finger?

Eyes in space: Tracking offenders by GPS

Soldiers with microchips

National ID Cards: New Technologies, Same Bad Idea   

Face ID Technology Could Be Part of Security Solution

Interest In Face Scanning Grows

ID Cards Weighed By Congress

Bono Urges Constituents To Be Ready For Sacrifices

Exploring Technology to Protect Passengers With Fingerprint or Retina Scans

Experts See a High-Security America of Surveillance and Seizures


Students face controversial new technology

'Digital Angel' set to fly tomorrow

As Wireless Tracking Is Born, Does Privacy Die?

Massachusetts Freemasons present CHIP
Child Identification Program

Antichrist Fears Put Church in Crisis

Virtual sex is coming...or is it the Mark of the Beast?

Companies Using Tracking Devices to Monitor Employees

Digital Angel: The New Eye in the Sky 

'Dark Angel': The Threat of Digital Slavery

Cyborg Citizens

Soon you will have a tracking chip implanted in your body!

Japanese firm developing tool to track stray grannies 

Microchip—Mark of the Beast?

Patents for Mind Control, Implantable Chips, etc...

Microchip implants for drug delivery

Implant Could Find Missing Children


One day your brain could live on in a mechanical shell

Gene trading to create new species?

New Devices that 'Talk' to Minds

The Mind Switch

Implant would let Big Brother track your whereabouts

Photos of microchips implanted in woman's head

Super Computers Could Take Over the World

Ad For Hand Scanner

Banks to use Hand Scanner

The Trouble With Digital Angels

Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated!

Is human chip implant wave of the future?

007 implant to protect kidnap targets?

Swipe your arm over a scanner

The Chips Are Coming

The Big Bank Theory

Is that a chip in your shoulder, or are you just happy to see me?

Brain implant lets man control computer by thought

Researcher implants silicon chip in his arm

"Pill Transmitter"

Implantable Biotelemetry System for Preterm Labor and Fetal Monitoring

Think and it's done

NASA-developed "pill transmitter"

Microchip that will actually be implanted under their skin

Microchip implants to foil VIP kidnaps

Future technology will wire people

ACLU Urges Congress to Stop March Toward National ID

How biometric technology will fuse flesh and machine

Senator Robb's MARC (multi-technology automated reader card) Card Amendment

National ID Card is Now Federal Law

Chipping at the Future

'Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendant Mind'

ACLU Opposes National ID System and Computer Registry

 The Biometric Consortium

New low-cost biometric fingerprint

Seventh International Conference on Microelectronics for Neural, Fuzzy and Bio-Inspired Systems

Big Brother On The Way


Conference on the Science and Ethics of Human Enhancement

Pentagon introducing high-tech dog tags

Beastly Implants


Death has had its chips

Military Personnel to be Issued "M.A.R.C." Card

Award of 1999 for the "Most Innovative Smart Card

Mondex Electronic Cash

RFID microchip permanent identification technology

Smart Card Technology

The First Data-Disk Application


A Drug Pump on a Computer Chip

Army Food Service Automated Headcount

Compaq to launch fingerprint ID module for PCs


Professor Gets Chip Transplant

Detroit May Track its Dogs with Microchips

Digital Angel Business Wire PhotoWire

TROVAN Products Are FDA Approved

Destron Fearing Agrees to be Acquired by Applied Digital Solutions


Biotech Applied

U.S. Company Researching Use of Microchip IDs for Students

The Age of Spiritual Machines

Ajax is developing an implantable patient-monitoring device

Looking ahead: Don't lift a finger, just think about it

Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Health applications

Implantable Chips and Advanced Materials Stimulate Research Efforts to Restore Sight

Brain/Computer Interface Via Implantable Chips

Commercialization of NASA's TeleMedTech

Technology Experts Say Silicon Chips Will Be Embedded In People

Tax ID Numbers Stir Fears of Antichrist

High Tech Pill to Swallow--Chip With Drugs Could Replace Shots, Pills

Chip upstart takes on Intel ... with God

Concern over microchip implants

Pharmacy on a Chip

Your License or Your Life

Patent Application for the Mark of the Beast

Tiny human-borne monitoring device sparks privacy fears

Researchers mate human cells with circuitry

Big Brother gets under your skin

Revelation about 'Digital Angels'

Meet the 'Digital Angel' -- from Hell

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